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Using outlook mail in linux
  • Why are there so many people using Linux for work. Are you using your personal machines for work? If so why? Or do your company allow installing whatever OS you want on the work machine?

  • You may be offered a free premium Telegram subscription – but please don’t accept
  • People in the privacy community need to get over the unrealistic dream that regular people will adopt Matrix when we can't even get them to use Signal. The only way Matrix will have mass adoption is through getting a lot of corporate clients. Then the workers might choose to use it personally too after being familiar with it.

  • Do you daily drive Wayland, if so since when, if not when will you?

    I've been on Wayland for the past two years exclusively (Nvidia).

    I thought it was okay for the most part but then I had to switch to an X session recently. The experience felt about the same. Out of curiosity, I played a couple of games and realized they worked much better. Steam doesn't go nuts either.

    Made me think maybe people aren't actually adopting it that aggressively despite the constant coverage in the community. And that maybe I should just go back.

    EA games launched through Steam are borked

    Ever since the issue with Apex not launching was fixed, I'm not able to play any EA games with Steam Proton.

    Apex, which doesn't launch through the EA app flickers immensely on Fullscreen and Borderless Window. Flicker goes away when windowed, but the GPU utilization regularly goes down for a few seconds, dropping the FPS.

    Titanfall 2 and Battlefield 5: I get an EA app screen that says "Preparing Game" which exits after about 1 minute (I think steam is timing it out).

    Proton logs show some errors about not being able to load a few DLLs but research on the internet points to them not being relevant.

    I have tried on all combinations of below:

    • Hyprland, KDE, and Gnome. All Wayland.
    • NVIDIA 545 and 550
    • Linux-zen 6.7 and 6.8
    • Arch Linux and NixOS
    • Proton 7 through Proton Experimental as well as GE 9.1 and 9.2
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