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Deutschland, deine Digitalisierung

    Das Portal soll die Authentifizierung übernehmen. Eine offizielle API gibt's da nicht, meine ich.

    Wenn eine Behörde so eine Idee implementieren möchte, wird meistens erstmal von einem Fachheini ein Aufschlag gemacht. Das geht dann zu vers. Positionen und wird unter vers. Gesichtspunkten gewertet. Ein erstes AN wird eingeholt. Wenn der Betrag zur Entwicklung über einem Schwellenwert (100k?) ist, muss öffentlich ausgeschrieben werden.

    Das dauert lange. Die Bewerber sind oftmals Firmen, die wissen, wie man dem Staat Geld aus der Tasche ziehen kann.

    Der Auftrag wird vergeben. Der Auftragnehmer benötigt nun die Anforderungen. Die werden nun meist alleine im Amt ausgearbeitet. Da Papier lange hält, denken die Autoren lange nach. Natürlich verfasst in solch einem Wort, dass in Streitfällen die Schuld beim AN liegt. Das geht nun zwecks Pflichtenheft an den AN. Jetzt ist schon einige Zeit vergangen.

    Da in der Ausschreibung sicherlich nicht von Allem die Rede war, passieren Nachverhandlungen (Geld muss besorgt werden) oder Funktionen werden gestrichen. Und so bekommst du ein halbfertiges Produkt an den Start.

  • Just being nice..
  • Serious question: If the american health care system (which may be the most prominent thing stopping migration currently) would become a socialized-financed commodity how much %GDP would America loose?

  • I rewatched The Hobbit in HD.
  • Regarding subplots I think they managed to get a nice rhythm of different scenes. Inwould argue that the book specifically targeted the story of Bilbo where as the film tries to bundle some more story to the available characters. The CGI didn't bother me negatively. It was done pretty well! Though no CGI would have been best, jepp.

  • I rewatched The Hobbit in HD.
  • Admittedly I watched cam rips with bad sound and formed a premature opinion. And I loudly declared that the imdb rating was off. I'm sorry about my actions.

    // edit: they may even be able to conquest the throne of tLotR. They are thought through very much.

  • I rewatched The Hobbit in HD.

    And apparently they are awesome. Metro Goldwyn Mayer - again - did some great filming.

    When I initially watched the hobbit parts, I was mad about not respecting the books. They kinda did, I know realize. In HD, and in native language these movies are a piece of art.

    I had a very strong opinion about how bad they were - but I reconsidered. Even the lead actor Bilbo I opposed - He did a remarkable act. Anyhow. American influence hits hard, once it does. Started at some safari show with a lion named Clarence. Don't know the name but I loved it - as fair as I can remember.

    Love all, but Some.

    Too many checkmarks
  • There is. You need to filter your e-mails by sender then select all but ones you might inspect. This way you may be able to delete 2000 mails within half an hour. After that you start at the top and shortly review everthing left. You will need a keyboard to be fast. E.g. a better mail user agent (MUA).

  • Rq: How to Mastodon
  • It is already hard to discover appropriate instances to pick from but didn't spot any aggregator which prompts this instance property. If you can aid this I may reconsider using mastodon!

  • Users of Vim and similars, what exactly makes it useful compared to other text editors? How much time do you suppose you save when working with it?
  • It is just from the ground up build to be an extension of your thoughts. One speaks to vim fluently. My advice would be: Ask yourself how some tedious thing could be done quicker, then search the help pages immediately. If not found, expand your search. Learn the default tool. By this you even learn the help. Don't install plugins for no reason, configure the defaults to your likings instead.

    I may not use 100% of vim but I guess you would have a hard time finding something I do not use regularly. My vimrc is <200 lines, <4 plugins. Tabs. I don't use tabs anymore.

    And yes, I even issue vi("*y by hand.

  • Jonathan Kamens: "It has come to my attention that many of the people complaining about Firefox's PPA experiment don't actually understand what PPA is…" -
  • YOU BUILT THE FUCKING THING. Just turn it off and go away. Tada, we now have something better: no privacy-violating data at all.

