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'Disturbing' recordings from inside child-predator sting shows police, MAGA operatives ignoring laws
  • I think it is rather that conservatism has nothing to do with being conservative really at the end of the day, that is just the team colors these people wear to identify what team they are on.

    Conservatives are conservative so they can hate without guilt and so they can control and possess with violence and be rewarded for it. From this angle the synergy heinous shitheads see in being a Republican and being a pedophile (but also defining your public persona completely around hating pedophiles too) is pretty straightforward in my opinion. Also probably the most pathetic thing on the face of the earth.

  • 'Disturbing' recordings from inside child-predator sting shows police, MAGA operatives ignoring laws
  • The FBI already investigate LEO across the country more than a decade ago and found that white supremacists were actively infiltrating our police force. Nothing has been done about this finding.

    White supremacists are “infiltrating” into police forces in the same way I infiltrate into my buddies house… when they specifically invite me over to hang out with them at their house and stand up and come over and hug me with a warm greeting when I show up.

    There is NO sense of infiltration here, rather we are looking at a fresh turd on a hot day (police), and there are flies all over it (white supremacists).

  • 'Disturbing' recordings from inside child-predator sting shows police, MAGA operatives ignoring laws
  • The way I see it is that pedos are the perfect thing for the childlike, immature psyche of republicans to focus on and unify around as the evil baddies they have to fight since an actual pedophile is one of the closest things to a disney evil villain who is evil just because.

    Republicans really can’t emotionally handle problems in life being more nuanced and complex than a secret cabal of pedophiles that have to be righteously hunted down in witch-hunts. That is satisfying, that gets Republican’s to sit up and pay attention because they get to hate without feeling guilty about it.

    Republicans actually can’t handle the world being complex and nuanced, they can’t handle solutions not involving them rolling out a vile hatred for people, so fighting pedophilia is one of the few places left republicans can retreat to, gripping onto their pathetically simplified and hateful world views.

  • The US healthcare system is broken...
  • Well yes, in the sense that sandcastles exist on the beach until the tide comes back in but worry not they are quickly trying to solve the problem of their own existence in as many ways possible as they can whether it be killing themselves with reckless and proud self exposure to Covid, lack of clean water in the places they spend all their money on a big house, mental health, lack of healthcare etc… you just have to give them time to kill themselves off (and make sure your loved ones don’t get mixed up in their collective self destruction if you can).

    Change takes time unfortunately :(

  • The US healthcare system is broken...
  • That’s not going to happen, I don’t think.

    What you meant to say is you can’t envision it happening.

    Plenty of change has and will continue to happen in your life that you are utterly unable to fathom including ultimately like the rest of us, your own passing from this life.

    We can have universal healthcare, if it feels impossible it is because we have been specifically trained to feel that it is impossible.

  • The US healthcare system is broken...
  • Do you understand you sound like someone at a cult claiming that because your robes are a different color that your sect is totally way different than the other sect of the cult that split from your sect because of a disagreement over the color of the robes worshippers should wear?

    Economics isn’t a real science (I almost used “hard” instead of “real” but I honestly have infinitely more respect for the soft sciences than I ever will for economics and I don’t want to conflate them), it is an ideology masquerading as a science with lots of math and handwaving to shove reality into shapes that please the people who control the status quo blended together with a potentially lethal dose of cargo cult style beliefs.

    If you think there is a crisis of reproducibility and trust in real science…. don’t take a closer look and honestly ask at what people around you generally think of economics “experts” or you aren’t going to like it…

  • The US healthcare system is broken...
  • Bro I bet if you did allll that work and took all that risk just to make your life maybbeee better that at the end of the day the people living in the place you made it to would be blown away by your incredible bravery and resolve and would welcome you with open arms into their society and economy!


    Or maybe they would just pay their coast guard to troll around drowning migrant boats with heavily armed speed boats with expensive lights on and an automated voice message that says “go home” and shrug and say “well we tried!!” as families drown right in front of their eyes.

