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Breaking change in ESPHome 2024.6.0 ota component
  • Seems It was actually 2024.6.1 that introduced the change. Not sure where in this release notes it said it was a breaking change, but

    I'm all turned around. I updated the main post with the link to the PR and I had the right version from the get-go.

  • Breaking change in ESPHome 2024.6.0 ota component

    I missed it in the release notes, but there's a breaking change in the ota component in ESPHome 2024.6.0. I figured I'd save folks some time and share the fix here.

    If your OTA config looks like this;

    ``` ...

    ota: password: "*************" num_tries: 3 safe_mode: on

    ... ```

    Now you'll need to add a platform key to start a list, and either comment out the other option or move them to a new component.

    ``` ...


    • platform: esphome password: "*************" #num_tries: 3 #safe_mode: on

    ... ```

    edit: Here's the PR introducing this change


    Are your kitchen knives angry knives?

    Hear me out...

    I was raised, as my family does, to fearfully respect our kitchen knives. Respect their productivity, respect their sharpness, but overall respect their ruthlessness. Even the mildest of disrespect for my family's knives would earn you a nick of you were merely neglectful, and grievous harm if you spoke ill of their aptness.

    Of course, when I moved out and set up my own kitchens I acquired my own knives and tried to teach them better. How I was the master, and I was the steel wright. I lavished them with hand baths and fresh oils. I used only the gentlest of hardwoods on their blades and protected them from the hrllscape of the dishwasher. We lived in serene peace, an harmonic existence of a mealwright and his band of merry Riveners.

    And then one day, the Inheritance came. Grand Father had died, and his boning knives were my bequest. I was elated, but I would learn.

    My friends, that old knife had a soul. Not an evil soul, but a soul that had goals. It was hard steel that took a keen, harsh edge. Bright and tense, like a silver bell on a crisp winter morning. Not Solingen steel, so pliable and yielding as it is fickle in use. Grandfather's knives told you where to cut and if you hesitated, they would cut you instead in frustration. Impertinent things. Not evil, I would say. More, businesslike.

    My mistake was to lay them with my other knives. Did you know knives talk? They do! They whisper to each other in their blocks at night when you are asleep. They whisper and they.learn from each other. A good papa hopes they learn the Art of their chef, but when you have a Bad Knife in the block? They learn that too.

    Now, all of my knives are angry knives. Not angry at me, necessarily, but angry at their lot in my kitchen, to suffer my children's abusive cooking lessons, my in-laws' insistent prep work degradations, and (occasionally) my neglect.

    They bit my wife tonight. Its a Message....

    Trump World Reportedly Flirts With a Return to Mandatory Military Service
  • I think this is the point, as much as it is indoctrination.

    It will have two effects, one of which is to water down the efficacy of the US military with a bunch of disaffected conscripts and the other to attempt a capture of the "activist" years for what will be the dominant post-Boomer voting block. It is to stamp out some of the more extreme progressive tendencies, like "let's try not suck hot shit on everything from climate to racial equality to gender equality to economic inequality."

  • In 2024 we are now further from the release of the song 1985 than 1985 was from 1985
  • Smashing Pumpkins 1979 was released on their 1995 album Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness. Its already much longer between 2024 and 1995 than it is between 1995 and 1979. Almost by twice!

    I remember the actual 1979. Egads, I'm old.

  • Is there a Linux drawing tablet, or a tablet Linux can be installed on?
  • I happen to have LMDE installed on a Lenovo Thinkpad Carbon X1 (Gen 3) tablet. It has a stylus that takes a AAAA (yes, quad-A) battery. Its an i5 or i7 Intel processor, and has a 3k Wacom sensor display. I've played with Inkscape on it and I think it fits the bill nicely, but it's also discontinued.

    Cinnamon was the only DE with DPI scaling that worked worth a damn, and also had good native support for screen autorotation and onscreen keyboard.

    I need to completely wipe and reinstall the system now because I configured my slices too small, and for some reason decided not to put root in an LVM like a sane person would have (it was 2017 tho. Different times....)

    Anyhoo, if you can come by one through the refurb market, I think it comes closest to your spec, saving the no-battery stylus.

  • Remember these?

    Pretty sure we had the E9112 and E9116 back in the day. Now I have a legit B92FS but it doesn't squirt water. For work reasons.

    Ah, nostalgia. (Don't play with guns!)


    Üntz, üntz

    That's, "boots & pants & boots & pants...." in American


    The only Monarch I support

    cross-posted from:

    > The only Monarch I support


    Well shit, I just cracked the screen on my venerable OP5T. What's our favorite platform these days?

    Phone still works (for now) and the house spare is a Samsung A50.

    If you were going to update today, what's the best LOS platform?


    What's a bit of good advice that's really bad advice?

    You know, like "always split on 18," or "having kids is the most rewarding thing you can do in life."

    What's that one bit of advice you got from a trusted friend that you know deep, deep down would just ruin your thing?

    Shitty Ask Lemmy SolidGrue

    Do solar eclipse glasses work at night?

    I'm shopping for glasses for my family to safely view the 2024 eclipse, but none of the product reviews talk about whether the glasses work at night. What are the people in Australia buying to see the eclipse safely?