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Martha-Ann Alito Condemns Pride Flags, the Left, and the Media
  • Mrs. Alito has a long memory: She complains at length about a Washington Post style section item from two decades ago that critiqued her attire.

    That's not a long memory. That's a spiteful grudge.

  • Microsoft makes Recall ["Recall" is the name of the product] an optional feature on Copilot+ PCs after it 'heard a clear signal' from the public
  • More like after they realized how much legal shit they'd be in if Recall data were compromised

  • Price gouging
  • "Supply and demand" refers to the two-way street of scarcity wherein the less "supply" there is, and the more "demand" for the product, the higher the price will be. The point is, if you want to attribute it to "supply and demand", you need both ends - the scarcity of supply, and a rise in demand. If you have one or the other, but not both, and prices increase, it's due to other causes.

  • Price gouging
  • No, it's greed. They aren't hurting for supply, so there's no other reason to raise costs other than greed.

  • Spotify is raising the cost of Premium subscriptions, again
  • I use YouTube Music and it's pretty good, but the best feature is no more youtube ads.

  • Baldur’s Gate 3 Is Getting Official Modding Support
  • I just want 6 player multi like older Baldur's Gate games

  • It just keeps going
  • Why doesn't the bigger asshole simply eat the other, smaller asshole?

  • It's been around a year since a lot of us quit Reddit, myself included. I'm happy with Lemmy, but I still feel a bit lost online since leaving the old site. Discussion?
  • I left reddit for good a year ago as well and I haven't looked back.

    The only thing I miss are the creepy askreddit threads, but I found that a lot of youtubers love curating and making videos on them, so that's filled that hole pretty nicely.

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    ✨️ Finish him. ✨️
  • He bought a blue checkmark.

  • ✨️ Finish him. ✨️
  • I've seen published scientific papers that were written by chatgpt, complete with prompts.

  • The Vitamin
  • Until he sees his bill...*

    *assuming this fantasy takes place in the USA

  • To this day, I don't know what it was meant for
  • For me, it's more for protecting against unintentional presses.

  • To this day, I don't know what it was meant for
  • The windows key has a lot of uses. I got a keyboard that has a physical toggle to turn the windows key on and off so I can switch between work mode (on) and gaming mode (off) easily.

  • & God said, "He whom smelt it, dealt it."
  • Oh, TIL. Thanks for that!

  • Fafo
  • Except it's perfectly clear that she has a career as a published author.

  • Fafo
  • She's a published author. That's called having a career.

  • Fafo
  • Her career is writing opinion articles for websites.

  • Is there a way to set "All" as the default view instead of "Subscribed"?

    Installed yesterday and immediately went ad-free. It's such a beautiful app.

    Anyway, question is in the title.


    Lose weight by (shower)thinking.

    1. Thoughts are energy.
    2. Einstein proved that energy is mass.
    3. Expend mass every time you think about stuff in the shower.