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LPCAMM2 Is Finally Here, and It’s a Big Deal
  • Nowadays, if you build a desktop, you get 6 slot of RAM.

    If you buy a laptop, you get 1 slot, and have to buy a single expensive 32gb ram to replace the old one. If you unlucky enough, you can have onboard RAM with no way to upgrade.

    Yeah dudes. That is how apple work. And my Lenovo only have 1 slot of 16gb Ram, to get 32 gb RAM i got to buy it at Lenovo center because it is so rare no repair shop or store have it on hand.

  • Let’s talk GameLit/LitRPG…
  • I think you should looking for xianxia genres. Xianxia is gamelit, but in the opposite way :D because the book usually write long before game is popular, and game follow their concept.

    Usually, xianxia is like you play rpg, you farm or quest, accumulated resources (which you can consume directly, or exchange for pill and drug and food that you can consume, or weapon, manual), then consume resource (i.e: spend hard-earn money to make you stronger), then get stronger, level up, beat the boss (optional), go to next map, repeat.

    But usually the whole novel is an interesting journey without too much of repetition.

  • How to Escape From the Iron Age?

    We cannot lower carbon emissions if we keep producing steel with fossil fuels.

    How to Escape From the Iron Age?

    Novell's NEXUS computer ads


    Anti-Corporate Movement hahattpro

    Are mass layoffs and hiring become a trend today in big corp world ?

    Just my opinion.

    I work in the industry for about 10 years.

    At time when I began my career, every year, especially after new year, people collect their end year bonus, then quit, seeking job at another tech company, usually at higher pay rate (a jump in salary), for new graduated, the jump is high, usually 20% to 50%. It always happen every year.

    But in recent 2-3 year, thing look bad. Corp layoff at end of year (with parting package instead of end year bonus), and people looking for job at the beginning of new year. Ahhh, something more, those who are layoff usually don't get pay rise at their new post like old day.

    Maybe the corp have found the way to turn the bargain in their favor.

    What do you think.


    What if life is a roguelike game ?

    What if when we die, we respawn, as another human, or even, another species.

    Each life, from birth to death is a roguelike run.

    Weew, if it too difficult, will you reset for new run :v ? Just kidding. But also, I know that modern roguelike game have something to make you stronger, and inherited into new run, on and on. Kind of permanent upgrades.

    So, perhaps, if this run too hard, endure it. Which will make you "get-gud", and hope for some useful bonus, permanent upgrades for further runs.

    What do you think ?


    CheckFree - A software help you pay bill that cost $29.95 - 1991




    Cost $29.95 to buy

    Need monthly subscription to use:

    • $9.95/month with 20 transactions
    • Addition $3.5 per 10 transactions.

    I think, internet connection is required, or phone line. I don't know which one, the box don't say so.


    (1924) Westclox Big Ben - ads of a clock - The Saturday Evening Post - 1924-01-26: Vol 196 Issue 30



    Elixir Mondet ads - 1899


    Anyone who know France please help me understand what Elixir Mondet do ?


    1960s Browning Automatic Ads



    Campbell ads - The Saturday Evening Post 1924-01-26: Vol 196 Issue 30



    Looking for TypingMind alternative. Prefer free and open-source solution.

    I need an open-source AI front-end (use with openai api key) with following option:

    • Do web search
    • Chat with document as context
    • More Plugin

    Please suggest me some open-source project that work.


    I am keep losing my computer mouse (wireless) and feel anxiety to purchase more mouse. How should I help myself ?

    I buy 2-3 wireless mouse online once a while. Then when I lose 1-2 mouse, I feel the 'need' to buy more mouse, and I do place order online waiting days, weeks for mouses to ship to me.

    And I keep losing them.

    I mean, my cat doesn't eat them, and mices don't go anywhere. But I keep losing, and feel anxiety when lose them.


    Firmament - We are trap underwater, deep, very deep down

    The concept of the Firmament Solid dome dividing the primal waters comes from ancient beliefs about how the world was created. According to these beliefs, there was a time when everything was covered in water. Then, a solid dome called the Firmament was placed above the waters, separating them into two parts - one above and one below. This idea helped people explain why there is sky above us and why it doesn't mix with the water on Earth.


    How to start on freelancer while also keeping a full-time job ?

    I have 5 years experience as full time job.

    However I never do freelancer job before.

    How do I start on finding freelancer job ?


    How can you help someone escape a cult-like real estate group?

    He have good full time job as software engineering (5 years experience).

    He begin side hustle. He join a real estate agency. (which seem unreasonable because he should work in IT industry side hustle, which he have 5 years experience) But most of the time he taking class, and post picture of class on social media.

    I am worries. It feel like a cult.


    A friend offer me a investment opportunity at 15% annually, is it too good to be true ?

    He was my coworker. I know him at work for years. It is unlikely he take money and run away.

    He ask me a loan to scale up his business, promised to pay 15% annually.

    His work is in manufactures industry, maybe B2B. He said he his business don't depend on number of customer available. I don't know. I am a salary man. I know nothing about business and investment.

    I haven't ask him into the detail yet. I know nothing about this type of business. He seem confident, but I feel the 15% is so unlikely that will come with (hidden) risk. Maybe my friend is also a victim of another scam, or he just overconfident.

    People of Lemmy, I ask you, those who are investor and business owner: is >= 15% annually ROI possible ?


    [draft 1] The Trading Symposium - Where player can get high-end stuff.

    Have you ever wondered where players can acquire legendary weapons? From a street vendor? A city shop? Nah. Ward of Armor-piercing Magic Missiles or Legendary Rings of Charming don't appear at city vendors so frequently.

    And what about when a player wants to unload their useless but highly rare items? How can a fruit seller afford to pay 50,000 gp for The Golden Skull of Rahul? (Hint: he sold all his children for that)


    I add a basic idea and some flavor text.

    I took the idea from Chinese novel (xianxia, wuxia) where main hero get his stuff at auction house and secret trading market. High end item should not available on every street vendor :D .

    What do you think ?





    Facepalm hahattpro

    Chinese government encourage new graduated to take long hour, low pay job in country side.

    "Perks of the role include hands-on experience, CV fodder and, most importantly, job security."

    What a great perk, if you take a long hour low pay job in remote area, you are unlikely to escape it. Which they call job security