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Pure genius
  • Where did you get the coconuts?

  • “It is a massive privilege to be part of such a conservation initiative,” says Donovan Jooste, wildlife NGO African Parks’ Rhino Rewilding Project Manager, who is overseeing the 2,000+ rhinos. “The opportunity we have to de-risk a species at scale is incredibly exciting.”

    Black samurai 😡
  • If we are talking about ethnicity, there were huge liberties taken. I think a few of the romans were actually Italian but no one else was close to plausible.

  • Foo Fighters - Learn To Fly [1999]
  • I just saw an old interview recently where the interviewer was sharing how they were always so touched by the deep symbolism of flight and freedom and light mixed woth dark and then Dave was just like, "I wrote it when I was planning to get my pilot's license."

    Edit: It was Kelly Clarkson.

  • Explosive police report reveals how Moms for Liberty co-founder arranged bisexual threesomes
  • Aren't all threesomes bisexual or homosexual? By definition? What does that word mean here?

  • Trump without his fake tan and hair
  • Its like when a terrifying anime monster wears a little human mask and even though you know it's fake it still makes them look slightly less terrifying.

  • Building My Home Server | Kev Quirk
  • Thanks, this is one of the few truly beginner-friendly blogs I've found (not just this post, but the entire blog). It would be great for people to suggest some other more up-to-date resources for someone starting out. Specifically, this blog talks about trying and comparing different setups, factoring in costs, time commitments, dealing with setbacks, preparing for different use cases, etc.

    There are lots of resources that share technical details, how-tos, system specs, etc., but not many that I've found walking through the decision making process including what worked and what didn't and why.

  • Building My Home Server | Kev Quirk
  • What are some important things that have changed in the past five years that would change some if the choices?

  • Building My Home Server | Kev Quirk

    I recently wrote about how I nearly lost all my data. Honestly, it was a blessing in disguise as I now have a far more powerful and capable server to store and backup my data.

    Building My Home Server | Kev Quirk

    I came across this blog today while searching and I'm finding it very detailed, human, and instructive. For a beginner like me, this kind of resource is invaluable. What does a server failure feel like at a personal level? How do you make decisions about cost or utilizing existing hardware? These kind of thoughtful reflections along with practical walkthroughs of solutions make this a very nice resource when planning both the how and the why.

    Maybe someone else will find it useful too.

    Is that why we call it "good shabbos?"
  • People in here are down-voting... relaxing on the weekend


  • Is that why we call it "good shabbos?"

    Today is 23 days, which is 3 weeks and 2 days of the Omer. It's a little early, but Shabbat Shalom everyone!

    Does Lemmy have a bump system?
  • Looks like most of your posts have a few hundred votes. That's about as much as we see around these parts. It rare for a post to break 1k

  • Google has an idea to prevent phone scams, but it'll mean allowing its AI to listen in on your calls
  • Don't worry everyone, I'm sure all the voice data will be anonymized.

  • Sovcit rebukes the demons.
  • Satan: What do you mean none of our demonic energies got through??

    Demon: It appears, sir, that they were marked "return to sender."

    Satan: Damn! Damn that Michael and his intricate knowledge of spiritual beurocracy! Aaaauugggh!

  • AI's most notable accomplishment...
  • Can I just make a special note of appreciation that this image is not itself AI generated. *golf clap

  • "Features"
  • No, the start menu. This is what happens when you click the windows start menu now.

  • "Features"
  • This is the start menu when you type a search.

  • "LiNuX uSeR iNsTaLlInG A BrOwSeR haha" meanwhile :
  • Part of the issue with web results is that it would generally update as you type which is just a bad fit for a general menu search. I personally don't see a place for it. If you are searching the web, you're going to open the browser anyway. Maybe some users would use it to navigate directly to common websites, sort of like bookmarks? I don't know.

  • Illinois Domestic Violence Hotline deluged with calls, hindered by lack of shelter beds
  • Domestic violence is one of the best researched, least acted upon social problems. We could literally fix 99% of the problem, and we know how to do it, and it would not be that expensive. But we don't implement it because the people who are most in need of public help are predominantly poor black women.

  • "LiNuX uSeR iNsTaLlInG A BrOwSeR haha" meanwhile :
  • For about a year or two, windows had an amazing search from the menu that used a blazing fast index search to search files, directories, and file contents locally and almost instantaneously. It was a glorious thing.

    I cannot think of a case in which a user would not need to distinguish between web search and file search (other than the convenience of a single click). I do use a unified search on my phone that includes files, apps, and contacts, and if it's not in any of those, it will launch a web search using the query. That is more than adequate. If it were performing the web search in real time, I wouldn't be able to easily access apps and contacts, and the results would slow and change while typing.

  • "LiNuX uSeR iNsTaLlInG A BrOwSeR haha" meanwhile :
  • Wait, this is actually a good tip lol

  • FTC bans most noncompete agreements between employers and workers

    The FTC estimates about 30 million people, or one in five American workers, from minimum wage earners to CEOs, are bound by noncompetes. It says the policy change could lead to increased wages totaling nearly $300 billion per year by encouraging people to swap jobs freely.

    22 UN cuts estimate of women and children killed in Gaza by 50%

    The significant change is nearly imperceptible on the UN's website

    UN cuts estimate of women and children killed in Gaza by 50%

    The UN’s Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) stated on May 6 that over 9,500 women and 14,500 children had been killed in Gaza.

    Two days later, OCHA officially listed under 5,000 women and 8,000 children as casualties.

    The Hamas-run Government Media Office has previously served as the source for the UN’s casualty figures, according to the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies.

