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Tethered Bottle Caps
  • I haven't bought a plastic bottle beverage in forever*. I just get metal cans or glass bottles. Or nothing.

    *I bought a lot of PET bottled beverages in Japan but I was just visiting.

  • To those of you who drink tea: What brand of tea do you drink?
  • I only drink loose leaf. I have stuff from Mei Leaf, Tao of Tea, local Asian markets, hojicha / genmaicha / kyobancha straight from Japan, local loose leaf tea shops.

    I definitely don't drink PG or Celestial.

  • Vanity license plates zeekaran

    The Darth Revan Rivian

    Found a KOTOR fan in the wild!




    Fuck parking lots (article title: Evaluating a Land Value Tax in Jersey City)


    My collection is complete

    Hello lemmy. I have one or two lights for every functional use case in my personal life, and then some. No more lights for me unless something breaks.


    I have a coworker today


    I am merely a bathtub to this divine, furry being


    Best group voice chat docker composable program?


    • multi person voice chat with all the standards (PTT, etc)
    • extremely low latency because it's self hosted, so three people in the same city should have <30ms
    • easily hosted via docker compose
    • FOSS optional but preferred

    Natural History Museum of London

    This is by far the most user friendly map of a museum I have ever seen. Out of the big four I'm visiting soon, the V&A's map is terrible, the Science Museum's is more like an ad brochure, and the British Museum's is okay.

    This one? Perfection. Color coded, vector graphic icons to highlight what kind of things are there, and a great parallax? viewing angle so the location of other floors and their stair and elevator connections are obvious. And the best part is that it all fits on one page.


    She's so smug


    I ate burgers for two months for science

    Vegan patties!

    For about two months, every weekday I made myself a burger for lunch. The active part of the research was what can I find within a ten minute drive, how the patties cooked on the stove, and how they tasted. The rest of the research is pure data from the back of the boxes as seen in the spreadsheet below.

    Note: Data collected summer of 2023 in Colorado

    Summary: They're pretty much all the same! Ta-da~. Seriously though, if you're not picky, just grab whatever is available and cheapest at the store you go to. Except for Gardein which glues itself to your stainless steel pot no matter how oil and shuffling you give it.

    The most interesting finding was that there are two main types and they're all fairly similar within those types. And even more interesting (to me at least), the type can be inferred purely from the weight of the patty. 113g = meat-like, 71g = veggie mush. Surprisingly consistent across multiple brands. The most obvious outlier is Field Roast, who never follows the rules and makes the weirdest product. Their weight and flavor line up with a hybrid: kinda-meaty but obviously vegetables smashed together.

    Other findings:

    • Gardein brands are a PITA to cook, they ooze superglue and I have to use the steel wool to clean up char every time
    • TJ's Masala is the tastiest and cheapest, but it's junkfood (amazing with peri-peri style hot sauce)
    • Good Catch's salmon burgers were the next tastiest, and get extra points for uniqueness
    • King Soopers (Kroger) had a summer long sale on the Beyond Cookout Classic, making them the next cheapest per patty. Since they have the highest caloric content, this also made them the best cal/$ by a wide margin

    Spreadsheet as image

    Public spreadsheet link

    NOTE: This is a crosspost from /r/EatCheapAndVegan


    Recommend a good USB-C to 3.5mm audio dongle

    The last two I tried had some of the crappiest sounding audio I've ever heard out of a premium phone. I have a $100 wired headset I'd like to use.