  • VCs, Very Smart
  • The worst thing about many programmers and tech people is that in general these types of people will always be more obsessed with the next technology that will save us by allowing us to consume more and become more selfish than with genuine solutions to actual human problems not neatly defined computer/math problems.

    Like problems computer programs are useful for, techbros see the climate crisis as an optimization problem with easily definable numbers and quantities. Politics, ideology, emotions and systematic oppression and suffering don’t enter the algorithm in quantifiably explicit ways so they are considered trivial for the purposes of solving the problem. Most computer programmers I have met would have no problem writing a computer algorithm to save time for cops having to manually choose who to pull over and instead use a crime prediction algorithm trained on who police officers have previously pulled over in the past to “solve crime” and “make policing unbiased”. Maybe that is changing, but it isn’t because most of these people actually get what is so evil about writing a program like that in their hearts, they just understand they get shamed every time they suggest crap like this.

    Thus you get legions of these people decrying environmentalists and their strategies with a fatalist cynicism in places like hacker news while they simultaneously trot out whatever lame Elon musk style “revolutionary technology” that they think will solve the crises we face that revolves around catastrophically stupid global scale geoengineering or tech that is eternally 30 years away just magically becoming distributed and ready for mass market use tomorrow.

    Everything is optimization, everything must scale as quickly as possible, everything is about bigger and bigger regimes of control that enforce rigid operations and interactions. These people think the entire universe can be seen through the lens of factorio and it makes me vomit in my mouth a little every time I think about it.

    This is of course by far the most dangerous part about many programmers and tech people, by and large they seem to believe that because they understand computers that they understand everything they need to know about the world. It is really no different than any other kind of hubris, it’s just the rest of us give tech people more leeway to engage in it because the tech world preys so intensely on our practical real world hopes and dreams while laying claim to large swathes of our imaginative capacity to envision different realities.

    There are also many amazing tech and programmer type people, I am speaking in generalizations that will never include every instance of the type. I love you, cool and radical lefty techies!!!! This isn’t aimed at you.

  • A PR disaster: Microsoft has lost trust with its users, and Windows Recall is the straw that broke the camel's back
  • I mean… how big really is the category of software tasks that you can’t properly do on Linux in 2024? I feel like it is getting to the point where you do genuinely have to be specific about what Linux can’t do that is a dealbreaker for you rather than just falling back on “Linux can’t do what people need to do” as a general criticism of it.

    Windows can’t do what people need it to do, and it fails to do so while sucking up your private data (which if you work at a business with confidential information IS a dealbreaker). At least when Linux fails it usually isn’t simultaneously violating the IT security structure of your organization….

    The funny thing is businesses and government entities can’t even claim with a straight face that they can trust Microsoft to adhere to the meager insufficient data privacy laws that do exist when there is zero evidence Microsoft would behave that way based on the track record even if the financial penalties for failing to do so were actually real to the ruling class and not just theoretical thought experiments that involve a slap on the wrist or more like a light tickling with a feather on the nose.

  • Fair and Balanced
  • What I like to imagine that brings a smile to my face is the afterlife for Ronald Reagan involves him being stuck in a small room perfectly healthy and fine, but utterly alone, for the rest of eternity. Nothing is in the room and there are no windows. The room is a single color and silent.

    Kissinger I think I would like to not to actually go to hell but be reincarnated as a public trash can in the dirtiest and most desperate part of a Republican/austerity ravaged rust belt city. In this case I would hope Kissinger felt excruciating pain the entire time.

    Then again maybe heaven would be wonderful for the rest of us if you took Kissinger and Reagan and cloned them into human bowling pins that you would try to squish into blood splatters with boulders over and over again in a relaxing bowling style game. In this case every single death would be felt by Reagan and Kissinger, their screams and squishing bodies would echo around the bowling alley adding a nice staccato excitement to the background music playing on the speakers!

    Do I sound unhinged? Good! Maybe I am describing a bowling alley in hell and not heaven but idk sign me up wherever it is both these men are mass murderers who more than got away with their heinous crimes.