    Clashes break out in pro-Palestinian rally in Greece

    Police fired teargas to disperse a small group of protesters who climbed up the gate of the Egyptian embassy opposite parliament. The clashes were brief.

    Anti-Israel mob riots outside Israeli-owned hotel in Athens Anti-Israel mob riots outside Israeli-owned hotel in Athens - I24NEWS

    The protests erupted at Omonia Square, with demonstrators chanting slogans against Israel and attempting to forcefully enter the hotel - Click on the link for more.

    Anti-Israel mob riots outside Israeli-owned hotel in Athens - I24NEWS

    The protests, which escalated into riots, saw demonstrators attempting to breach the hotel premises where a group of Israelis were reportedly staying.

    The protests erupted at Omonia Square, with demonstrators chanting slogans against Israel and attempting to forcefully enter the hotel.

    The world is only sustained by the breath of school children Mishneh Torah, Torah Study 2:1

    Teachers of small children should be appointed in each and every land, in each and every region, and in each and every village.1Bava Batra 21a declares:...

    Mishneh Torah, Torah Study 2:1

    Today is 14 days, which is 2 weeks of the Omer.

    It is also National Teacher Day. Rambam, the 12th Century philosopher, physician, and legalist, wrote the following about the moral obligation to employ teachers:


    מוֹשִׁיבִין מְלַמְּדֵי תִּינוֹקוֹת בְּכָל מְדִינָה וּמְדִינָה וּבְכָל פֶּלֶךְ וּפֶלֶךְ וּבְכָל עִיר וָעִיר. וְכָל עִיר שֶׁאֵין בָּהּ תִּינוֹקוֹת שֶׁל בֵּית רַבָּן מַחְרִימִין אֶת אַנְשֵׁי הָעִיר עַד שֶׁמּוֹשִׁיבִין מְלַמְּדֵי תִּינוֹקוֹת. וְאִם לֹא הוֹשִׁיבוּ מַחְרִימִין אֶת הָעִיר. שֶׁאֵין הָעוֹלָם מִתְקַיֵּם אֶלָּא בְּהֶבֶל פִּיהֶם שֶׁל תִּינוֹקוֹת שֶׁל בֵּית רַבָּן:

    Teachers of young children are to be appointed in each province, district and town. If a city has made no provision for the education of the young, its inhabitants are placed under a ban, till such teachers have been engaged. And if they persistently neglect this duty, the city is excommunicated, for the world is only sustained by the breath of school children.

    Rambam, Mishneh Torah, Torah Study 2-1

    Yiddish resistance song: Mir Veln Zey Iberlebn/ We Will Outlive Them

    Today is 13 days, which is 1 week and 6 days of the Omer.

    It is also Yom HaShoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day.

    During World War II, Jews of Lublin were rounded up by soldiers and taken to a field. "Dance. Sing and dance for us," they were instructed. No one sang, until one person began: "Lomir zikh iberbetn...." Let's all get along. No one followed. Another voice offered the same tune with different words: "Mir veln zey iberlebn." We will outlive them.

    Our resistance song comes from that night. It's not uncomplicated. So many of us did not, have not, outlived. But this is a slogan of determination. It's a love note to every person working to make the 'we' who will outlive them bigger and fuller and stronger.

    2 N.H. lawmaker opposes new marriage bill, says teens are of ‘ripe, fertile’ age

    A New Hampshire lawmaker argued against a bill in the state’s House of Representatives last week that would set the state’s minimum age of marriage at 18.

    N.H. lawmaker opposes new marriage bill, says teens are of ‘ripe, fertile’ age

    “If we continually restrict the freedom of marriage as a legitimate social option, when we do this to people who are a ripe, fertile age and may have a pregnancy and a baby involved, are we not in fact making abortion a much more desirable alternative, when marriage might be the right solution for some freedom-loving couple?” Edwards said.

    Is there a way to post video on Lemmy?

    When I try to post, it uploads and generates a link but it doesn't show up in the post. Is this a platform limitation?

    8 Who were the ‘outsiders’ at Columbia University’s Hamilton Hall?

    Those taken into custody included a former animal abuse investigator who was arrested in a violent protest in San Francisco nearly 20 years ago.

    Who were the ‘outsiders’ at Columbia University’s Hamilton Hall?

    When James Carlson was arrested inside Columbia University’s Hamilton Hall, he was already under investigation for snatching an Israeli flag out of a man’s hand near campus and setting it on fire.

    That wasn’t the first time Carlson, who has no affiliation with Columbia, had run afoul of the law. He was arrested in San Francisco in 2005 during a violent protest organized by an anarchist group, according to a senior law enforcement official.

    Overall, of the 112 people arrested at Columbia on Tuesday, 32 had no affiliation with the school, or 29%, according to the mayor’s office and the New York Police Department. Out of the 170 people arrested at the City College of New York, 102 people had no ties to the school, or 60%.

    Protesters vandalize Portland State office, Pioneer Courthouse Square

    Around 6:30 p.m. a group of pro-Palestinian protesters — plus some that were dressed in all black — left the South Park blocks and started marching through Downtown Portland.

    “They knocked me and my boyfriend to the ground and started kicking us and hitting us and we were kind of getting back up and some people came and repelled them, and they attacked those people. Everybody kind of scuffled for a while, and we were standing back up and walking out of it and they attacked us again and took my bag.”

    7 Republican Congresswoman Greene launches effort to oust Johnson following passage of Ukraine aid

    Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene has voiced a number of complaints against Speaker Mike Johnson but has particularly focused on his decision to allow a vote on aid for Ukraine.

    Republican Congresswoman Greene launches effort to oust Johnson following passage of Ukraine aid

    Any allegations that Greene is transparently working as a Russian agent are entirely unsubstantiated.

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