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Elon Musk Begs Advertisers to Return as Twitter's Revenue Plunges
  • “I don’t want them to advertise,” Musk said. “If someone is going to blackmail me with advertising or money go f*** yourself. Go. F***. Yourself,” he said. “Is that clear? Hey Bob [Iger, CEO of Disney], if you’re in the audience, that’s how I feel."

    • the guy who bought the website for 40+ billion dollars.

  • What's the point of living for someone like me?
  • Yeah..

    Life's fulfillment is in many ways measured in the quality of your relationships. Frankly, if you want to make meaningful relationships, you need to be the kind of fellow you or a regular person would want to be around.

    You can't really be a different person and you shouldn't try. Instead you need to be the best version of yourself you can be. The one who listens well, or does nice things for others without expecting a reward. You have some positive instincts in there somewhere, but if you indulge selfishness, it will drowned out any of the positive aspects immediately.

    Don't do this attention seeking bs. If you want help, get help. The world is full of others seeking connections and you'll break the hearts of family if you take the way way out. Maybe that's what you want? Have an impact just by inflicting harm? I hope not, that's what bad people do.

    Get into bird watching or any other hobby. There's tons of poor, interesting, people with deeply filling lives out there. You're not uniquely suffering I'm afraid. Just pittying yourself.

  • Farming in dry areas
  • It's the same throughout Arizona and there's a great smarter everyday on YouTube about this kind of irrigation.

    Worth the watch and believe it or not Saudi is also buying alfalfa from Arizona too. Maybe the single worst water decision I can think of..

  • Lawmakers expensed millions in 2023 under new program that doesn’t require receipts

    Must be nice not having to keep track of receipts to blatantly engage in corruption. I'm sure that was a minor inconvenience before.

    California sheriff quips he’s ‘changing teams,’ urges support for ‘convicted felon’ Trump
  • Obligatory crooked timber post:

    "Conservatism consists of exactly one proposition, to wit: There must be in-groups whom the law protectes but does not bind, alongside out-groups whom the law binds but does not protect."

    It's pretty nakedly just a cult of personality with no other policy platforms that I recognize. For 50 years quality of life for Americans had meaningfully stagnated or declined. It's brutal paying so much for groceries and gasoline when rent has been commodified. Answering that with mythical "I alone can fix it" is a very attractive and easily understood pitch. A lecture about the nuances of globalization and market efficiency is not. As important as bathroom access and preferred pronouns are, they too are not a sufficient political answer for a minimum wage that hasn't matched productivity for decades.

    It's a leadership issue but any sane person would never subject themselves or their families to running for office in a news environment like America's. That leaves us with a government composed primarily by clinical narcissists and grifters.

    Feels bad.

  • In Women's Jeans They're 83.7% Smaller
  • My favorite part of this AEI op-ed (look up the fellows of this august think tank institution if you have a minute) is that the author lists no notes, references, or citations for a single claim in the piece. Now that's how you do it! Start a Hudson Institute it Heritage Foundation and once you've got the banner to put behind a panel of prestigious sounding fellows, bam! You've got the patina of credibility! Back it with a couple hundred million in tax-cheat lobbying endowments and you've got a stew going baby!

  • Arab Americans reject Biden, Trump reelection: Survey
  • CIS had an interesting chat with John Mearscheimer about Israel that's unsurprising, but worth the listen. The host commented with a running joke that, "having been strongly supportive of Netanyahu after October 7, Joe Biden is seriously invested in the two-state solution—Michigan and Pennsylvania (@1:17:38)

    Tough sell. Sure it's obvious who will make the situation measurably worse in nearly every way, but it's really hard to motivate and mobilize a voting block on harm reduction, when the incumbent elicits strongly emotional revulsion right now.

    Recency bias, negativity bias, etc. are so hard to overcome. It's like trying to logic your way out of an argument someone has emotion'd themselves into. You may know the answer conceptually, but actually feeling ok about it enough to act isn't a logic proposition. It's one of the most emotionally charged decisions we make.

    Not a demographic I'd be counting on showing up in large numbers if I we're a campaign strategist. Sadly, Trump is retaining well over 90% of his voting coalition from 2020, whereas Biden is only retaining a fraction of his (very diverse) block. Since the election will come down to a very small number of votes, he's going to need all of his 2020 coalition to show up. 4 years of reality make that a hard bargain for Arab Americans and Republicans who held their noses after Jan 6 and voted blue though. Ugh.

    Link to the video:

    Piped bot, assemble!

  • American couple doing missionary work killed by gangs in Haiti, wife is daughter of Missouri rep.
  • Absolutely one of the worst takes I've seen.

    These aren't settlers and they weren't running a Canadian Indian school burying children out back either. Kids trying to share their beliefs (misguided as they may be) aren't colonizers and if they aren't welcome, execution is not the right answer you troglodyte.

    It's not rocket science to expect a society to condemn extrajudicial violence. Your opinion is bad and you should feel bad about it.

  • 'Stop threatening Taiwan', its new president William Lai tells China
  • Man is it refreshing to hear a Taiwanese perspective in the mix. Every post, every comment is a bunch of armchair "experts" talking about an issue they clearly haven't the slightest personal experience or context for. Not to come off as a jerk but it sure would be nice to hear what the actual people involved think instead of rank speculation. Reminds me of all the infectious disease experts during covid and military strategists in Feb 2022.

  • U.S. Navy Completes Gaza Aid Pier, Deliveries Imminent (Updated)
  • Initial capability of 90x truckloads of aid per day, scaling up to planned 150x loads capacity. 500x needed a day to meet the requirement and vastly more inefficient than simply driving it in. JLOTS is not a replacement or even a fraction of the need for simply opening the Rafah gate—where aid trucks are already staged to drive aid through without needing to add dock operations to the equation.

  • Anyone know what happened to open source ecology? Home | Open Source Ecology

    We’re developing open source industrial machines that can be made for a fraction of commercial costs, and sharing our designs online for free. The goal of Open Source Ecology is to create an open source economy – an efficient economy which increases innovation by open collaboration.

    Home | Open Source Ecology

    Little different post than typical but I remember being really excited about their tractor and compressed earth block press a long time ago.

    Is this just one of those "never build something you can buy" type efficiency things? I'd love to know if anyone has had any direct involvement or firsthand knowledge.


    Election rule

    2024 is going great, and I can't wait for things to get even better in October!



    C'mon Canada, no time to explain!


    Brain implant improves cognition 15-52% in safety trial for TBI patients Brain implant could ease the effects of a traumatic injury years later

    A device that was implanted into the brains of people with traumatic brain injuries substantially improved their cognitive function a year later, a small study suggests

    Brain implant could ease the effects of a traumatic injury years later

    Do Not Cite the Deep Tiktok to Me, Witch

    Bet you youngsters weren't even around for the original "phones are rotting the youth's brains" shitposting.