  • A PR disaster: Microsoft has lost trust with its users, and Windows Recall is the straw that broke the camel's back
  • But it will die down. People will just accept it. They always do. They always will.

    I understand the frustration and cynicism that comes from wanting something to happen and waiting a good stretch of your life for it to do so but I am sorry, this is not reflective of reality.

    Don’t mistake your own fatigue for the behavior of people in general.

    Support for software on Linux or Wine is now orders of magnitude more complete and functional than it was 5-10 years ago. There are fundamental changes going on, just because we operated in a paradigm that suffocated the possibility of Linux adoption in the past doesn’t mean that paradigm will continue indefinitely.

    There is a difference between being permanently powerless and being powerless under a certain arrangement of forces and actors.

    We are entering a period of the status quo being smashed for better or worse in almost every dimension of our lives, what was likely to happen in the past 20 years does not reliably predict what is likely to happen in the next 20 years.

    There is actually a true opening for Linux here in a way there never has been.

  • A PR disaster: Microsoft has lost trust with its users, and Windows Recall is the straw that broke the camel's back
  • It is okay to be the person that always recommends Linux, especially if you are a kind person with the patience to explain things to people in approachable terms (and you don’t just scream at people SOMEBODY ALREADY ASKED THIS QUESTION USE SEARCH whenever a newbie walks in the door and asks the obvious questions a newbie would ask).

    Now is the time, Linux is pulled up out front waiting to pick us up (with bags packed) and Microsoft is loudly shitting the bed upstairs, NOW is the time to walk straight out the front door, jump in the car with Linux and never look back. We owe it to Microsoft’s long relationship with consumers to leave Microsoft sitting confused on the porcelain throne wondering why they were abandoned and where all the toilet paper is (we are the toilet paper in this metaphor).

  • Liberals are not 'the Left'...
  • Centrists by and large are ideological cowards Why? They just have beliefs that put them in the center of the left/right dichotomy. Is one a coward for not being polarized? This point is almost moot, though — centrism is rather nebulous and ephemeral.

    Because it is the mechanism centrists use to arrive at their political beliefs that is cowardly. They don’t tend to start from a perspective that arises from their empathy and curiosity for the world and build their politics based on that, they look at the spread of opinions people have around them and just go right down the middle where they can disappear into the crowd without having to do the hard work of creating an actually ideologically rigorous belief system that adheres to reality and evolves with it.

    A rightwing fascist emphatically cheers on the genocide of Palestinians (and Jews for that matter confusingly), a leftist emphatically declares genocide is a wrong and a human rights violation. One of those is a dangerous world view that needs to be resisted with force and the other is a world view of harm reduction and solidarity with all humans. What makes most centrists so cowardly is that they take both of those viewpoints as reasonable starting positions and average them to emphatically supporting "some genocide!" and it is incredibly pathetic.

  • Liberals are not 'the Left'...
  • Liberalism is not dependent on the left-right dichotomy, and it is not nebulous like centralism. It is quite well defined in poli-sci. You can read about the beliefs that it encompasses here.

    I mean, academia can define “liberalism” however it wants, that isn’t how I define it and most people in conversation about US politics don’t use liberal that way. The word has evolved from the meaning you prescribe to it.

    The good thing is that because centrists by and large don’t actually have beliefs

    This is a strange statement. Centrism is by definition a political position, and, by extent, requires beliefs.

    I don’t understand the confusion here. My point is that centrism in the US is largely a political position constructed in reverse. If someone (consciously or unconsciously) decides they will peg their beliefs on the center of the Overton Window that is fundamentally a different thing than taking a set of ethics, morals, and policy knowledge and building a political perspective from the ground up.

    Call it whatever you want, people that try to disappear in a crowd by just mimicking the behavior and beliefs of people around them are not doing the same thing as people in the crowd who are behaving according to their morals, ethics and understanding of the world and either are blending into the crowd or not because of it.

