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A US carrier has repelled Houthi attacks for months. Will it hold up?
  • The carrier will be fine and the title is a hair click-baity as the deployment time is more politically determined.

    The real magic is that most ships run a lot rougher than the public is aware of and that they can be underway for a long time, provided that supplies are kept steady. The article doesn't lie when it mentions sea water being an issue and it absolutely is for the aircraft. However, there are plenty of airmen that are on deck to do multiple wash jobs per day and aircraft maintenance cycles don't stop just because they are underway.

    Eventually, enough aircraft will go down for long enough that regular flight ops can't be sustained. Regular wash jobs or not, time (and salt mist) will eventually take it's toll on airframes but it will take longer than 6-8 months to corrode away a few squadrons.

  • Zelensky Panic Grows — The Duran
  • This is not an indoctrination issue nor is it ignorance.

    Understanding what the sources are is critical to understanding the intent of any media. Unfortunately, I have to watch a wide range of media from all sources to even begin to determine what the underlying truth may be.

    Like I said, you have a pattern of posting "news" from questionable sources and friend, you are sucking on raw, unfiltered, propaganda directly from the source. It perfectly fits what you want to hear, so you seem to ignore everything else.

    Trusting anything within a degree or two from any state media source is just bad form, TBH.

    I grow my own mushrooms, as you saw, as it's more efficient, much cheaper and the quality is much better. You are just over paying for what is likely sub-par shrooms with unknown genetics.

  • I would like to start a simple business related to 3D printing, reverse engineering and 3D scanning. What are common pitfalls of first time entrepreneurs?
  • General purpose printing will just be a filler, of sorts, and I can basically do that in my sleep. The only goal of that is to utilize equipment that would otherwise be idle.

    The 3D scanning and reverse engineering is going to be the main focus but decent paying jobs will likely be sporadic for a while. The main function of the printers will be to prototype as to allow clients to test fit designs before they are finalized with proper materials.

    When it comes to mold making, that is probably going to be part of what I do. However, that is its own science and takes a ton of experience to make viable commercial molds. (Simple molds are probably the only thing I could do at this point.)

    Still, those are some good ideas so thanks.

  • Zelensky Panic Grows — The Duran
  • Because it's content on Rumble from a Kremlin shill. (RT is state controlled media, btw.) Rumble is just a right-wing outlet and most right-wing outlets are flooded with Russian propaganda. I should also add that you are posting it and you have a history of brainlessly spreading pro-Russian government propaganda.

    The media host and the show creators are all that you need to pay attention to as the content is going to be biased as fuck. I don't need to watch it, especially after seeing the title. Guessing what the content is about doesn't take a genius.

  • Google's AI Overviews now link to Wikipedia and LinkedIn more than Reddit, study finds
  • There is a large collection of poorly written articles/blogs on LinkedIn, actually. They are just bad enough to be good enough for Google.

    Strangely enough, LinkedIn is owned by Microsoft. If Microsoft actually let Google use it as a data source, it was to sabotage Google's AI training.

  • 71-year-old competing in Miss Texas USA pageant
  • That is cool and all, but I am confused about the diversity play going on here. Pageants are kinda weird and unrealistic to begin with, and this just seems force-fed.

    It's cool that she is competing but it kinda makes you wonder if there was just a spare participation trophy sitting around they needed to use.

  • Psilocybin Mushroom Potency Can Degrade by Nearly 50% in Six Months, New Data Shows
  • I'll double down on the need for a vacuum sealer after your comments. I forgot that the enemy of just about everything is oxidation. While I have no idea how oxygen effects shrooms, I speculate that it can't be good in many cases.

    But yeah, anecdotally, my mason jars have been just fine too. Each strain I have is a unique experience and does slightly change over time. While a mason jar isn't as effective as vacuum sealing for "perfect" storage, I suspect that oxidation (or just age) may alter the other psychedelic compounds found in the mushrooms a little more aggressively. (Just speculation though.)

  • I would like to start a simple business related to 3D printing, reverse engineering and 3D scanning. What are common pitfalls of first time entrepreneurs?
  • For starters, I have a Prusa printer, Moose 3D scanner and a full license for Fusion 360, a small custom built CNC and a good selection of specialty tools.

