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Orange juice makers consider using alternative fruit as prices skyrocket
  • And capitalistic mass production with no respect for natural resources, aka intensive farming. Plants are grown in huge monocultures with little to no genetic diversity thus making them prone to what would naturally be limited issues like unfavourable weather or diseases

  • Ukraine war: We have no Plan B if Ukraine falls, Estonian PM says
  • The Suwałki Corridor is even less important strategically after Sweden joined NATO and forces can move through there. Its main importance right now is for reinforcing Kaliningrad, which itself is not very supportive of Mother Russia actions. So in a hypothetical invasion scenario who even knows what would happen in Kaliningrad.

  • Name & shame. :)
  • Maybe, if reviewers were paid for their job they could actually focus on reading the paper and those things wouldn't slide. But then Elsevier shareholders could only buy one yacht a year instead of two and that would be a nightmare...

  • homelab repungnant_canary

    Possibilities to adapt ZBOX into TrueNas server

    I have ZBOX MI571 with an i7-6700T and 16GB (SODIMM) RAM laying unused. And I want to make a personal backup/archive server, for which I think TrueNas will work best.

    The box has more than enough computational power for running TrueNas. But as far as I could find it has only one SATA and one M.2 SATA port, so not enough to have a boot-pool and a redundant storage-pool. And it doesn't have any spare PCIe ports.

    So I'm wondering what's my best option here? Can the drives be somehow reliability attached through USB for example? Or will it be best to buy a used mobo and ram and replant the CPU? Or should I just sell the whole thing and build a server from scratch?