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Two Kinds Of Chocolate Available. You Decide

What Can Be, Unburdened By What Has Been
  • Two kinds of chocolate, you decide:

  • Does Kamala Harris have a chance and
  • Joe Biden was one of that main sponsors on making harsher drug sentences in the 1980's and yet he changed with the times and science, and so can she.

  • Does Kamala Harris have a chance and
  • She is in so a vote for her is one less vote for a rapist.

  • It's my Cake day and


    Does Kamala Harris have a chance and

    could she blow it badly by choosing the wrong running mate?

    Molly Ringwald 1985
  • You are spot on.

  • Old School Cool SnausagesinaBlanket

    Molly Ringwald 1985


    Any tech wizards available know how to boot a F-35 into Safe Mode? Speedy replies appreciated
  • Press Right, Left, Left, Right, Up, Down, Down, Right. for 1 extra life.

  • CrowdStrike effectively bricked windows, Mac and Linux today.
  • Imagine this happening during open heart surgery and all the monitors go blue!

  • My cake day is coming up in 4 days. Is that a bid deal on Lemmy?

    I feel proud of being here for a year and feels like I have better mental health due to the better quality of the conversations I have been in.

    Hunter Biden cites Trump ruling in seeking dismissal of gun and tax cases
  • I hope this is just the first salvo the Biden's launch and start using all the ridiculous policies the GOP is setting against them.

    I am middle of the road but registered democrat. I vote for who I think will do the best job in local and national elections.

    I am partially paralyzed and it takes me 1/2 a day to vote. I will always vote because its all we have imo.

    IMO The Electoral college stole the election from Hillary but you don't see her running around like Kari Lake who is acting this way on purpose so if Trump wins, she will get appointed to a good job in his cabinet.

    Back to Hillary, She won the popular vote by millions and still lost!

    This is what the electoral college did

    She won the popular vote just short of 3 Million!

    Back then we had **249,372,406 people over the age of 18. About 80% of them were eligible to vote

    That is roughly 200k people. 199,497,924. The point is the amount of popular votes should have been a solid win. Not a landslide but solid.

    This makes me very sketched out along with all these new voting districts and restrictions on absentee ballots,

    and some states banning giving people in line a bottle of water or food! Google line warming!

    What if Biden wins by 2 million? Is that a solid win for Trump???

    **Child and Adult Populations 2016

    Age 18 and over

    United States 249,372,462

  • Are there foods that dogs can safely eat but humans can't?
  • A rose is still a rose by any other name.

  • In your career, have you found a drama free workplace?
  • When COVID hit and we all started working from home.

  • Is everyone here leftist?
  • I tried my left hand. Its just not the same.

  • Thank You!


    How common of a name is Ghislaine?

    I was pronouncing it "Jizz Lane" and found out it is a hard G.


    It's actually not that hot in Texas when compared to ______



    Alec Baldwin’s involuntary manslaughter case dismissed, cannot be filed again


    How do Texas residents afford electricity during high-demand?

    Whenever they have a spike in demand, the de-regulated prices go up by several hundred percent. Example


    Charley Bit Me

    Political Memes SnausagesinaBlanket

    CNN Meeting Guide


    So Many




    AI Fakes in Highschool and Middle School (USA)

    If a high school kid makes an AI fake nude of a female classmate, can they be arrested for child porn and have a permanent record?

    I just read 2 stories in a row in one of my news feeds about pockets of this happening throughout the USA and one is middle school aged.

    Is there a line to be drawn or should all fake nudes of anyone under 18 face legal penalties no matter the age of the person doing it?

    I have a daughter that is 27 now and if this happened to her I would be doing everything I could to hold the person making the fakes accountable.


    Bitch Fish


    Joe Cartoon - Gerbil in a Microwave

    This goes way back. I had Windows 95 when it came out.






    The Happiest Monster (NSFL)

    17 year old vintage