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But but... If gun owners are tracked, we can be targeted! 😭😭😭
  • Those gangs often have some membership overlap with local law enforcement, or at the very least, common ideological aims. I can easily imagine a scenario where a lefty trans journalist carries a pistol for good cause. This journalist is a target for local hate groups, who are buddies with local cops. Those cops could use a law like the one I mentioned to disarm this person, leaving them defenseless, and perhaps even informing the hate group of the change in status.

    This is a hypothetical scenario, but one I don't see as far-fetched. I would have to say that in general however, I would still be against such a national registry even under less threatening circumstances. For one, I'm unsure how effective it would be in relation to the types of gun crime we see. For another, I just generally prefer that data (especially sensitive data) not be collected in bulk. Maybe a compromise and treat it like HIPAA data?

  • But but... If gun owners are tracked, we can be targeted! 😭😭😭
  • Imagine a future, maybe January of 2025 and we start seeing laws classifying trans (or gay) people as mentally ill. Gun confiscations affecting only "undesirables". People that actually really need those weapons for self defense. People that are harassed by ever emboldened fascist gangs. People the police treat dismissively at best.

    I don't love guns, or even have them for their own sake, or because of some dusty parchment written by hypocrites. I would love to live in a world where nobody has guns, but holy shit do we not live in such a world right now. I would urge you to reconsider your political priorities before you go harming (only) the people you probably want to help.

  • But but... If gun owners are tracked, we can be targeted! 😭😭😭
  • It's not just "the state" writ large that concerns me. If you've been paying any attention the last few years, you may have noticed a rising trend in right wing violence. Fascist paramilitary groups have become increasingly emboldened and are rarely held to any account by the state. Left wing paramilitary groups have historically had a different experience altogether. Are you one of those people who are genuinely concerned that this might be "the last election"? If so, why would you want to risk giving this kind of data to a Trump administration?

  • US Lemmys what could Biden do in the next 6 months to EARN your vote? (other than just not being Trump)
  • IMO, there is a single issue of any relative importance right now, and that is the genocide in Gaza. The longer Biden does nothing about it, the harder it will be to earn my vote. Already at this point, simply stopping all aid yo Israel is likely not enough. I would need to see the US voting for sanctions against Israel in the UN, for war crimes charges against the Israeli government and IDF command. I would also accept a decapitation strike on the Israeli government, and a UN peacekeeping force deployed to the region.

  • Trump Leads in 5 Key States, as Young and Nonwhite Voters Express Discontent With Biden
  • Walking the line? Giving billions in lethal aid (very recent "pause" notwithstanding) to a country actively engaging in genocide, is just pragmatism? That's not convincing enough for me. "Hey Jack, we gotta give Israel military and political aid while they bomb children in a barrel, because if we didn't, 200 guys with AKs and unguided rockets might wipe out the most heavily armed and technologically advanced countries on earth!"

  • What radicalized you?
  • Honestly it was smoking weed. Or rather, seeing through the "war on drugs", which made me look more critically at everything I was hearing at school or on the news. Once you realize that all the fucked up shit that goes on, doesn't happen for the reasons they say, then you see why those things really go on-- I guess that's called getting radicalized.

  • The way things are.
  • Asking or telling the authority to stop, is the same as voting (in 6 months) for a new authority who will (probably) drive the trolley a bit faster. Will there still be children on the tracks by then? Who knows!

  • [Explicit video] I salute my brother @macklemore using his powerful artistry to tell some painful truths! #TruthJusticeLove
  • It's a trolley problem, except we are currently running over thousands of people, and we are still months away from the switch. There's a guy in power right now, who could stop this, and he needs our votes to win the election. I want more pressure on him before the election, since all leverage is lost afterwards. You want to assure him of our votes, which means he has zero political reason to stop abetting genocide. Don't you see how by saying "blue no matter who" you are stabbing everyone in the back who is trying to halt this genocide? We know Biden doesn't mind murdering children, so our only hope is that he actually wants to win the election. In order to leverage that power though, he needs to realize that voters aren't guaranteed to show up for him.

