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It's going. I'm alive.
  • "Hanging in there"

  • How people manage to play and chat online with random people?
  • There are thousands and thousands of discord servers you can join without any invite. Try searching to find a server for your game, or check YouTubers descriptions, many have one you can join. You're not the only person I've heard complain about discord being difficult to learn. It does get easy, especially if you can find someone to help you join a voice chat or something.

    Depending on the game you might have built in chat. I have made friends with random people I gamed with, and we continued for years.

  • The changing feel’s front page
  • I saw that community once when it was first created. Baffling there is so much traffic there now. Anyway, blocked it, problem solved.

  • I can't disagree.
  • Because, and I have no idea why so many people don’t get this, you’re supposed to signal you’re going to turn, then slow down, then turn. That’s how you safely let anyone behind you know you’re going to do that.

    Damn right. I was taught to give a minimum 3 blinks before turning. That also gives you time to look around for other vehicles/pedestrians before committing to the turn.

  • oh so you want to play hardball, eh?
  • That's its "serious movie poster" face

  • Hypothetical Game Ideas
  • I don't have the skills yet, but I am learning as I go (Godot 4 game engine) and trying to create one.

    My idea is to make a 3D platformer / collectathon like the golden era of N64 (SM64, Banjo Kazooie, + inspiration from A Hat in Time), with some Zelda-like puzzles, and moderately difficult bosses like Dark Souls. And the world will also have some connecting / unlockable areas as you progress and learn new skills (Metroidvania style?). I'm also interested in making the world(s) interactable in a way that the landscape changes drastically as you progress, keeping it fresh and giving a sense of mystery. For example, the plan for one area is that it's a garden, and as you collect seeds and plant them, big plants grow that serve as bridges to new subareas of that level.

    It's a little ambitious for a first 3D game, but seems to be a great way to learn as I encounter new obstacles along the way.

  • [Bi-monthly thread] What have you been watching? 19 June 2024
  • Bog - horror, but it was kind of funny due to how cheesy it was

    Borat Subsequent Moviefilm - made me lol several times. Better than I expected

    Stopmotion - kinda disturbing, in a good psychological thriller type of way

  • We all be screaming for it
  • Ice cream machine broken

  • How does it feel being into a loving relationship with someone?
  • How do you define "a loving relationship"? Do you only want answers from people who are happy with their relationships 100% of the time?

  • Movie Trailers Are Killing Movies
  • Starring Dwayne Johnson

  • breakfast is required
  • What kind of monsters downvoted this? They must be grumpy because they didn't get breakfast.

  • Canada’s rich getting richer, StatCan report finds, with 90% of Canadian wealth now in the hands of homeowners
  • I'm not disagreeing with your comment btw. I was speaking to your question about the title.

    In the eyes of a renter, homeowners are rich. It's (unfortunately) an amazing investment with a very high barrier to entry.

  • Software licenses
  • Yeah that's it. I love it.

  • no it do not
  • Merry Christmas ya filthy animal

  • Software licenses
  • Leonard is that you

  • [Solved] [Thrash]
  • Four Horsemen?

  • Do you prefer Gaming PCS or Gaming Laptops?
  • I don't care if they are "gaming" specific, but I like PCs because they are more customizable /upgradeable

  • Canada’s rich getting richer, StatCan report finds, with 90% of Canadian wealth now in the hands of homeowners
  • Imagine paying over $1000 for rent every month, except that if you decide to move, you (theoretically) get that money back, and (likely) even more.

    Now imagine that same $1000 going to someone else and you never see it again.

  • Ritual Drops - Venus


    3D Platformer video demo

    I'm learning as I go. Proud of getting some interaction with the environment working. Still lots of bugs to sort out, especially player and camera movement!


    What are your ideal temperature and weather conditions?

    Among some friends I seem to be the odd one out who doesn't like heat and the sun. To me an overcast fall day, 10C is perfect. Rain is welcome if it does not overstay its welcome.

    Connect A Song eezeebee

    Iron Reagan - Fuck the Neighbors

    The Kills - Fuck the People -> Iron Reagan - Fuck the Neighbors (am I doing this right?)


    Fraunhofer Diffraction - Asphyxia



    Found some in the woods yesterday and looked them up. Apparently the fruit is very tasty, resembling Starburst. Have you tried it?

    Some more info on season/edibility:


    UTOPILO - fragile


    Spotted dead-nettle

    I tried a tiny taste and it was pretty neutral, not "grassy" at all. Might work well in a salad.

    I didn't take any home since there was not much there and I'm not 100% sure on the ID.


    Garlic mustard

    At least I'm pretty sure that's what it is. It has a nice garlic taste. I chopped it and put in some oil, salt and pepper for a nice little spread.


    DesireLust - Kry2me


    filejacker - Twilight