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too mucho wobble on the rear axle?
  • Depends on where the wobble originates from. That much and the way it behaves is probably misadjusted spokes and not the axle or bearing. I'm 70% sure you could fix this by adjusting the spokes. There's probably a tutorial somewhere. If the rim is too crooked, you might have to straighten that out first, but it usually isn't necessary.

    You will need a bit of patience if you've never trued up a bike rim before. No idea what a repair shop would charge for doing it for you, but check what a new wheel would set you back first.

  • Redheads Endure Pain Better Than Others, Research Reveals
  • I talk to anaesthetists though work and they say us redheads need more to be kept under. It's my anecdotal experience with local as well, I always tell dentists and other non specialists that I need more than usual, they never believe me and then they have to give me additional shots later cuz it still hurts. Some try to perform the procedure anyway, which I usually can't cope with, so I'm not so sure I can handle pain better than others.

  • Thoughts on EV Converted Oldtimer?
  • I personally think it's a great idea, but you're gonna get a lot of pushback from petrol purists, especially if you do it on something rare. Maybe don't do it on a Ferrari GT250 for example because you will get murdered. I like to emphasize that this isn't a threat from me, it's a warning to be careful. I'd actually love to see the reactions. From a safe distance of course.

    I mean, why not? It's a great way to keep something old and loved going in a more useful and environmentally friendly way. Go for it.

  • Bloodline rule.
  • You're right, it doesn't contradict your statement and the middle/lower classes picking up on it may in fact have happened the way you described. I could have expressed that better. Sorry about that.

  • Bloodline rule.
  • No one does that except for people believing it's a thing the upper class/nobility does. Which of course they don't. Try to find video of the Nobel price dinner for example and see if any of the royalty poke their pinky out while drinking. Not that I'd worry about emulating those unelected sponges, but if there's one thing they do know, it's etiquette.

  • Makeup practice with fashion frames
  • Maybe not as pretty as you, but I'll take it. I will also turn 50 in a couple of years ago.

    I feel you about the beard, I had mine for the better part of 20 years. My face was not pleased with me when I shaved. Shocked, even.

    I'm one of those that managed to hide my inner girl even from myself until pretty recently. Oh, there were clues and signs aplenty but I didn't see 'em. I've never been classically feminine or even had classically feminine interests which is part of why it took me so long to understand. I'm more of a grease monkey biker chick. I know that's valid of course, but it did hamper my discovery. How much of that is me and much is "the mask", I don't know. I do buy and wear a lot of pink stuff too, so who knows? But I try to not worry too much about it, I can't go around second guessing everything I do.

    But I always disliked what I saw in the mirror and a low self confidence is par for the course with that. I will try your method of convincing myself I've been wrong all these years. Can't hurt. As you say, we're beautiful. Now I just gotta believe it too. 😅

  • Makeup practice with fashion frames
  • You go girl. I'm a bit jealous of your courage, but it also gives me someone to look up to. I haven't dared going out in full kit yet, I do it slowly instead. Not sure why, but it feels better for me.

    We actually look kinda similar and are of similar age, I think. Not twins similar, but siblings maybe. Actually more similar than my actual brothers, but noone guesses we are siblings unless they're told. I have a hard time looking in the mirror and see what I want to see, but it is easier to be objective when looking at someone else and you look amazing. Maybe I can look good too, you know? Thank you for sharing, it really does help.

  • YouTube tests harder-to-block server-side ad injection in videos
  • You are absolutely right. They need to be split up in six different pieces instead, thereby forcing them to compete. That's what functioning democracies do to companies that are so dominant they are de facto monopolies and thereby making any real competition virtually impossible. The US isn't a functioning democracy anymore so don't you worry little one, It's not gonna happen to any of the mega-conglomerates you have such a special bond with.

  • Virgin penis
  • Just put a toilet brush in an electric drill and use that. Use a new brush if you feel you must, but the brush is cleaner than your whore penis, so I wouldn't bother. For smaller whore penii, a flask brush can be used, but then go on the highest rpm available. It's the same principle as for drills. Small drill - high rpm and large drill - low rpm. If you can find a drill speed chart, follow the recommendations for veal.

    For severe cases of whore penis you may have to pre-drill first. Use drill bits for concrete, but don't use hammer mode on the drill as it tends to shatter the whore penis along with surrounding structures. Start at a modest 6mm or 1/4" and continue in large steps until you reach nominal 25mm or 1", depending on your whore penis being metric or wrong. For best results, remember to drill along the length of the penis. After that ordeal, once a week with the toilet brush shuld suffice. Good luck.

    I might well be a doctor for all you know.

  • Ya feel me?
  • It is the only time when I can really pump up the jam and go nuts. You can't do it at home because your neighbors will murder you if you are loud enough. It is also unfair to lay all the dB's on the same people all the time. That said, I only use the kind of volume that makes it hard to see straight during the morning commute. It is annoying for the closest 400 cars, but not as annoying as if I fall asleep and plow right into you. Yes, I have already OD'd on coffee to the point of seeing god in the rear view mirror by that time, but I am still fully capable of falling spontaneously asleep, thank you very much. So think before you get too annoyed in the future. That obnoxiously loud asshole may just have saved your life by playing bagpipe music at a volume that makes the clouds shift above her car. You're welcome.

    Edit: ohhh, that wasn't very popular at all, was it? Some folks even took it seriously. To be fair, I actually started sort of seriously, but the post got away from me. Hate when that happens. I like loud music and the only time you can ramp it up a bit is in the car. That much is serious. The rest was an attempt at humour, but I see I failed. Again.

    I actually play loud music to sing along with as voice training as I spend maybe 2h in the car every day on average. Whitney's got nothing on me, lemme tell you. She is dead after all.