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Do you know any singleplayer games that are infinitely replayable?
  • My top ones I constantly replay are Factorio, rimworld and modded Minecraft java version, mainly because there's a incredible amount of mods For all of them, make themed runs for each one. Sometimes action adventure sometimes just pure automation.

    Nearly 8k in Factorio and probably Minecraft, not as much in rimworld but only because I bought it about a year ago

  • Do your parents help you financially?
  • Yes because nobody will hire someone with disabilities and finding a job is incredibly difficult without disabilities.

    My parents are retired from jobs they had most of there life. I only ask out of necessity though.

    Fuck capatilism

  • How do you stop feeling the desire to be in a relationship?
  • As someone who has friends before in a similar situation as you, you may have certain limitations or disabilities and the best option is, yes it's work but it's extremely gratifying is to go and find a good therapist that you can talk to to help understand yourself and your predicament.

    That's my suggestion of the best course as you have potentially other underlying things you don't realize like severe codependency (from my experience from my friends I used to have, not saying you do)

    If you simply just don't do anything nothing will change and it will get worse and worse.

    (Just in case your hyper dependent with your parents) Just absolutely do something if you care about yourself at all. Your parent(s) will not be there forever, they can't sustain you forever.

  • Need noise cancelling headphones recommendations
  • I went with the Sony WH-CH720N only because it was 56% off on Amazon. So far it's pretty decent besides the shit Sony does by gatekeeping things behind a login in order for noise cancelling. And the noise canceling isn't the best but its good enough for me. Very long battery life and good audio at least for me.

  • Why isn't jerking off more valorized as an easy dopamine hit that's also literally good for you?
  • Often times it's about control over people. Whether it's religion or capatilism sense it's something you can do yourself for free that gives you pleasure. Capatilism can't force you to pay for enjoying yourself and religion doesn't want you to do things that they don't control

  • Do I have schizophrenia or I am scammed by psychiatrist?
  • Information about a disorder I know that could manifest as potentially schizophrenia looking is dissociative identity disorder as it can present differently in people.

    Not saying you do have it. Just information for others out there also

  • Need noise cancelling headphones recommendations

    I'm really needing new headphones to drown out the noise when I'm out on Public transit or just at home during panic attacks.

    Very small requirements for anybody that has some they enjoy.

    Bluetooth and works with android devices (preferably without a app aka natively). Has good noise cancelling and can block out most sounds but doesn't have horrible ringing in them (I'm using from the super cheap kinda noise cancelling?) doesn't have to be good with music but preferred though.

    In ear or over idc about that

    Has to be under 100.

    If anybody has recommendations it would be awesome.

    Fyi new to Lemmy so forgive me if I don't do some proper "etiquette". Also autism :p

    Massive issues with sleep and desperate for a solution.
  • I have had frequent problems with sleep too. Due to trauma I have no memories up that come up when I'm about to sleep.

    Suggestion from me is fine a good therapist, not for medication but to understand why exactly ots happening, if it's physical or mental. It's ok and completely understandable to deal a therapist and talk to your doctor more to not try to necessarily solve it. But to figure why it happing in the first place.

    Get a therapist that doesn't try to fix you or try to make you fit into mold. Therapist are supposed to help you discover things about yourself and understand your self better.

    This is from my decade's long experience with mental and physical health problems.

  • I'm sorry I tried....

    I'm disabled and no way to get anything from what I have now, which is a omen laptop from 2016 and no matter what ditro, and whatever fixes I try, I can't get Linux to work with my games through steam without a lot of problems.

    When do you think Nvidia will actually be usable for gaming on a laptop?

    Distro I used was Ubuntu, nobara, pop os, EndeavourOS, umm like others I can't currently remember.

    Always seems to be some minor thing that just breaks things or little nuanced glitches in the desktop environment, like kde plasma just not showing specific things.

    If I could get a better laptop or computer that wouldn't have these problems I would.

    I'm forced to be on windows 10.

    My computer is a omen laptop

    With a Nvidia 1660gt iirc

    EDIT: forgot to mention my Logitech mouse that didn't seem to work besides basic mouse functionality, I need certain macros and things on it which doesn't save on the mouse it self (mouse was a gift from my mom)


    To hard, need accessibility/easier options

    Been trying to play it but it's to hard and inaccessible for me and was wondering if there's any "cheats" or trainers or something to alter it to make it feel more enjoyable.

    Been playing shattered pixel dungeon.