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StackOverflow is blogging about Web3. Please put it out of its misery
  • There was a question on here recently like "Please recommend an e-commerce web application which doesn't use JavaScript" and the top response was "I don't understand what you're asking - how can you have a web application without JavaScript??‽". It was like everyone has forgotten about HTTP POST.

  • Biden feels angry and betrayed by top Dems as family discusses ‘possible’ plan to drop out
  • Do you think it is still open? Any new candidate is going to get "sorry, our state's deadline has passed - we'll remove Biden from the ballot, but can't possibly register the new person" from some critical states, it'll get litigated throughout the rest of the year, and the supreme court will eventually rubber-stamp it.

    From Wikipedia: "Although the Ohio ballot access issue was resolved, the DNC has stated that it will continue with a virtual roll call vote [1-7 Aug] in order to avoid litigation from Republicans".

  • Biden decision on future expected in coming days, and Harris is considered heir apparent
  • Biden is registered in time to get onto each state's ballots without legal battles (which would be decided by the supreme court - good luck trusting them!) so if voters want Harris, then the easiest way to get there would be keeping the current candidates?

  • Slorp
  • And if you have a short email address, you either get #1 for a lot of strangers' accounts at places which check the address, or #2-6 for different strangers' accounts at places which don't...

  • Project 2025′s dirty little secret that Trump doesn’t want you to know
  • That's the one, referencing

    "The fact that conservatives have been trying so hard for so long is what makes it more dangerous. It’s our good luck that each time, some accident of history stood in the way of the worst right-wing plans. The Great Depression prevented Project 1921. Phew. But not a good accident! Better for us to nip this thing in the bud on our own. And that takes a deeper understanding of antecedents."

  • Project 2025′s dirty little secret that Trump doesn’t want you to know
  • Cory Doctorow mentioned another interesting 'secret' in there, namely that the policies it's unsure about each represent fracture lines in which two groups of R voters want conflicting things. Highlighting these divisions could let those groups know that they might be getting the opposite of what they voted for.

  • Why is the US not considered a third world country?
    • 1st world = US, NATO, and their allies.
    • 2nd world = USSR, China, the Warsaw Pact, and their allies.
    • 3rd world = everyone else.

    e.g. Switzerland would be a 3rd world country by the original definition.

  • YouTube downloader is looking for a maintainer youtubedown help needed

    You may have noticed that youtubedown has been failing on just about all Youtube videos for the past week or so. I think something has changed about how you apply signatures to URLs, but I can't figure it out. I would like someone else to figure it out, please. In fact, I would like someone else to ...

    youtubedown help needed

    Seen on jwz's site. Be super careful before posting anything low-effort over there!

    2 ‘It’s unbelievable the difference a path has made’: how volunteers are building a cycle network a yard at a time

    The Strawberry Line network of paths in Somerset has found a way to speed up planning permission and harness the goodwill of the community

    ‘It’s unbelievable the difference a path has made’: how volunteers are building a cycle network a yard at a time

    Nice to see some progress on making paths without all the normal planning overhead!

    micromobility - Ebikes, scooters, longboards: Whatever floats your goat, this is micromobility perviouslyiner

    Custom camper towed with an e-bike


    Shocking Details in eBay Retaliation Case

    Update on 2019 events from eBay including charging documents and news coverage

    Reddit Was Fun perviouslyiner

    The most-clicked button on the phone