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I take my shitposts very seriously.

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Steam Is Run By Fewer Than 80 Staff, Lawsuit Docs Reveal
  • Success is not illegal. Valve isn't buying up smaller competing storefronts, or paying off developers for exclusivity, or burying competition in legal fees and prepared 80-page lawsuits. The only thing holding back real competition is the competing platforms being dogshit.

    I was excited for the EGS when it was announced. Then it turned out to be a garbage platform with the shady exclusivity deals that turned Steam into an ad platform for games that had been poached by Epic. Valve responded to it with the Steam Deck and Proton.

  • Many plant names are offensive: botanists will vote on whether to change them
  • [...] the minimal practical consequences of the changes.

    So let's invalidate all of the printed literature about those plants, and invite confusion because some delicate hearts got their panties in a twist over some words. Intelligence does not preclude monumental stupidity.

  • Poll shows 84% of PC users unwilling to pay extra for AI-enhanced hardware
  • TPM-FAIL from 2019. It affects Intel fTPM and some dedicated TPM chips: link

    The latest (at the moment) UEFI vulnerability, UEFIcanhazbufferoverflow is also related to, but not directly caused by, TPM on Intel systems: link

  • Tornado conspiracy
  • It takes an extraordinary false sense of intellectual superiority to willingly ignore a known lethal danger just to spite the feds. That's not normal, and it goes way beyond stupid.

    "I've never been mauled to death by a bear, all these warnings are just fearmongering!"

  • Need me some cough syrup
  • It could be "measure", as in representing the ratio of ingredients. Four and a quarter measures of alcohol, four and a half of weed, etc. Then the mixture is probably watered down to not be immediately fatal.

  • Again !
  • The leak happened earlier this week during a forum discussion regarding the T-90M, T-80BVM, and T-90S Russian main battle tanks, all of which are currently in service and appear in War Thunder itself. The documents shared are user manuals meant for those operating said vehicles and have, like most other military documents, been declared classified or sensitive even though they contain relatively surface-level information.

  • Not all construction jobs are equally engaging.

    For example, drilling or enlarging a hole can be boring, but fixing two pieces of metal together is often riveting.


    I tried sudo for Windows and was left thoroughly blue-balled.

    It's a poor imitation. A mockery of the name. A GUI addict's idea of a CLI tool.

    Trolley Memes rtxn

    There was always a choice

    Not entirely accurate, the person on the side track should be a pile of money, but I'm too lazy to change it now. Also, imagine, like, flames coming from the bottom-right corner.


    How do you manage your headphone cables?

    I recently switched from wireless to wired headphones (Samson SR-850, probably the best for the very reasonable price) and my chair's wheels instantly started eating its cable. Right now I'm using a small plastic hook that came with a face mask to keep it off the floor, but I'd like to hear other solutions.


    Important addition

    Some things are just universally true.


    Small audio output switcher script - is the number one paste tool since 2002. Pastebin is a website where you can store text online for a set period of time.

    I use this in Hyprland to quickly switch between the headphone jack and a USB wireless dongle. Executing the script will show a dialog that lists all available audio sinks, with the active sink selected. It requires pulseaudio or pipewire-pulse for the pactl program, and kdialog for the dialog.


    In an alternate universe, where Sharlayan would not keep its counsel.

    In the alternate universe, Ford Renault is still a dick.

    Unixporn rtxn

    The physiognomy of window managers.

    I think Starfield's main menu is neat. So I made it into a desktop widget. Files (including the stylized logo) here, wallpaper here.

    I used the Chakra Petch font (AUR: ttf-chakra-petch) for the menu buttons, and Liberation Sans (with some editing in Inkscape) for the logo.


    "Shame on you!" - DT, 2023

    I'm not trying to attack him, but this is pretty funny.

    Context: 11 days ago DT released a video where he called out the people who refer to Linux distributions as "Linux" as opposed to "GNU/Linux". Today he released a video where he did exactly that.


    The golden age of the Internet, compressed into four minutes.


    We don't talk about #3671.

    Only the OGs will remember when Steam would sometimes rm -rf /* your system.

    Template without text:


    What happens to images that are uploaded, but never used?

    I recently discovered that you can paste image data from your clipboard to a post or comment field, and it will upload the data and generate an embed link. I assume, since the clipboard is ephemeral, that the data is uploaded and stored on the server immediately.

    What happens then if the embed link is removed and never used, but the file isn't deleted by the user? Does it just sit around in storage, collecting dust and taking up space, or is there some sort of garbage collection that detects unused files? What happens to embedded files if the post/comment where it is embedded gets deleted?

    Unixporn rtxn

    I spent way too much time on this.


    It might not look like anything special, but I spent an embarrassing number of hours on this rice, mostly on the non-graphical user interactions. The layout is a custom master-stack implementation, the groupbox widget is an almost complete reimplementation to support a more flexible styling on multihead systems, the Nvidia GPU monitor widget is completely my own, there are popups and context menus out the ass, and there is a persistence module that saves dynamic data (like layouts and group names) between sessions.

    Tomorrow I'm moving to Wayland and I might not have the patience to get Qtile running again.

    edit: Wallpaper sauce


    Rule (copy).jpg


    Advice needed for partitioning a desktop PC

    I originally meant to ask if having /home on a different partition or separate physical device was still warranted, but my ignorance in this matter slowly became apparent.

    This is my current setup:

    • sda is a 240G SATA SSD that only contains the ESP and the root partition.
    • sdb is a 1T SATA SSD entirely dedicated to games and virtual machines.
    • sdc is a 3T SATA spinning rust disk mounted on /home, with a 0.5T partition for Timeshift backups.

    I recently bought a 2T M.2 NVMe SSD. I'd like to retire sda and sdc (i.e. put them in my junk NAS/backup server), and then reinstall the OS on the new NVMe. My ideas for the new setup:

    • I use the entire NVMe drive for ESP and root, no separate /home partition, and mount the 1T SSD as before.
    • I use the entire NVMe for ESP and root, move the games and VMs to the root, and use the 1T SSD as the /home partition.
    • ESP, ~100-200G root partition, and separate /home partition on the NVMe; games stay on the separate SSD.

    The advantages of having /home on a separate device are not lost on me. My question is whether the added complexity is still worth it. I would also like to use LUKS encryption, which I understand to be partition-wide - in which case I'd like to know if there is any significant overhead if I encrypt the root partition. I'm also not opposed to using LVM, but that seems like a little too much for a desktop PC.