    If needed, I can revert to photogrammetry for capturing high detail on small parts. (Probably within 15um/.5 thou? I need to test the limits of what I can actually do before I say for certain...)

    I can scale printing super fast and am lucky enough to have a Microcenter near me so I can buy more printers and filament in a hurry. (Now that I think about it, I'll probably order a resin printer this evening. It'll be useful for my own projects where I need to duplicate some injection molded parts.)

    For now, I am going to let the jobs determine the scale of my operation and how I invest in additional equipment. Thankfully, I am decent enough at the mechanical aspects of this stuff to handle issues fairly quick.

    But yeah, I already have a few thousand dollars in tools, assorted parts and filaments. It's the odd tools I have that give me a good starting advantage, me thinks. (Nobody else I know has a full set of pin gauges, as an odd example. My electronic component and fastener selection is also fairly substantial.)

    Honestly, it's time to get an ROI from all of my own, personal projects that I have made substantial investments in over the years.

  • Psilocybin Mushroom Potency Can Degrade by Nearly 50% in Six Months, New Data Shows
  • From my research, psilocybin is best preserved in a dry, sealed container in a cool, dark area. Vacuum sealing is probably ideal to prevent molding.

    Too hot or too cold is not good for it, actually. Just above freezing (typical fridge temps) probably doesn't do much for preservation of they are properly dried and and puts them at a higher risk of freezing, which may start the breakdown process.

    Heat stability data: of Psilocybin and Analogs.pdf

    (Breakdown starts at 25C)

    Getting it too cold probably won't be possible for most people:

    (Breakdown starts at -80C)

    The interwebs consensus is a storage temperature at just below ~21C/70F.

    Personally, I use mason jars stored in a cabinet using several desiccant packs per jar. (The only strain that has degraded on me was a few bulk grows of JMF in gallon ziploc bags with poorly maintained desiccant. JMF ain't that potent anyway.)

  • I would like to start a simple business related to 3D printing, reverse engineering and 3D scanning. What are common pitfalls of first time entrepreneurs?

    I am business dumb, but I have a very unique mix of skills I would like to turn into a side hustle. Needless to say, there is going to be a huge learning curve for me.

    Sure, I could just sell 3D prints on Etsy, but I would rather focus on B2B type work with a more hands on approach than the Chinese print farms/PCB manufacturers. (I'll start an Etsy shop for practice, but that particular market seems extremely saturated.)

    So, if you have started a business before, what are some basic things that you wish someone had told you before you did? Are there good books or other references I could use?

    Lemons(?) of Lemmy, what is something that feels so obvious to you that you just get lowkey pissed at the world for not knowing?
  • *Lemmings. (I was going to use that as an answer to your post, but someone learning something new never gets me even the slightest bit miffed.)


    Most scam products like "power saver" plug-in modules for your home, fake ODB2 gas saver modules for cars or those little stickers for cell phones that are sold as "antenna boosters". Also, anything that is marketed as a "detox" product will piss me off.

    All of those products are actively being sold on Amazon, EBay and at some other major retailers or in malls. They are openly sold because people refuse to learn that magic does not exist.

    Please. Stop buying these things.

  • [Bug] Strange pinning issue? A pinned post from another instance in All on .ca
  • I made a comment about this on that specific post and others responded that they are seeing the same problem. (I should of asked for client details as well in hindsight.) So yeah, likely a Lemmy thing like you say.

    I'll leave this post up as a note to the dev, just in case.

  • [Bug] Strange pinning issue? A pinned post from another instance in All on .ca

    Strange. I don't see this as a pinned post on that community, but yet, there it is. Did an admin pin a post from another instance on .ca somehow or is this a bug with Connect? (Strange things are happening like this since the last Lemmy update. I can't tell if it's a Connect issue, or a Lemmy issue.)


    [Bug] /c/new is listed under other communities. NSFW tiles blurred but not hidden. ( / 0.19.4)

    That feed is not /c/cat on, it seems.

    I just logged out and logged back in with no change. I'll clear my cache to see if that helps and will update this post if successful.

    Edit: Clearing the cache did not help. Must be a Lemmy API issue?

