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Some windows help please
  • Don't buy windows from eBay! You can download an iso for free from microsoft. Flash that to a USB and install it that way (or as others have suggested, just use a VM). It won't be activated but you don't need that for what you're doing:

    If you don't need windows 11, I actually recommend 10 ltsc. It doesn't come with all the bloat and adware that normal windows comes with:

  • BUSTING some packaging format MYTHS! App verification, sandbox, package maintainers...
  • Somewhat, but it's not a virus. It's contained to it's own file system unless it does something really stupid, and I can easily remove the while whole thing. But the reason i needed it privileged is because it loads the ppp kernel module, so if you know a way to do that without privileged mode, lmk.

  • BUSTING some packaging format MYTHS! App verification, sandbox, package maintainers...
  • For me it had to be run with --privileged and --network=host

    For some reason I also had to do "ip r add {remote IP}/{mask} via {the public IP assigned by the vpn}". A friend who knows more about networking found that out for me though, so I'm not entirely sure about it.

  • BUSTING some packaging format MYTHS! App verification, sandbox, package maintainers...
  • Had to install a VPN for work, and if you didn't have a rhel-based distros you had to use a bash install script, and the installed executable had embedded bash and sh scripts. Needless to say I ran that thing in a docker container.

  • What are the applications that I can remove from Mint? + Mini Rant.
  • I believe in an update in the last 2 years or so, mint added a feature to warn you if you're about to uninstall something that will break things. So if you uninstall with the GUI, you'll see that warning if uninstalling will cause issues.

  • Developing a game on Linux with no budget and (mostly) FOSS tools. Year Unknown on Steam

    A story-based exploration game about the very far future. With the help of two Artificial Intelligences, explore a universe conquered by humanity, uncover your purpose in it, and try to stop it from falling apart.

    Year Unknown on Steam

    (tldr, open source software has come a long way, and it's more than possible to create a full game without leaving Linux.)

    So I've been a full Linux user for a couple years now, and a hobbyist game dev for way longer. I've always tried to make the most out of free tools, so I've used a lot of FOSS tools for game development before.

    Going with that philosophy, Year Unknown's development has cost $0 (not counting store fees or my time), and the development is done with almost entirely FOSS software like Godot, Blender, GIMP, and Audacity. The only exception is Reaper, which is my DAW of choice (but to be fair, it's a really good DAW).

    The game itself is a narrative-driven exploration game set in the very far future, where humanity has found a way to make the universe last forever. The game's story covers a lot of existential issues that come from the premise, revealed through two characters you can talk to through terminals.

    I know there's other developers who have done the same, but I thought I'd share my experience, and I can answer questions about the workflow if you're curious, or trying to do something similar. Also, if the game seems interesting to you, a wishlist would be very appreciated!


    Bad Apple but it's made of browser checkmarks and is also in Godot.

    An interesting project I quickly threw together after finding out that Godot can call javascript's "eval" function. You can really do anything with this engine.

    Source code here:



    It really seems like satire, but based off the guy's profile and normal posts I don't think it is.


    Help! Random 1-2 second freezes

    EDIT: The solution was that it was freesync. Turned it off on my monitor, and that fixed it.

    I recently picked up a used RX 6600xt, and ever since the screen will occasionally freeze for 1-2 seconds before returning to normal. As far as I can tell, input and sound work as normal during these. There's no real pattern either.

    I'm on Mint 21.3 Cinnamon, on the 6.5 kernel (there was a sleep related issue for me in the default kernel version). Since getting the GPU, I've replaced the CPU and motherboard.

    Any guesses as to what this might be, or where to look? I tried checking mint's logs app and there didn't seem to be anything associated with it.


    WebCord now has seamless audio share for Discord. GitHub - SpacingBat3/WebCord: A Discord and SpaceBar :electron:-based client implemented without Discord API.

    A Discord and SpaceBar :electron:-based client implemented without Discord API. - SpacingBat3/WebCord

    GitHub - SpacingBat3/WebCord: A Discord and SpaceBar :electron:-based client implemented without Discord API.

    WebCord is an "alternative client" for Discord, although it's just running the Discord webpage in electron. Recently it updated its electron version so it supports sharing audio as well as video.

    I tried it out today on mint (x11, pulseaudio) and it works flawlessly.


    Average DS9 Episode

    In today's episode, commander Sisko grapples with the effects of the war and how far his morality can be stretched in the name of the greater good. Meanwhile, O'Brien has a winning streak at darts.

    Peertube Julian

    Instance recommendations?

    Sorry if this is asked a lot but I'm looking for a peertube instance to mirror my youtube videos to.

    I upload a mix of videos about games, dev logs, music, and occasional random stuff I made (including ytps). So a general purpose instance with longevity would be ideal. Thanks!


    What's the opinion on Trial of a Time Lord?

    Just for fun I started watching it to see what it even is, and so far it's pretty fun! Colin Baker's doctor is a lot of fun, it's interesting to see a doctor who (hehe) is a bit more full of themselves.

    From what I gather though, people at the time really didn't like it, but that could have just been because of Colin Baker. Now that general opinion of Colin Baker is much better and we can revisit those episodes without as much bias, I'm interested in what the general verdict on this season is. Do people still hate it? Is it a cult classic? Do people just think it's meh?


    [Poetry] Tot "k"


    Trailer for Year Unknown - My solo indie project about exploring a very distant future.

    I've been working on this game for about 2 years, and finally created a proper trailer for it!

    Feel free to ask questions and/or tell me what you think. If you're interested, I also have a steam page up:


    Blender import hints - An extremely useful feature for 3D games

    (For TL:DR just read the docs)

    So you might know Godot has the ability to import blender files directly. (If not, well now you know!) This is nice, but I was trying to make some large levels and I found the workflow less than ideal. The import dialogue is a bit clunky, so it's hard to specify what objects have collision if there's a lot of objects.

    Import hints help a lot. Basically, in blender, for each object you want to have collision, you can append -col or -convcol to the end of the object name and Godot will add it automatically!

    You can use -colonly or -convcolonly to make the geometry only import as collision. This isn't even limited to geometry - you can add it to empty objects and it will create primitive collision shapes.

    -noimp can also be used to simply skip importing an object. I actually found a really cool workflow tip with this: Lets say you have a large level file, and maybe you want to split it up into multiple .blend files for organization or convenience. (For me, it was due to lightmaps. I wanted to separate far detail so I could lower the lightmap resolution.) In Blender, for each file, you can go to File->Link, select the other blend file, and add its main collection containing everything else. Then, add -noimp to that linked collection. Now, you can view the entire level in blender but Godot will keep them all separate on import!

    There's a few other hints and I recommend you check out the documentation for all the details.

    Hopefully some of you found this useful!


    Can you live with it?

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