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Increment by one

The phone number field on the Verizon website has increment/decrement by 1 buttons, so you can select your phone number the long way, I guess!

  • tl;dr - This is (mostly) intended functionality by the browser. Though the devs could have fixed it, it's way easier and faster to just leave it like that.

    The HTML input element allows you to set the type of data you expect people to enter, which provides some basic validation. In this case, it's using the type of number, for obvious reasons. This disallows all letters except e, (for scientific notation) and all symbols except a single .. It also causes the number entry keyboard to appear on mobile devices, if supported.

    There is no specific phone number data type, so the developers of that site used the more generic number type. The browser can't tell the difference, and so adds the individual up/down buttons as it would with any other standard number input.