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Five Men Convicted of Operating Massive, Illegal Streaming Service That Allegedly Had More Content Than Netflix, Hulu, Vudu and Prime Video Combined
  • They had a big library, but not the user base. They were definitely not maintaining anywhere near the infrastructure and bandwidth of major streaming platforms. Netflix claims 260 million users. It's not hard to get a giant catalog when you dont have to pay for it.

  • How many people actually want fully on-site IT jobs?
  • It really depends on where the office is in relation to your home.

    Before covid and going WFH, the office was only 5 miles away on roads with no traffic. I would go back to this, no problem. Just enough to keep you on a schedule and get out of the house.

    The biggest benefit of an office is that when you leave, you are gone until tomorrow.

    When everyone is WFH, you never completely leave the office. I know boundaries, but in many cases, the lines can get a bit fuzzy.

  • Someone call CPS.
  • The dead bodies were the people who knew too much and were "suicided" by the establishment to silence them.

    Remember that there's always an explanation when you can just make stuff up as you go.

  • Trump Lawyer Jenna Ellis Has Colorado Law License Suspended
  • Agreed to cooperate with prosecutors in their case against Trump.

    Like any other organized crime operation where the boss has others do his dirty work, the only way that you are going to get the boss is by convincing the foot soldiers to give up the boss. Unfortunately, it means having to make deals with the small fish to catch the whale.

  • Trump falsely says Biden was ‘locked & loaded and ready to take me out’ in Mar-a-Lago search
  • They intentionally planned it for when he was not even in the state.

    I'm no assassin, but I am pretty sure if you are gunning for somebody, you don't make sure the target is somewhere else where there is zero possibility of them showing up while you are there.

  • New Wheels

    Got some Neuspeed rse102 hyper black 19x8 wheels on the mk8. I put the ceramic coating on them before mounting them. We will see how long it lasts.


    BBQ Time

    Bacon wrapped pork tenderloin in the smoker with honey mustard seed bourbon glaze.