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Google is removing third-party apps and clock faces from all Fitbit watches in the EU
  • A great trick for Garmin watches is that they make some high end models with sapphire glass. Get one of those used and you have top of the line stuff for a reasonable price, yet the glass never scratches so it will look like new...

  • Catching a glance
  • Some quick feedback:

    The two things that draw my attention are the person looking away and the black blob in the top right. The black blob mostly feels like a distraction. The person is not well lit and almost hard to see compared with the almost over exposed foreground. There's a lot of interesting stuff in the picture but kinda mixed messages for what to focus on with the parts in focus being so dim.

    I would try cropping much tighter around the subject and see if you can find a stronger composition.

  • Koffeinfritt kaffe
  • Kvarn är ett bra sätt att förbättra kaffet, dels får du färskare kaffe och dels kan du variera hur fint du maler för att justera in smaken. Blir det för surt, testa mala lite finare. För bittert: testa mala grövre.

    Kan rekommendera Wilfa WSFB-100S, maler jämnt och bra och har goda inställningsmöjligheter.

  • What is the silliest law that is still enforced where you live? Why do you think it still exists?
  • Until a couple of months ago it was illegal in Sweden for a restaurant owner to allow spontaneous dancing if they did not have a dancing permit. Since July this year they don't have to apply for a permit but still have to notify authorities about arranged dancing.

  • The most epic northern lights I've seen

    This was back in 2016, a really epic northern lights. It always looks a bit brighter in pictures but this one was very bright IRL as well, and even had some purple.

    Bonus picture from the same day: !


    Today's project: A small pocket organizer

    Holds a flashlight and my car key-fob. A cutout makes the flashlight easier to take out.


    Making a tenkeyless from a fullsize keyboard by cutting it in half
  • The small board that was above the numpad has all the smarts for the whole keyboard, so I had to follow the traces it was attached to and find a new location to wire it in at. Luckily the big PCB I cut in half is pretty simple so I could just visually see where everything went and run a new wire there.

  • Section of East Side Gallery, Berlin

    A photo of a section of the East Side Gallery in Berlin.


    Making a tenkeyless from a fullsize keyboard by cutting it in half

    Some 10 years ago I had a Cherry G80-3000 full-size keyboard that I wanted to be a tenkeyless. So I cut the keyboard in two parts and made it work again. Madness, but it worked.

    Full gallery here:


    A few reindeers, Sarek national park 🇸🇪

    A herd of reindeer that walked by our camp on a hike in Sarek national park back in 2015. Taken with a Canon EOS M.


    Morning brew setup

    Brewer: Timemore coffee dripper

    Scale: Myweigh barista scale

    Grinder: Wilfa WFSB-100S

    Kettle: Electrolux something

    Cup: IKEA

    Beans: Costas of Sweden, Costa Rica

    New pictures of the Skilhunt... uhm, I mean ESKTE H150
  • Hmm, doesn't feel like a rebrand will do them much good. Skillhunt at least had some brand recognition in entusiast circles. ESKTE sounds like some Amazon spam company with a random letter combination name...

  • Old memes, me gusta


    They are everywhere


    It's an older meme, sir


    The Self-Driving Cars Wearing a Cone of Shame The Brilliance of Disabling Self-Driving Cars With a Traffic Cone

    "Coning" autonomous vehicles is part of a long tradition of tactical urbanism.


    Blood Moon, 2019


    Ducky One 3, Matcha, Boba U4



    Perikjaure, Sarek national park, Sweden

    Taken on a hike 2015


    Reine, Lofoten, Norway, 2016


    Horsehead and flame nebula

    I took this picture of the horsehead and flame nebula at the beginning of 2020.

    It's a composite of 36x 100s exposures. Taken with a Canon 6D, Tamron 150-600mm. Tracked on a skyadventurer with a guidescope for better tracking.


    Horsehead and flame nebula, 2020

    Main Camera: Canon 6D

    Main Lens: Tamron 150-600 @ 600mm

    Guide camera: ASI 120m

    Guide scope: Orion mini 50mm

    Mount/tracking: Tripod + Star Adventurer

    Light frames: 36 @ 100s each

    No dark or bias frames

    Taken on 2020-02-24 from my back yard (roughly bortle 6)

    Processing, I don't remember exact details but roughly:

    • stacked in deep sky stacker
    • adjusted levels in Photoshop
    • removed some light pollution in Photoshop

    A picture of the Andromeda galaxy I took

    I took this picture back in 2019. It's a composite of 10 exposures (I can't remember the exact exposure time but probably around a minute per exposure).

    Taken with a Canon 6D and Tamron 150-600mm on a tripod and star adventurer for tracking, no guiding.


    Perikjaure - kanske Sveriges vackraste sjö

    Här är en bild från Perikjaure i Sareks nationalpark jag tog under en vanding 2015. En av Sveriges vackraste sjöar tycker jag.

    Har ni någon egen favorit?


    If you have just a few grams left of a coffee

    Do you:

    • make a small cup with it
    • blend it with something else
    • buy more of the same
    • curse that you didn't use it earlier for a larger last cup

    Here's a picture of the Orion nebulae I took

    It was taken with a Canon 6D + Tamron 600mm lens on a star adventurer tracker with some active guiding via a guidescope camera. Pretty basic setup for astrophotography :)