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Lemmy is a failed Reddit alternative
  • Exactly. On Reddit you get roasted for asking a simple question like wtf. Lemmy is the way.

  • Flameshot: Powerful yet simple to use screenshot software
  • 100% ShareX is like the grandad of Flameshot

  • I asked duckduckgo chat whether duckduckgo respects the privacy of their users...
  • What are some of your favourite searx instances? I know I’m going to get some heat for this, but because of how slow searx can be + missing search results forcing me to use brave search. I usually use brave search over ddg.

    Any tips for searx to make it faster etc. would be appreciated

  • PSA: Bartender Mac App Under New Ownership, But Lack of Transparency Raises Concerns
  • Thank you! For me, ice is the perfect replacement for bartender even though it doesn’t have all those features yet

  • PSA: Bartender Mac App Under New Ownership, But Lack of Transparency Raises Concerns
  • Can you confirm if it has auto show hidden icons when hovering over its icon? That’s what I like the most about bartender.

  • Apple blocks PC emulator from being available in iOS App Store and third-party app stores
  • 100% I was one of those hardcore Apple fanboys until I realised it’s turning into a cult. I stopped defending and criticising Apple and it’s policies a long time ago, even though I use iPhone and android.

  • Win for Free Speech! Australia Drops Global Takedown Order Case | Electronic Frontier Foundation Win for Free Speech! Australia Drops Global Takedown Order Case

    No single country should be able to restrict speech across the entire internet. That's why EFF celebrates the news that Australia's eSafety Commissioner is dropping its legal effort to have content on X taken down across the globe. This development comes just days after EFF and FIRE were granted off...

    Win for Free Speech! Australia Drops Global Takedown Order Case

    cross-posted from:

    PSA: Bartender Mac App Under New Ownership, But Lack of Transparency Raises Concerns
  • Dozer hasn’t been updated in the last five years.

  • PSA: Bartender Mac App Under New Ownership, But Lack of Transparency Raises Concerns
  • That's a real shame. I've been trying to find a replacement for Bartender for ages, but I can't seem to find anything that matches up. Every alternative I've tested just isn't as good, so I always end up back with Bartender.

  • Earbuds recommendations?
  • Beats fit pro are good but pricy. You can always buy second hand/refurbished from eBay.

  • I've decided to switch to Linux Mint, but i have a lot of pirated games. How to play them with all the cracks and stuff in linux?
  • Lutris is what you need. I have recently migrated from windows to Bazzite OS. Most of the games I play work flawlessly. I was dual-booting, but eventually got rid of windows. It’s a waste of space, time, and energy

  • Was this community banned on I was trying to access some bookmarked posts and comments but they weren't there.
  • Yes. I left because they banned this instance. You can’t ban pirates (;

  • What are your must-have programs?
  • Nextcloud and Janitor plugin. In my opinion, obsidian sync is not worth it. You have many ways to sync your data across different devices. Even using GitHub or Sorj.

    Edit: For my usecase, Janitor plugin works the best. You could try it.


  • What are your must-have programs?
  • Thank you and Yes, i can't seem to make it work on fedora. Overclock Profile section.

  • What are your must-have programs?
  • Same here. I have tried:

    • Joplin
    • Standard Notes
    • loqseq
    • simple notes
    • craft and a few others, but I keep coming back to obsidian. Currently self-hosting it using one of the plugins, that helps me easily sync between pc, MacBook, android and iOS.
  • What are your must-have programs?
  • This is fantastic! Thank you for taking the time to write all that down.

  • What are your must-have programs?
  • Do you mind sharing your fan curve? Also, I can’t unlock the additional feature of Green with Envy. (I think there’s a command for that).

  • What are your must-have programs?
  • I wish it had Nvidia support. Even though I have it installed, it’s useless for me. Currently trying to find a fan control/curve tool/program that works with Nvidia GPU.

  • What are your must-have programs?
  • No way! i thought it was open-source.

  • What are your must-have programs?

    Trying to discover new/unheard Linux desktop programs (Sorry for the confusion).

    Edit: I apologise for confusing a lot of people. I meant Linux desktop “programs” coming from Windows/Mac. I'm used to calling them “apps”.

    Edit: 🙌 I’m overwhelmed with the great “programs” people have recommended in the comment section. Thank you guys.


    Tips/tricks for beginners

    Hey folks, I just got Bazzite OS KDE up and running on my PC. Being a Linux newbie, I'd love some tips, tricks, and app suggestions if you have any. 😅 Switching from Windows has been a bit of a maze with all the distros out there, so any pointers would be awesome!

    The amount of tutorials out there is overwhelming. Hopefully 🙏 you guys point me in the right direction.

    Edit: That is a lot of great information. I really appreciate you guys taking your time to share your experience/advice.


    Looking for ShareX Alternative on Linux

    Even though this question has probably been asked countless times in other communities, I still want to know: what tool do you think comes closest to ShareX? I'm particularly interested in features like image capture, video recording, GIF creation, and OCR reading all in one tool for Linux.

    Cats land

    Pose for the camera


    A proper Split View implementation

    I know Firefox has a Split View feature; however, it’s not as convenient as Vivaldi or the Arc browser. I love how The browser company implemented the Split View screen. Firefox Split View is pretty limited, and I’m unsure if it has improved since its release.

    What does the community think about that?

    Here is an example of Arc browser split view:

    BudgetAudiophile land

    Earphones for mobile gaming

    A friend who plays pubg mobile as a professional gamer asked me to find him earphones for gaming, but without Bass yes, you read it right without bass I can’t seem to find anything that fits his requirements.

    A place to post and look at clear photographs of battlestation setups. land

    Thought I'd share my setup and steal some ideas (: