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Is Your Driving Being Secretly Scored? The insurance industry, hungry for insights into how people drive, has turned to automakers and smartphone apps like Life360.
  • I tried it once. Installed the app on my phone. The error rate in the data they collected was ridiculously high. Get a phone call while driving? Welp, now it says you were on the phone for 45 seconds. Playing music through the stereo? No, you were clearly using your phone the entire time. Phone slides around on the console? You clearly must have mashed the brakes.

    I decided that the best way for them to determine I was a safe driver was the fact that I haven't had an accident claim in years.

  • Guess how my day started
  • Yeah, toilets in American homes tend to rely on a siphon to evacuate the bowl so the outlet has to be narrower. Also, Bidets are not very common so most people [insufficiently] clean themselves with toilet paper which is prone to causing clogs.

    Personally, I installed a bidet a few years ago and I would never go back to not having one.

  • Boeing sales tumble as the company gets no orders for the 737 Max for the second straight month
  • "Made in USA" is well on it's way from being a symbol of quality to implying a lack of. Don't get me wrong, I'm a big proponent of domestic manufacturing. But there are an outsized number of executives who don't seem to get that when you make shitty products, you will alienate all your customers who will then no longer buy your shitty products. That kind of reputational damage is incredibly hard to recover from. Especially when you make airplanes that have a tendency to fall out of the sky which is sort of a deal breaker for people who want to buy an airplane. Hope it was worth jacking up their stock price for five minutes.

  • Biden supporters mostly back him in 2024 election because they oppose Trump, poll finds
  • Ford did himself in. Apparently in 1976, American's didn't like the fact that the President could commit crimes while in office and get off with a pardon from his former VP. Crimes he was never charged with or convicted of.

    Today, a scandal is like a badge of "honor" and being a convicted criminal and morally bankrupt sleezeball is basically a requirement for the Presidency. At least it is if you're a Republican.

  • MTG Says Trump Is a 'Convicted Felon' Just Like Jesus
  • What about the time when Jesus was feeling a little threatened by John the Baptist's popularity so he started chanting "Lock him up! Lock him up!" I believe that was during the Sermon on the Golden Stairs.

    Only for John to be relentlessly investigated by the GOP beheaded by Herodias for no good reason.

  • Neurodivergent threat
  • There was an era in home building, decades ago, when overhead lighting in living rooms wasn't really a thing. They had table and floor lamps. That was good enough. Some fucker along the way thought he was being smart by adding an overhead light in the living room.

  • Is this correct for the updated blade guard on a radial arm saw?
  • Intimidated is good in this case but a table saw is not really any more dangerous than a radial arm saw. You also don't have to worry about the blade riding up and grabbing the material. A good (cabinet saw or high end contractor) table saw is a very accurate and vesatile tool.

    A solid low cost option is a Craftsman 113 series which, with the right model (10 inch belt drive) and upgrades, is an excellent saw. There's still a whole lot of them sitting around in garages collecting dust, ready to be picked up for less than a couple hundred bucks.

  • Do you still have a pay phone in your city or town?
  • No. Not that I know of anyway. I actually have a "landline" still, although it's technically voip. It costs next to nothing, it's handy in emergencies, and I don't necessarily want everyone to have my cell number.

  • Home Improvement jubilationtcornpone

    Sewer Vent Through Middle of Standing Seam

    Recently had a new standing seam metal roof installed. Roofers could talk the talk but I was not impressed with the quality of work overall. My main complaint is that they installed the roof so that most of the sewer vents go right through the middle of a seam. The boots are clearly not designed to accommodate this and they've succeeded in creating more work for me in the future; which is what I was trying to to avoid by spending the extra money to upgrade to metal. The boots are going to leak. In fact, they already have.

    I was pretty pissed about this initially and told the owner of the roofing company that if they had bothered to tell me this was going to happen, I would have moved the damned vent pipes myself if they weren't going to. The right fix would be to replace the panels and move the vent pipes but I have a feeling getting them to do that is going to be difficult if not impossible.

    Is there a boot that's designed for this kind of install or a better way of sealing these? Or, am I going to be stuck checking and resealing them every couple of years?

    Home Improvement jubilationtcornpone

    Chimney Gaps

    Edit: Resolved. Decorative brick is actually a chase and doesn't need to be completely filled in. Thanks to @[email protected] for advice on rebuilding the crown.

    I have a double sided wood burning brick fireplace which is honestly just a big collection of code violations. It was converted to propane shortly after -- I'm assuming -- the people who built the house 50 years ago discovered that it smoked badly in the house. I fixed all the major issues with the firebox and smoke chamber and converted it back to wood burning this past winter.

    I had a new steel cap fabricated to replace the old brick and concrete cap, which I removed. During this process, I discovered that the brick is basically just a facade. There are huge gaps on either side of the flues which are encased in 4" cinder blocks. My understanding of fire code (at least in the US) for masonry fireplaces is that the material surrounding the flue is not permitted to have any gaps in it. NFPA says all gaps in the brick should be filled with mortar. However, I'm not sure what to do with a gap this large. I'm not sure if filling it with mortar or concrete is an option. I've considered installing a steel flue liner but those are expensive and there are two flues. I'm also concerned about steel liners changing the draft characteristics since the chimney is on the short side.

    If money were no object, I would tear this thing out and put a more efficient steel insert in but that is cost prohibitive.

    Anyone have any experience fixing something like this?


    Extra Thick Bread Slice

    Found a piece of bread in a store bought loaf that didn't get sliced properly.

    Home Improvement jubilationtcornpone

    Home Ownership is Just One Persons Fight Against Water

    Had a nice little foundation leak during the last rain storm. Installed a drain line last fall to divert two downspouts and front walkway run off away from the house which helped a lot. Front walkway and a big retaining wall next to it ultimately need to be removed and reinstalled with proper grading and drainage. That's going to be a huge and expensive project so for now I'm just replacing all the worn out concrete sealant and hoping for the best.


    Lake Mead/Hoover Dam

    Took this picture from the top of Hoover Dam about 6 years ago.


    Self Host Pen Testing

    Anyone have any good external pen testing tools that you've used on your self hosted setup? Mine is pretty secure overall but I would like to be able to scan the WAN for vulnerabilities or misconfigurations just to make sure I haven't missed anything.


    NFC Championship

    Well shit. I was really hoping Detroit would go all the way. And that's something I never would have expected to say.


    Variable Position Damper Control

    I have to preface by saying that this isn't really related to Home Assistant. I can't find a more generic home automation community on Lemmy and I figured someone here might have some experience with this so I hope is post is allowed.

    I have a large masonry fireplace that I'm fixing some issues with. It has a fresh air intake that I'm venting outside the house. Code says the air intake also has to have a damper which can be closed to prevent the fire from burning out of control.

    I'm planning to use a 24 volt power open/power close damper. I want to be able to modulate it with a wall control where it can be set in increments somewhere between 0% and 100% open. I'm sure I could engineer a creative solution but I wanted to see if anyone else had a simpler way of accomplishing this first.


    Neurodiversity In The Workplace

    I appreciate the fact that some employers recognize that some of their employees struggle with cognitive disorders. But, asking someone with ADHD to click through a very boring presentation about neurodiversity is almost peak irony. Not to mention, trying to distill such complex disorders down to one sentence is practically guaranteed to fail.

    Props for trying I guess.


    No More Medication Breaks for Me

    I've been taking 70 mg Vyvanse for years. It generally works well. Although there are occasional days where I feel like maybe it's not quite as effective as it should be. That probably has more to do with outside stressors and diet than anything. By this point I've built up some tolerance to it. I know a lot of other people try to take breaks from their stimulus occasionally to try to help with the tolerance.

    Well, I've learned that that is not for me. I tried taking breaks two Saturdays in a row and holy shit, the anvil-on-chest anxiety is more than I can take. Feelings of dread that I have not felt in years come bubbling right back to the surface.

    This is something that I have, in the past, tried to explain to parents who are apprehensive about putting their kids on stimulants. For me, the worst part about ADHD isn't the poor short-term memory, it isn't the inattentiveness, It isn't even the "inner restlessness". It's the emotional dysregulation. The fact that it makes me feel anxious and depressed all the time and I can't just shrug it off. It's like a dark cloud hanging over you and no matter how much you wish it would go away, it never does. And, if you don't want your kid to kill themselves or develop substance abuse issues, then you need to try to help them get a handle on it while you can.

    It took me 28 years and becoming a borderline alcoholic to get the help that I needed. I guess if I didn't get anything else out of my experiment, I got a reminder to not take what I have for granted. Getting my meds dialed in dramatically improved my quality of life.


    Milling Cedar Log

    Ripping a board that I milled from a cedar I recently cut down. Made the initial cuts with a chainsaw and used the Craftsman to straighten it out. There are honestly better tools for this but it's a one time project I'm working with what I've got.

    Personal Finance jubilationtcornpone

    Personal Accounting Software

    I'm a long time PocketSmith user currently switching to Quicken. PocketSmith is a decent product but has some glaring issues that don't seem to be on their radar and I feel like my finances have honestly become too complex for PocketSmith's simplistic philosophy.

    Quicken is the 800 lb. gorilla of personal finance and has been for decades. It's fairly complex but also way more feature rich than most personal finance software. My main complaints about it are that it's a (mostly) Windows Desktop only platform and that handling attachments is more time consuming than PocketSmith. In reality, PocketSmith doesn't handle attachments that well. I just built an app to help streamline the process which is not an option with Quicken.

    We run a couple small businesses along with our personal finances, which Quicken accommodates just fine.

    What personal Accounting software are you using and what do you like about it?


    Favorite Bluey Episode

    Alright Dad's, what's your favorite Bluey Episode? Mine is S03 E18 - "Rain".

    It's the only episode to have basically no dialogue. When my daughter and I sit down and binge watch Bluey on Saturday mornings, I often start with that episode.