  • Hot and Cold

    Does anyone else vacillate between feeling hot (attractive) and repellant?

    Some days I feel like all the women around me find me desirable, and other days I feel like none of them do. I rarely feel 'in between'.

    I don't really like feeling either extreme. For one thing, I don't trust either feeling! Feeling unattractive is obviously a bad feeling, but feeling ultra attractive is also bad. It leads me to uncomfortable fantasies and an inability to distinguish normal interactions from flirtation.

    Does anyone else feel like this?

    Nextcloud/CardDav/iOS trouble

    I am having some trouble with a Nextcloud server. I set up a digitalocean droplet to test contact syncing for work. I went with the setup that I use at home, which is Yunohost and Nextcloud. This was/is working fine to sync contacts with iOS using the built-in support for CardDav accounts in iOS.

    I made a snapshot of the server and rebuilt it on a work account (also Digital ocean). I reconfigured it for a new domain name, and got a letsencrypt cert. I can login and manage the admin and user accounts.

    I set up an iPad to use the new server, and it seemed to work fine. However, I subsequently tried a couple other iPhones, and it won't connect to the account.

    It isn't a fail2ban thing, because on the same apple devices that I can't connect to the accounts on, I can go login to Nextcloud in their browser.

    What is happening?

    Edit: I seem to have fixed it by reinstalling the server from scratch. I wanted to eliminate any problems that may have been caused by restoring from a snapshot previously linked to another domain. Everything is working at least for now.

    Swedish rye bread

    I only bake bread once or twice a year, but I just saw this community pop up, and I wanted to share the loaf I made on Christmas eve. This is a Swedish rye bread. It is a bit sweet, oweing to the brown sugar and orange zest it contains. It is a recipe that goes back at least to my grandmother's recipe, in which it was entitled "Limpa". I love it, and have always had it at Christmas.

    Went shooting today with some acquaintances today

    It was mostly alright. I got to shoot a lot of different weapons. Almost bit my tongue in half from clamping down during the bad history lecture about communism. Since this crowd included work colleagues, I don't feel like I can be honest about my politics. Ugh, it was tough not to shut that shit down though!

    Windows deployment

    I'm new to Windows deployments, and I need some help. I've gotten as far as setting up a new system from a Windows 11 image downloaded from MS, configuring it/installing software, and then running sysprep. I made a WinPE boot thumbdrive, but I'm stuck at capturing the Windows image part. Part of my problem is that I'm trying to make this in a VM. Is that more trouble than it's worth?

    Is there an easier way to do this? I've seen people saying I can use Linux tools like Clonezilla, which sounds good to me, since I'm very comfortable with Linux-- but I read that might cause problems. One thing mentioned was licensing.

    I would be deploying these images 100% onto Lenovo machines that we purchase from CDW, so I'm not sure how licensing would work. Is the license tied to the MAC? Will they auto-register once I boot them with the new image?

    Thanks for anyone that takes the time to help me understand this :)

    Edit shared contacts

    How can I allow a user/s to edit/update shared contacts in Exchange/Outlook 365?

    What are your experiences with motorcycle gangs?

    Hells Angels are moving into my area for the first time. I have a generally negative view of them, but have some friends who feel otherwise. I would love to hear your experiences related to the Angels specifically, but "1%" clubs as well.

    Increment by one

    The phone number field on the Verizon website has increment/decrement by 1 buttons, so you can select your phone number the long way, I guess!

    Distro Migration

    Hi, Linux! I've been using Linux for many years now, but haven't moved distros in awhile. I'm considering it now, and I really would like to migrate over all my customized system and software settings. So far, I am thinking of backing up everything that begins with a dot in my home folder, all of my systemd service files, and user/root crontabs. I know this is missing some things, but I'm not sure what. Any advice/warnings/examples people care to share?

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