    Who's forcing you to make advertisers happy? Don't answer that, because I don't care. You can't pretend to be about privacy and then build things that help advertisers violate it.

    While I agree that IT IS A SERIOUS CONCERN THAT AGGREGATION AND ANONYMIZATION within a single entity is a true and bad security concern you are blaming the opposition, wrongfully (imho).

    The market forces advertising upon us. They step in and provide a temporarily (and not yet fully-transparent) alternative. And they are aware of said risk but still chiming in.

    Their feature is adopting current practices but try to find common ground. They do not enrich this data but anonymize it fully (apparently).

    The next iteration shall not include distributing this since it would strengthen advertisers I suppose. So your warning is fair but it appears to be hard to find practical common ground.

    I think their intention is awesome. Enable 80% of collecting demands and open up a discourse about what should have been done beforehand (the intrusive data collection).

    I once again prompt: Americans should be so fk proud of Mozilla. Inspect, Disrupt or Adapt and Be Open for Discussion.

    I have no idea what I am talking about, though.

  • I wonder how much fun they are having out there that I will probably never get to experience...
  • The most populated region at war times was West Germany. It was governed by France after war.

    I have no idea if this is actually the reason but we are incredibly thankful for restoring our country by our french friends - which we harassed and killed beforehand.

    They still got up to the job.

  • Bernie Sanders: Joe Biden for President
  • Curious and not knowledgeable about the politic system of the USA but Harris appears to be the current VP. Shouldn't she be entirely in the loop? This would substitute perfectly; And Biden could still be VP if he is (and to me apparently he does) in for the purpose of the American citizen?

    I had this thought and saw something today about the election were Biden-Harris was mentioned. FINALLY I thought. Is there something I am missing?

  • Rq: How to Mastodon
  • That's something (interesting) to unpack but wouldn't belong here. Anyhow for the sake of my personal benefit I proceed to comment.

    You answered everyting per se. So thanks.

    There is a connection between a lot different Software Platforms on the Fediverse, but not every feature is on every plattform. So you are not able to downvote a Lemmy post from Mastodon.

    Makes sense: Mastodon does not have downvotes, apparently. But:

    You have the option to interact with Lemmy posts with a Mastodon account ...

    Is this also valid the other way around? Are there peer-reviewed documents I can inspect to learn how the fediverse can interact between eachanother? I did not look into the protocol since standards wouldn't address my higher level view I have applied here, I suppose.

    I have never used the Mastodon app, i think a lot 3rd Party apps are better on Mastodon, so i don't know how it looks, but Mastodon has, or had, a weird form in showing commet trees in my opinion.

    I downloaded the fediverselab app prior but it didn't allow sorting either. Which is why I made the above assumption.

    The mastodon app appears to be a very good piece of software; Better then the former.

    The app doesn't allow opening links from any instance but it appears to me that they do not want to provide a wildcard intent (android-API specifica) so that they will be mentioned when tapping any link on ones android device. A thing which has to be implemented at build time and would possibly still leak private instance domains. It looks carefully engineered.

    // edit #2: fat font

  • Firefox added ad tracking and has already turned it on without asking you
  • Clarify?

    You suggested that one can change user agents, once (and here is room for debate) firefox is not working properly. At least this is what I carry around from our convo!


    Yeah, because you still managed to propagate assumptions which may be hard to reason about objectively.

    pocket already exists to push ads down my throat, should I wish it to ;)

    That's about available sources. But I agree that just 5% of articles within their topics do not force cookies. If Mozilla would reside in the EU Pocket would have much higher quality (since I think to recall these sources are hand picked).

  • Rq: How to Mastodon
  • Sorry, not a native speaker.

    Today I dipped into mastodon. I thought an app would aid explorability, it didn't.

    I couldn't downvote - even after registration - so I made this post. Within lemmy I can disagree with a downvote if I strongly do so.