    Edit 2: NSFW communities are not hidden in the faux community feed either. Thankfully, they are blurred, but not hidden. Posting a comment with a picture from what was supposed to be (Did I use "faux" correctly? I rarely use that word, so hopefully the intent shows.)

    Edit 3: Ok, weird. cat on is broken from my account on .ca, but other communities are not, like business on lemmy on is also broken. The issue is more random than I thought.

    Home Improvement remotelove

    Checking and charging HVAC: Plausible DIY?

    I am very much a DIY'er and doing my own HVAC repairs have never been out of the question. Actually, I have rebuilt a couple of systems, less the pressurized parts of the system.

    HVACs are great until they aren't and the need for repairs always comes up at the worst possible time. It would be nice to know more details for those reasons.

    If you ignore the direct question about charging an HVAC, there could actually be a small, slow leak in my system as it stands. That'll get troubleshot in due time. (Still, I don't think I have ever had a system that didn't need the system to be topped off after a few years, even with no detectable leaks...)

    It doesn't seem difficult: Ensure system is at correct temperature; attach a gauge; depressurize/pressurize as needed.

    There has to be some "gotchas" in there somewhere. The equipment is cheap enough and I am fairly sure I can source the correct refrigerant easy enough.

    Aside from needing to store and manage a small supply of refrigerant and that there are some annoying risks (like a system freezing over, etc..), what cost factor and equipment am I not taking into account?


    If you knew in advance about being laid off, how would you YOLO the exit interview?

    I am fairly sure that I am being laid off with other Sr. Engineers tomorrow and need some ideas. Basically, I saw a calendar mistake by HR, so oops!

    Meh. It's gonna suck for a bit, but whatevers. Life is more important than a shit job. :)


    [Identification] This is an ORSIS, but it looks like an F-17 that's been modified.

    I just stumbled across this beast that was previously owned by a Russian sniper. It's got characteristics of an F-17 but it looks like the stock as been drilled out in places (or replaced) and I am about 60% sure that those are Vortex optics. Any ideas?




    [Solved][Request] Source instance shown at top of post.

    When browsing on and I click through to a post, the local source instance and community for a post is shown as The source instance is something completely different and shown in the post info bar below the title.

    This can get awkward when I think I am commenting on a post I think is on or when it might actually be

    Highlighting the source instance a little better would be super awesome.


    My Lemmy Rule

    Edit: The above Connect filter only works for title posts. It doesn't seem to filter comments or community names.

    I mention this only because of some questions here and how people are going to the effort to censor out comments on this post.

    Radio Lemmy remotelove

    A Vibroplex Bug from the late 70's or early 80's

    Oops! I actually ment to post this in a ham radio community. RF is still RF, so it kinda fits here if you squint a little bit.


    Have we been able to reproduce the conditions to bend rocks? (Even if in a lab.)

    Tectonic activity bends rocks all the time, even hard ones like granite. That takes a ton of heat, pressure and time. It also makes sense that in the right conditions, sheets of rock simply don't have the room to shatter so they must bend.

    Have we been able to do the same in a lab and would it have any commercial use? Bending a random bit of hard rock would be an interesting novelty, for sure.


    How do different body parts (specifically shape) emerge from our genes?

    I am creating a simulation to evolve simple, multi-cell organisms. (Just for fun!)

    Neural networks are fairly easy to evolve, even more so when it's done by random mutations and not actual training. Build an ANN at random and introduce mutations with every generation. The ANNs that accomplish simple goals (by pure chance) live to duplicate with every evolutionary cycle. Fairly easy stuff.

    I am stumped when it comes to creating something that would simulate the genes that represent a body. After some reading today, there isn't much info on how cells form into specific shapes for arms, hands, organs, etc. (I am sure there is a ton of data, but I don't know what subject to Google.)

    Genes can create the patterns for specific chemicals and cells. How to cells then develop into functional body parts? What makes a heart the shape of a heart?

    I think that having a better understanding of that concept can help me develop a framework for physical evolution, even if it as a very tiny scale.

    (Putting the ANN in charge of controlling those different body parts is also easy. It's just a matter of allowing those physical traits to evolve first.)