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A poem I wrote back when I was in the closet.

The wait

Now I finally see
There's a woman in me.

And the void in my heart
That would never depart,
And the pain that would start
Without reason at sight
-- All's explained, and alright.
And the future looks bright.

But, for now, that's my fate:
I must keep it inside.
My most beautiful side,
Which has blossomed so late,
I'm now struggling to hide.
For how long must I wait?

To be me,
To be free,
To pursuit my own glee?
Oh, how long will it be?

The path that lies ahead
Is harsh and filled with dread,
But my resolve won't wane:
I'd gladly rush, instead.
But life's forced me to refrain
And waste this time I won't regain.

Will this new life compensate
All the time I'll have to wait?

-- Lady Scarecrow