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Music - Self-Host - how to start / what's your stack?
  • Ah so that might take more than 1GB. My library of about 4000 takes up 17GB so you can use that as an example.

  • Music - Self-Host - how to start / what's your stack?
  • I use spotdl to download mp3s from Spotify playlists. 300 files shouldn't amount to much more than about 1GB so you can probably just use Syncthing to copy the files across devices and then use VLC or some other music player to listen.

  • It's your amigo, Ralph!
  • Glad this keeps getting reposted cause it means Ralph gets to keep existing!

  • Trying Linux after using Windows for decades
  • Hell yeah! Welcome brother!

  • Anon is metal as fuck
  • What the fuck do not do this

  • Why do so many people still hate GrapheneOS?
  • Bruh he's literally asking the question

  • The best computer from 2014
  • Use PCs are cheap, never forget this fact.

  • He's rather full of himself
  • Fitting that he's the main Disney character

  • Rule
  • Huh. I guess I need to look into his work more than I have!

  • Rule
  • Al music is great. AI music sucks.

  • Which rule do I give off?
  • Ahem, coom you mean?

  • Rule
  • That's absolutely amazing

  • Rule
  • After listening to this song I wanted to see what the original was and it turns out Al wrote this song himself. It's a completely original track!

  • gay rule
  • Left: Technoblade Right: No idea. Could be a patriotic Czech beachgoer like somebody else suggested.

  • CPRule
  • Fair enough

  • Have you ever seen yourself on a CAPTCHA?

    I just had this thought while filling out a form. It's pretty unlikely that anybody has seen a picture of themselves riding a motorcycle on a CAPTCHA but it's not impossible and would be pretty cool!


    Best Replacement for Citra

    Now that Citra has been discontinued, which fork/alternative should I use for 3DS emulation?

    Antinatalism Krafty Kactus

    Y'all realize you're not convincing anyone, right?

    Nobody who is considering having kids is going to actually take any of this seriously so what's your goal?

    Lost Lemmy Users Krafty Kactus

    Not even sure what they were going for here...


    Cool AF eclipse photo from 2017 Lance (@[email protected])

    Attached: 1 image The eclipse, as seen from our front yard on 2017/08/21. This was possibly the luckiest photo of my life so far. It even made it onto the local news, I was told. Taken with a cheap Fujinon XC50-230 zoom on my Fujifilm X-T2. It's not a composite, but an actual photo. It was croppe...

    Lance (

    This just got boosted onto my Mastodon feed and I think it fits here.


    To everyone who hates the concepts of landlords and rent, what counts as being a landlord?

    Does having an AirBNB setup make someone deserving of the guillotine or does that only apply to owners of multiple houses? What about apartments?

    Please explain your reasoning as well.


    Good NAS Software for a Bad PC?

    Up till now I've been running Debian on a 2008 Dell tower as my homeserver. I just got 2 1tb drives for it so I want to upgrade to an actual dedicated NAS software to simplify how I manage it. The problem is, I only have 4gb of RAM in it. Any recommendations?

    Edit: For context, I mostly use the server for Nextcloud and Syncthing but I also want to be able to have a generic Debian server with ssh access available if I need it.


    Holes rule

    A lot of people yearn to be part of something bigger than themselves, something truly glorious, something that can give their life purpose. Some people climb the corporate ladder, others join the military, and some will selflessly dedicate their life to charity. But deep down, all we truly want is to not only see a really, really deep hole at the beach, but to know that we contributed to making such a big, cool hole in the sand.


    "I don't care that Facebook tracks me"

    What's your take on his points? I wholeheartedly disagree with him but I don't know how to properly voice why. I wanna hear what you guys have to say.


    Has anyone seen zipper merging work in America?

    [email protected]

    Edit: I'm not quite sure how cross posting works here. I just saw this post in asklemmy and thought it could generate some interesting discussions in this community. I don't have any opinion on the matter.


    Weird Thought

    Does anyone else ever want to just jump into the ground and swim through it or is that just me?

    JustGuysBeingDudes Krafty Kactus

    Boys will be boys!


    GrapheneOS Parental Controls

    Does anyone know of a good privacy respecting (preferably FOSS) parental control app for Android? I'm trying to convince a friend to get a Pixel with GrapheneOS as their kids next phone but they won't do it unless it let's them control certain things.

    They're used to iOS where apparently their kid can request to download an app and they can remotely allow the installation. They can also add screen time beyond the original set limit if the kids requests it.

    Unfortunately, I don't think they'd be open to switching if it means losing their parental controls.