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Lemmy is a worse platform for women than Reddit was
  • I didn't see any abuse, but I did notice how livid some people were about the whole thing. I am still at a loss as to how the original statement could cause such outrage. I took it as some hyperbole to highlight a serious issue. That's nothing any remotely stable person takes offence at. Any guy berating other people over dumb shit like this is exactly the kind of man the original statement was about.

  • Secret Hamas Files Show How It Spied on Everyday Palestinians
  • Yeah. There's, sadly, room in the world for more than one murderous government. I also have no doubt that, if Hamas had the opportunity, they would kill all Israelis. But that is still no excuse for the ongoing slaughter the IDF is committing. An atrocity remains an atrocity.

  • Is there anyone here who uses BSD on their desktop?
  • I used OpenBSD on servers for years. I don't think it's suited as a daily driver, especially not with a desktop. I absolutely love pf and miss it dearly, though. iptables and nftables are utter shit compared to the glory that is pf. Yes, there is some hyperbole in that statement, but only some.

  • Wahlplakate zerstören oder zerstören - diese Strafen drohen
  • Mein liebster Akt der Zerstörung war vor vielen Jahren in Hamburg, als ich einen Mitbürger mit dunkler Hautfarbe dabei beobachtet habe, wie er auf dem Mittelstreifen an der Kieler Straße in aller Ruhe ein Plakat von Ronald Schill zerstörte.

  • China’s booming EV companies eye U.S. competitors they see as ‘not ready’
  • The problem is that Chinese models are so cheap because of government subsidies and slave labor. I still think that Western models are too expensive because of plain greed, but the Chinese models are not without problems either.

  • Looking for MiTV box replacement

    I have a MiTV box with Android that runs apps for Jellyfin, Prime Video and Disney Plus. I would like to replace it with a mini PC, like some N100 box, to have more control over what runs on it. I tried a Pi with Kodi once, but I hate the UI so much. It's just not my thing.

    What other options do I have with self-hosted alternatives? I want a central UI like AndroidTV offers, I need Jellyfin, Disney Plus, Prime Video and some local TV station's streaming offerings and some remote control.

    I don't think that's possible, as you can only run Disney and Prime in a browser or their apps. And using a browser on the TV is not nice UX. But maybe some of the great people here have cracked that nut and can help me.

    Good free TTS (text-to-speech) options?

    Are there any free/open-source TTS options out there that are on the same level as Google Cloud's? I tried a lot of free ones, but they are absolutely awful and still sound like my Amiga did 30 years ago. With LLMs being available as open source, I am hoping there's also a good TTS offering I just haven't found yet.

    Barrier/Input Leap/other KVM server for Wayland?

    I really want to use Wayland, but the lack of a Wayland-based KVM sharing tool is an absolute deal breaker for me. I tried so many of them, but none worked. Waynergy looks alright, but it's only a client. rkvm didn't work at all and I don't remember the names of the other tools I tried. I know that Input Leap/Barrier has met their donation goal for Wayland support, but I am not holding my breath that it'll work with wlr.

    Has anyone gotten KVM sharing to work with a Wayland host and other Linux clients?

    Wanted: audio library streaming plus Spotify

    I am looking for something I can run on a Pi that gives me access to my private audio library plus Spotify, because I hate switching apps. I want to access it from a desktop and Android. Does someone have something like this set up?

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