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Hunter Biden convicted of three felony counts in federal gun trial
  • Ironically if he wasnt a rich white guy, then he would have either gotten away with it entirely, or would have got a misdemeanour plea deal.

    Literally the only reason this became a felony conviction is because his name is Biden.

  • blessed_halloween
  • This is a cryptid photo

  • King Charles portrait turned into Wallace and Gromit character by animal activists
  • Does "don't destroy artwork" apply to people whi tear down statues of like Saddam or Mussolini? Or what about confederates or slave owner statues?

  • You have 15$. How would you spend it so that you'll be the happiest you can be for 15$ ?
  • I invest it in the next stupid crypto fas and either lose $15 or become a millionaire.

  • "political differences"
  • And then conservatives parrot "wow I can't believe you say mean words to me just because we have a tiny difference of opinion on whether or not you should be allowed to exist."

  • Oh man bro this edible is hitting me already....
  • I almost got punched by straight guy for suggesting he clean his bong

  • Oh man bro this edible is hitting me already....
  • No he was saying they're from Lebanon

  • The censorship circumvention extension has disappeared from the Russian version of Mozilla Addons
  • I know some people will be thinking some variation of

    "Well it's better they get rid of this one extension than get all of Firefox banned in Russia"

    But you need to see the broader implication. They are openly stating that when given that choice they will bend to authoritarian governments. So if, let's say, the US government demanded their user data or to put in a back door that let's them get it themselves, do you think they would bend to them as well?

  • No right wing wave in Finland as Left Alliance take record result in EU elections
  • My god I want to emigrate over there so bad.

  • It'll end up as "Vote stupid parties, win stupid prices"
  • No, people want the people they dont like to live in shit. And dont care if that means they have to live in shit too.

  • Windows updating just before thesis defense
  • Yes it does? As far as I'm aware even Linux can't apply updates to an active system.

  • 210 Palestinians reportedly killed during Israeli hostage recovery operation
  • Oh how terrible if only someone could, I don't know, return all the stolen land back to the Palestinians and end this.....

    Also it's incredibly fucking naive that you think hamas freeing their hostages would end this instead of just giving israel more reason to bomb indiscriminately.

  • Why does it feel like too much effort just to go from sitting around looking at garbage online to simply watching a film or playing a video game?
  • Because your brain is naturally "designed" to maximise things that trigger happy chemicals while minimising effort to get them.

    So slowly frying your neurons from scrolling an endless supply of garbage where you don't have to move or work or even use your brain to make a choice of what to watch or pay attention enough to follow a story is always going to be your brains preferred choice.

  • Foxes marriage
  • Shoe Penis rule.
  • I like to think Hat man/Hatman is the full name and the "Hatman" part is pronounced like it's someone's surname.

  • They keep digging that hole deeper
  • Bro, if you don't like imaginary numbers then just don't imagine them?

  • Windows updating just before thesis defense
    1. So does windows for the most part

    2. Do you know how often users actually restart their machines without being forced?

  • Rishi Rich is so outta touch
  • Honestly I think it's because Cameron, May and Boris made history with Brexit, and Truss made history for being PM when the queen died, so he wants to be remembered as the biggest loser in thr Conservative history.

  • OhShitForReal?.png