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  • Can confirm, I am the shit

  • ermmm
  • They appear armed so you will need to use a demetalization gun to rearrange the macroneurological circuitry in their central radial control system, slowly increase the volume and the voltage, but not the current or the pitch until they start having a cardiovascular cerebral extrution at which point you can pick them up with sterile gloves and clean them with soap and lukewarm water before putting them back in the case, cover the hole with Newtonian shielding until you can get a new case, be make sure you are quick, since the shielding is only able to last a couple weeks on average

  • Linux for Kids?
  • Give em linux mint, and set parental controls on the router, alternatively you can have an admin account which has a list of blacklisted ips, but i don't really recommend that since you'll never have a list that has everything, and if your kid wants to look at porn or whatever, they'll find a website that isn't blocked, also doing this probably means you won't be able to put your kid in wheel group which imo means they won't be able to learn as much

  • Court upholds New York law that says ISPs must offer $15 broadband
  • Since you're stupid let me explain, what i believe he's saying is that even though corporations are a "person" according to the law certain things that can happen to actual persons (like a leopard eating someone's face) can't happen to a corporations

  • Prove Im wrong
  • Using TempleOS

  • Much ado about "nothing" - Xe Iaso (==Goodbye NixOS)
  • My personal bias: I really don't like NixOS, tried it for four months and found that the config file was an annoying way of handling general system and package management (especially since there was a completely parallel nix package manager with a cli interface which I find redundant at best)

    Bro actin like he got some serious dirt on the project with his emails, but all he talks about is evangeleon, how moderation is hard, one blogpost from the big boss of the project that he eleges (idk how to spell that) wasn't accepted well (no sauce tho), and how some maintainer(s?) left. This article is a waste of time, and adds nothing to the discussion

  • Meet ‘goldene’: this gilded cousin of graphene is also one atom thick
  • Firsly gilded means covered in a thin layer of gold in order to appear expensive, a one atom thick sheet of gold is not gilded, it is literally solid gold

    Second that's cool af

  • TSMC says first 1.6nm chips coming in 2026
  • Well being as the diameter of a silicon atom is 0.2 nm I'm guessing not long

  • Windows 11 will reportedly display a watermark if your PC does not support AI requirements.
  • Registry edits get silly really fast, technically it's possible just not very possible

  • If you want communism, you can start a commune
  • Well that's 9 iq points I'm never getting back

  • Drake threatened with lawsuit over diss track featuring AI Tupac
  • Honestly using ai such bad move in a rap beef, yeah Taylor Made kind of went hard for a drake song, but Kendrick now can make fun of him for needing ai on his track, ignoring how cringe and hypocritical him using ai is, it's a bad move handing his main adversary a loaded gun like that

  • Drake threatened with lawsuit over diss track featuring AI Tupac
  • Drake always drops two tracks, this wasn't for shits and giggles

  • You probably use an iphone too, don't you?
  • Why does it fit so well?

  • Dual booters be like
  • something about not unix operating systems not being valid

  • Dual booters be like
  • Uhhh directories are files where other files are stored in a computer, folders are pieces of paper used to store pieces of paper (or a file used to store another files in a computer)

  • Biden watching college students (a core democratic constituency) protesting against genocide
  • Russia and Belarus aren't conservative, they are a weird crony fascism, when i say conservative I mean catholic neotheocracy (like Hungary)

  • Biden watching college students (a core democratic constituency) protesting against genocide
  • No, i mean Poland, Hungary, Austria, Czechia, Slovakia, and Romania, if there was a war in Europe between Eastern and Western Europe, Belarus and Russia would already have been defeated