    So I am serious if such platforms should only be read but engaged with. Because it was the most hostile website/app interaction I encountered since I am on the internet.

  • Firefox added ad tracking and has already turned it on without asking you
  • More nonsense.

    Is everything you put up to address my comment.

    I did use a text browser. But you apparently fail their purpose. I pipe <html/> into it so that I can't be fooled by such propaganda-spitting guys.. (...).

    ... fascist platforms that aren't ...

    You implied bad about me, so I reason this post with that.

    ... changing your useragent ...

    Sounds harder than triggering a flag for a feature which aims at serving you, the user.

    Your next sentence, minus the next propaganda, makes me wonder:

    This is pointless hypothetical FUD with little existing precedence (...) so you can find a way to not hold Mozilla accountable for being a shit platform that's supporting ad culture again.

    By "This" you mean the topic? I already prompted you my point of view; You didn't address it. You falsely accuse Mozilla of pushing advertisements down ones throat. Obv. wrong. This undermines my point which I made in order to aid your shortcomings I saw.

  • Rq: How to Mastodon

    Be me.

    Wanted to use the mastodon app instead of browser.

    Sign up, everything smooth.

    Later: Read Lemmy.

    See a mastodon link.

    Disagree with post, post my critique.

    Want to see how my post is rendered.

    Post list can't be sorted and has a weird order.

    Scroll and realize that the majority is in agreement.

    Post list so long, no way anyone can be expected to read up upon for context.

    Feels like random thoughts dumping: Fire and Forget.

    Is this how such platforms work? The author prompts something and random people interact with eachother - without a consens at the end of the post? Or am I missing something?

    Firefox added ad tracking and has already turned it on without asking you
  • It appears in the release notes, though. Previously you would have been tracked. Now they try to anonymously return data to the tracker. So I do not see a reason to uncheck that flag.

    Admittedly I am interpreting this feature from my gut. And you provide the sources I would have asked for. Appreciated.

  • Europe: Prepaid, internet only, no recurring fees

    Hi Lemmy.

    I would like to get hands on some SIM for my laptop. I reside in Germany so roaming would be required.

    Anyhow, I do not want to pay some amount x every months or four weeks. Instead I would like to have some old school SIM where I can use my data until its gone. 4G speed and 5 GB would be plenty.

    Anyone knows of such a SIM from within your country?



    Flagged ads ?


    Post List: Next to current sort in the top bar

    Feature request: Place a checkbox next to the currently selected sort which sets "hide read posts".

    This way I do not have to issue two requests and two button clicks, if I switch the sort order. This should make the sort-mechanism more convenient.

    Additionally one could either shortly show a toast that "automatic hide read posts" was set.

    Alternatively a succinct icon could be plaed next to it.


    My workflow via XFCE

    I attempt to write a desktop env like xfce. I would like to discuss, if xfce could ditch GTK+ on wayland.


    Need to buy it a third time.

    My last CD was destroyed in my current car. I need to skip 60% of the tracks. And I know the fade-ins. I want to buy an original copy. But there is no possibility here in the EU.

    2007-2010 it had each year 10x the amount listened to in comparsion to any album. For my first CD I even made a copy to save the original. But I used to smoke weed and I fucked it up.

    So, any recommendations for me? I want to buy it from an official vendor! And I pay extra for anyone willing to forward.

    Have fun with the best album since 2004.


    What american football position I should be trained in?

    So I got the thought that american football incorporates any type of physique.

    Say I would restart in america, which position may I be trained in given I joined an american football team? Post your physique and let passioned footballers answer it.

    I am 6'3", good sprinter, physically resistant, average at about 190 lbs and can't throw things.

    What position I am good for (and what does it do)?

    // edit: I could have been a receiver but I am a safety (sounds wrong tbqh).

    12 After Ending Hibernation?

    Is it possible to resume after hibernating at the Essentially logging out immediately before hibernation.

    I am using xinit to start my xfce4 desktop.

    How would you go about it? Preferrably without installing new programs.