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H5N1 Bird Flu Isn’t a Human Pandemic—Yet. American Contrariness Could Turn It into One
  • Instead, we spend a lot of time in high school biology on hydras ... maybe that time would have been better spent on some history of plagues

    I think there's a different class that might be better suited to discussing past plagues lol

    On a serious note, I get what you mean. I think classes need to be more integrated on their lessons, so like the science class is discussing the mechanics of how diseases reproduce at the same time history class is covering past epidemics, while the social studies class covers how systemic injustice worsened epidemics for the poor and minorities.

  • Lemmy, how do you deal with heartbreak?
  • I feel you. My ex-fiancee broke up with me on Thanksgiving while we were driving home. it will sting, but you have to accept that it happened first before anything else. You can't control others, so even though it might have come out of nowhere, you can't blame yourself entirely.

    Consider and think critically about any reasons they told you to decide if it's something you need change. Think about the relationship itself and if you were content. My ex broke up with me for being unable to constantly mask my autism, seemed to feel bad for it after realizing the same thing, and then truly ended the relationship after I forgot to clean a dish 2 months later. Like yea, I definitely need to be better about remembering to do dishes, but I will never apologize for being autistic. Could you believe that I wasn't content in a relationship where my partner would get upset at me for reasons I don't understand? By the time I moved out of the apartment in March, I was already done grieving. Imo, if someone you thought you could marry breaks up suddenly and with little reason, they were too disrespectful to deserve you.

    Finally, after the fallout, you need to rediscover who you are for yourself. You've likely been emotionally reliant on that person, which is ok, but now you need to sort out who you are after growing from that relationship. I've been going for long walks every day, listening to audiobooks. I've been reconnecting with college friends who I lost touch with during the relationship. I chose to treat myself with an expensive gadget. I've been leaning into my activism. You get to choose for you and yourself what to do with your free time, with no reason to coordinate with someone that may be uninterested.

  • The true hero of summer
  • if they're healthy

    Exactly. Innumerable health issues can be worsened by excessive heat and heat injuries, like heat exhaustion or heat stroke. The reason heat is such a big deal is the capacity to get hurt just by being outdoors. Climate change absolutely plays a factor in this equation, because the subtropical states are reaching highs of well over 100 degrees. There's no acclimating out of a heat stroke.

  • The true hero of summer
  • Heat in excess of 80 degrees increases everyone's risk for heat injuries, especially for workers. The heat in the last 5 years is undeniably caused by climate change, and creates a lethal threat to outdoor workers. It's not "just a little heat".

  • The fast-food industry claims the California minimum wage law is costing jobs. Its numbers are fake

    Fast food lobbyists say the higher California minimum wage law led to a loss of nearly 10,000 jobs. The claim is baseless.

    The fast-food industry claims the California minimum wage law is costing jobs. Its numbers are fake

    I don't think this is actually about needing to pay wages, I believe that the real target is the fast food worker council that was created to make these changes. I think they're going for a tried and true method to gain conservative sympathy, but Republicans are self-segregating away from California and their political influence is waning in the state.

    LGBTQ+ rockSlayer

    Please help me understand why I should share my identity

    To start for anyone that may be concerned by the title, I've always considered myself an ally and I've supported both family and friends when they came out to me. I've always known that it takes a lot of trust for someone to come out like that, and I want to be the friend that they feel safe to talk with about that stuff.

    I'm autistic, and I've recently started my journey of understanding that, my gender, and my sexuality. I've suspected since college that I was ace, and finally understood that about myself in the last few months. I made the first public message ever referring to myself as queer in a casual setting as a passing comment today which honestly felt a little strange, but already feels natural.

    What I need help with understanding, is why should I actively tell my friends and family about it? The way I see it, I've always been this way and nothing will change in me between now and 10 seconds after I say something. I don't think of it as hiding anything either, I think of it as me being me. Why do others feel the need to share with people close to them?


    Nurses and healthcare activists seek to pass a law legislating nurse-to-patient ratios in Ohio Hearings begin for nurse-to-patient ratio legislation

    Last week was National Nurses week, and in Ohio, lawmakers held the first hearing for a measure codifying nurse-to-patient ratios. To nurses, it’s a critical protection for workers stretched too thin, but to hospitals it’s a potentially devastating obstacle to delivering care. Nurses have been pushi...

    Hearings begin for nurse-to-patient ratio legislation

    400 Doctors in Delaware file for a union election with over 65% support Citing ‘burnout,’ doctors with ChristianaCare file papers to form labor union

    Two-thirds of the more than 400 doctors on staff at the health system’s major Delaware operations, including Christiana and Wilmington hospitals, would be covered.

    Citing ‘burnout,’ doctors with ChristianaCare file papers to form labor union

    Bella Ciao delle mondine - unknown artist

    Bella Ciao has a long history with leftists, but this is likely the original! Rather than being about partisans fighting against fascists, this version is about the brutal working conditions laboring women faced in the Italian rice paddies.


    We Have Fed You All A Thousand Years - Utah Phillips

    This song is about how workers have been injured, maimed, and died on the job for capitalists. This song highlights how there's already violence inherent to the system of capitalism, though I feel it's impossible to see that message without also realizing that we should not be afraid of violence when opposing the capitalist class in strikes, protests, and other direct action.


    Huelga en General - Los Lobos

    This song is by the band Los Lobos, and actually comes from the album used as our community art! The band wanted to commemorate the 1965 Delano Grape Strike by the UFW. The phrase "viva la huelga en general!" means "long live the general strike!" Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta were the leaders of this strike, with Dolores also coordinating the wine and grape boycott with the International Longshoremen union and community supporters.


    Cancer - Jesse Welles

    Why yes, I did discover a new artist, could you tell?

    Minnesota rockSlayer ‘We’re not going to stop’: Protests continue at the University of Minnesota campus

    A University of Minnesota protest was cleared late Tuesday night for the second time in a day. They picked things back up on Wednesday and say they will not quit until their demands are met.

    ‘We’re not going to stop’: Protests continue at the University of Minnesota campus