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Recognizing Palestine Is Rooted in Irish History of Colonization & Famine
  • Can anyone recommend a documentary on the history of colonialism in Ireland and their fight for independence? We didn't learn about this stuff in American public school since we were busy covering our revolutionary era 8 times over

  • Masahiro Sakurai refused to add Dolby Surround to a Kirby game because players had to sit through the logo
  • Lots of people ITT complaining that Lemmy is blanket anti-business, meanwhile I’m just surprised that something involving Nintendo isn’t being downvoted into oblivion

    This place is getting more diverse, I like it

  • Open source LaTeX book first release
  • Sort of, if you’re writing a research paper or presentation or something like that with a lot of math in it, you can use Latex (for the whole thing, not just the formulas). It’s 10000X better than writing the same stuff in Word, especially if you know how to code

  • Open source LaTeX book first release
  • Yeah, even in that sense… the irony

    Ok I’ll stop being a prick 😂 if you haven’t used Latex before, you do write source code that gets compiled into PDF/PPT/whatever

  • Yooka-Laylee: A Patient Gamer Review
  • You're welcome, you caught me at a good time lol I'm currently playing through the series (currently on Tooie) after not touching them since childhood

    Usually, the N64's C-buttons get mapped to the Switch's right stick, which is actually perfect for these games since they mainly control the camera and aiming

  • Open source LaTeX book first release
  • You don’t compile a book

    The irony

  • Yooka-Laylee: A Patient Gamer Review
  • Is Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts a good representation of the series?

    Definitely not. While I do enjoy Nuts and Bolts, it's like they took all the good aspects of the N64 games and thought "ok but what if cars?".

    Or is the original Banjo-Kazooie (or its sequel) so good that I should look past the age of the game and give it a go?

    Definitely yes. The official N64 emulator on the Switch has Banjo Kazooie and I think it's a great way to play it. The controls translate to a Switch Pro controller pretty well and the graphics look nice, except for the text dialogue.

    RetroArch with the Mupen64-Plus Next core and the ParraLLEl plugins also run Kazooie & Tooie without issues

  • 4chan privacy
  • Contrary to what CNN says, 4chan is not an alt-right community. In fact, most of those idiots have left since 2016.

    If you give it a chance and check out a range of boards, you will find it's fairly diverse. Like any other online community, it comes down to finding which boards suit you best

  • Hey does anyone know how to get microsoft suite apps on linux?
  • Idk if this has been proven, but I'm certain that the current desktop versions of Office apps are just Electron-style wrappers for the web versions. I switched from Windows to Linux about a year ago and have found the web apps to be perfectly sufficient

  • Any good FOSS alternatives to DuoLingo?
  • Audiobooks from your local library 🤓

  • Favourite controllers
  • The dual stage triggers made the Steam controller the dream controller for Rocket League IMO. Mapping boost to the second stage freed up my right thumb to control other things

  • Sony cancelled the PSN account linking requirement for Helldivers 2
  • The amount of downvotes this has makes me worried about Lemmy’s sense of humor

  • 🔔 SHAME 🔔
  • There are different kinds of infinity

    "Countably infinite" means an infinitely-large set of numbers that could be generated by infinitely following an algorithm with a finite number of steps. For example, natural (positive whole) numbers are countably infinite because they could be generated by following this simple algorithm:

    1. Start with the number 1
    2. Add 1 to your number
    3. Repeat step 2

    The set of real numbers, on the other hand, is uncountably infinite because you can have an infinite number of digits after the decimal place. You can't define a finite generation algorithm like the one above simply because any precision you use wouldn't cover the full range. In other words, if you wanted to modify the above algorithm, and chose 0.1 as your starting number, your algorithm would miss 0.01. If you chose to start at 0.01, you would miss 0.001, and so on

  • Whistleblower 'would not' put family on Boeing 787 jet
  • The government has already stepped in several times. If you’re in the mood to get mad, read up on the results of these interventions. Basically, Boeing was almost forced to deal with actual oversight, but was able to convince the government at the last minute that they could handle the oversight themselves internally (thanks to the wonderful process of lobbying of course)

  • Have you ever devoted a significant amount of time to something only to later feel it was pointless?
  • Work.

    Early in my career, I made the mistake of revealing to my employers that I'm competent at my job. More and more work flowed onto my plate and before long, I was assigned tasks that were supposed to go to seniors. So, the seniors received almost double my salary while they enjoyed more open schedules since I was doing my work + some of theirs.

    It's simply not worth it to go above and beyond at work, unless it's your own business.

  • A film fan saw 777 movies in theaters in a year, setting a new world record – including watching the Mario movie 35 times.
  • I value this guy's statement that Across the Spider-Verse was the best movie, more than I value the selection of Oscar Best Picture

  • Court Bans Use of 'AI-Enhanced' Video Evidence Because That's Not How AI Works
  • Ok but before you go, just want to make sure you know that this statement of yours is incorrect:

    In the strictest technical terms AI, ML and Deep Learning are district, and they have specific applications

    Actually, they are not the distinct, mutually exclusive fields you claim they are. ML is a subset of AI, and Deep Learning is a subset of ML. AI is a very broad term for programs that emulate human perception and learning. As you can see in the last intro paragraph of the AI wikipedia page (whoa, another source! aren't these cool?), some examples of AI tools are listed:

    including search and mathematical optimization, formal logic, artificial neural networks, and methods based on statistics, operations research, and economics

    Some of these - mathematical optimization, formal logic, statistics, and artificial neural networks - comprise the field known as machine learning. If you'll remember from my earlier citation about artificial neural networks, "deep learning" is when artificial neural networks have more than one hidden layer. Thus, DL is a subset of ML is a subset of AI (wow, sources are even cooler when there's multiple of them that you can logically chain together! knowledge is fun).

    Anyways, good day :)

  • Court Bans Use of 'AI-Enhanced' Video Evidence Because That's Not How AI Works
  • When you want to cite sources like me instead of making personal attacks, I’ll be here 🙂

  • JAWS Reveal Video
    [Community Challenge #16] Character Limit

    It's my turn to set the Community Challenge for this week...


    This week we're doing theme via creative constraint. Make whatever you want, you just can't use characters. More specifically, no characters, named or unnamed, from any stories, songs, games, etc. That includes mash ups.

    You can definitely still have people, you can still use tropes, and even create your own totally original characters. Just no reusing existing characters, or obvious derivatives


    1. Follow the community’s rules above all else

    2. One comment and image per user

    3. Embed image directly in the post (no external link)

    4. Workflow/Prompt sharing encouraged (we're all here for fun)

    5. At the end of the week each post will be scored according to the following grid

      | Prize | Points | | --- | --- | | Most upvoted | +3 points | | Second most upvoted | +1 point | | Theme is clear | +1 point | | OP’s favorite (me, this week) | +1 point | | Most original | +1 point | | Last entry (to compensate for less time to vote) | +1 point | | Prompt and workflow included | +1 point |

    6. Posts that are ex aequo (tied) will both get the points

    7. Winner gets to pick next theme! Good luck everyone and have fun!

    Past entries

    1. Dieselpunk
    2. Goosebump Book
    3. Deep Space Wonders
    4. Fairy Tales
    5. A New Sport
    6. Monsters are Back to School
    7. War and Peace
    8. Distant lands
    9. Unreal Cartoons
    10. Sustainable Ecumenopolis
    11. Masks
    12. Mascots
    13. Old Gods, New Jobs
    14. Winter Festivities
    15. High Tech, Low Life

    I'm looking forward to seeing your creations. 😀

    turkalino Bobby Turkalino
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