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This checks out
  • Oh... I see. I was trying to figure out the humor.. I wasn't getting the reference to the other memes at first lol.

  • Fixed that one meme
  • It's a self hosted DNS that you can easily run on a raspberry pi

  • Fixed that one meme
  • I'm fairly certain Tor is better than a new laptop.

  • Leaked Email Shows Elon Musk Demanding "Sub 10 Micron Accuracy​” Cybertruck Parts
  • Also, there is no way to actually measure this tight of a tolerance on large parts such as a car, since the standard methods for this tight of a tolerance measurement is... using a caliper, as using automated optical inspection for every dimension isn't really feasible.

    We definitely have lasers that can measure this tolereance.

  • ChatGPT generates cancer treatment plans that are full of errors — Study finds that ChatGPT provided false information when asked to design cancer treatment plans
  • Scientist: Askes question to magic conch about cancer.

    Conch: "Trying shoving bees up your ass."

    Scientists: 😡

  • Simple trick
  • 😂

  • Windows has a lot of bloatware dependencies
  • Didn't work. I switched to Linux and still no option to uninstall Cortana

  • Someone posted their fixed up NES earlier. Here's a pretty awesome ASMR-styled restoration of a Super Nintendo
  • Tysytube is great. I also highly recommend OddTinkering for console restorations. They do a great job.

  • 5 parallel universes ahead
  • The first time maybe

  • What is a product you'll pay a little more for?
  • Any tool I'm going to use more than once.

  • Whatchu got
  • They're not worth it!
  • *got on his feef

  • Equine facts.
  • I would argue horses fart near you more than any other animal.

  • Please help me find the right bracket
  • That's a great Idea. I hadn't considered secondary action. Thank you!

  • Home Improvement elboyoloco

    Please help me find the right bracket

    I'm trying to find a certain kind of bracket to mount a cage fan like this on my porch.

    The fan is currently bolted into an overhead 2x4, but I'd like to be able to move the fan to several locations around my deck easily.

    I'd like to use brackets similar to those used to hang most ceiling fans except more compact obviously. They are like a "U" or "C" shape and a disk or ball slides in and drops down in the bracket. This would be ideal so I can easily pick it up move the fan to a different bracket.

    The photo below is the closest I've found, but still not quite it. These don't have a drop or latch of any kind that would keep the fan from falling out if it's mounted to and overhead beam.

    Can anyone find this bracket. I know they exist.... But Ive googled for hours and don't know the right term to find them.

    I found the ones in the photo by searching "keyhole bracket" .

    Any other quick connect bracket recommendations are also excepted.


    Do you still watch YouTube? Who do you follow?
  • Yup, it's Good mythical summer right now. So 3 episodes a week. But soon it will be back to every weekday. They keep growing their business and I've enjoyed watching it. They have multiple crews and websites now. They have several shows that have spawned from GMM, like that have a whole cooking show (different hosts, but they are all entertaining).

  • Do you still watch YouTube? Who do you follow?
  • If i had to pick my top 2 YouTube channels... Project Farm
    Good Mythical Morning

  • Bridge to nowhere
  • Givin me some serious 007 Goldeneye 64 vibes.


  • What is the best garbage disposal?
  • The one that broke was already installed when I moved in. Im pretty sure it's the cheapest one. I'll get a more premium replacement.

    Thanks for the reply!

  • What is the best garbage disposal?

    Mine just exploded and poured about 10 gallons of water under my cabinets. Looking for recommendations for a new one that is reliable.


    Tried out Sync for Lemmy today... I'm back

    I just don't want the data collection and subscriptions.

    49 Suspiciously Specific -

    A place to share posts so specific it makes you wonder. . . . . Attributions: Icon - Freepik on Flaticon []

    Suspiciously Specific -

    A place to share posts so specific that it really makes you wonder.

    [email protected]


    Anyone else starting to get burn in on their 6 pro?

    I can always see tiktok and my notification bar just a bit in front of plain colors.


    Can we get a feature to jump to the thread when seeing replies in the inbox?

    I can go back to the post, but it's hard to find my comment when there are many. And having my name not be highlighted makes it even harder.