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Record chicken prices squeeze US shoppers, benefit Tyson Foods
  • Baked tofu is really good. I will press it and cut it into cubes, combine with potato starch, extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper, and a pinch of MSG and bake that on parchment paper. It's quick and easy to add some nice protein to bean and cheese burritos (rice, cabbage, salsa, lime, whatever else you have), or throw it in a store bought salad for extra calories.

    The cut raw cubes will keep in a container in the refrigerator for at least a few days so I'll cut it all up on Monday and maybe prep a sauce or two and use the tofu and the sauce in different dishes in the week.

  • After 27,000+ Steam reviews, Overwatch 2 is graded as 'Overwhelmingly Negative'
  • They are referring to the Blitzchung incident, when China illegally took full control over Hong Kong before their agreement to let it be autonomous expired. During the mass protests a Hong Kong esports player voiced support for the protests on a Blizzard livestream for an event and was banned from the tournament and was forced to forfeit prize money he already won:

    Edit: also, disapproval of the CCP =/= dislike of/racism towards Chinese people

  • But I love death
  • As a fellow omnivore trying to eat more vegan/vegetarian recipes, I think rainbow plant life on YouTube has the best recipes that I've tried. If you've read Salt Fat Acid Heat, most/all of her recipes are based on that technique/ideology. Her red lentil curry is really good and I make a double batch about once every other month to keep in the freezer:

    I live with people that don't like coconut milk so I just use a mixture of heavy cream and milk. I also sub half of the red lentils for brown lentils for extra fiber.