    Centrists by and large are ideological cowards, they are unwilling to imagine right and wrong outside of the comfortable and established narratives that determine right and wrong in their head (and are described within the Overton Window). Centrists will for example happily join progressives in attacking Trump for doing awful things like draconian and cruel immigration control measures, and as soon as Biden takes office and keeps doing the same shit they will flip to yelling at progressives for attacking Biden for doing the same thing.

    Centrists are the kind of political position that has substance, it is purely an average of the Overton Window, no matter distorted and fucked up the Overton Window has been made by conservatives and the rich.

  • People get upset at me for saying sorry all the time

    What hurts is that people treat it like I am doing this obsessive, unnecessary thing when in reality the amount I say sorry is perfectly tailored to the amount that I am randomly (random only from my perspective of course) pissing people off all the time around me with my actions. Which in practice means I say sorry all the fucking time.

    Those same people that tell me not to say sorry I have pushed to the edge of their tolerance of me many times, and the ONLY thing I can do in those situations is say sorry in a genuine way. People really dont fucking understand having an intimate familiarity with those moments where someone is seriously pissed off at you and not only wants a practical explanation for why you fucked up but more importantly they need an emotional explanation that squares your apparent desire to be a good person/worker with the fact that you just massively fucked up something in a way that sure makes you look like a lazy, uncaring person. I have no agency in those moments, I am basically an 18 wheeler smashing through someone else's life but I have no brakes and LITERALLY the only thing I can do in that moment to make the situation better is apologize simply but genuinely in a way that conveys how hurt I am by own actions too.

    Of course, the ones that love me always return to their more patient selves and apologize for getting frustrated with me, but apologies mean nothing to the memory in my body of feeling like I am always sliding towards seriously aggravating someone and hurting my relationship with them. Further it is only a learned, constant input of willpower and constant attentiveness that keeps me from constantly blowing past people's threshold of patience for me in moment to moment interaction and also in broader life contexts. An absolutely necessary survival strategy for me has been learning to constantly "manually breath" with my experience of reality so that I don't slip back into autonomic behaviors that immediately cause friction with the environment and people around me.

    Saying sorry a lot is my way of double checking my social awareness and making sure I am not missing the fact that now I am just yelling at everybody for no reason because I am excited about the conversation or something. When people react with "hey, stop saying sorry!" the consequences are they are mildly annoyed at being asked the question, but when it opens up a conversation about something I have been doing that is genuinely annoying people around me it can often be the ONLY thing that saves me and others from a lot of unnecessary suffering. It also, and I can't stress the importance of this enough, is often the only thing that can halt someone from developing a narrative about who I am that is wildly inaccurate (I don't care, I am lazy, I don't like working).

    The world is going to have to become a hell of a lot more accommodating and accepting of ADHD before I stop saying "sorry!" all the time and it is frustrating that people get upset at me for using a perfectly rational coping strategy in a society extremely hostile to my disability. Its like, people don't want to see the amount of effort I have to put into not being a burden on others because it stresses them out and feels like a broken record.... and sometimes I just get so angry and sad feeling like... yes that is exactly what it is like to be in my head 24/7, I am sorry you had to briefly experience that?


    Schmidt Ocean Institute ROV Dive Livestreams

    Undoubtedly sending robots to the bottom of the ocean just to see what the hell is there is cool no matter how you slice the pie, but Schmidt Ocean Institute livestreams the entirety of their dives (like 8 hours long or so) which brings things to another level for chumps like us who don’t have some ridiculous dream job of participating in scientific dives with magnificent undersea exploration vehicles.

    It genuinely makes for the best background TV material I have ever seen. The firehouse of strange creatures they encounter that stretch your mind’s capacity to comprehend the strange and unknown is balanced perfectly by the simple physical comedy of watching ROV operators play an extreme version of the arcade claw game 3000m below the sea when they are attempting to take samples of sea life and store it in sample bins. A lot of times a scientist is actively narrating what is happening on the stream but even when they aren’t the control room is usually mic’d and at any given time features a multidisciplinary cross-section of scientists.

    Check it out, put it on as a background at a party it makes great viewing in a casual party setting where people can engage and disengage whenever they want while talking about the weird creatures and laughing about the ROV claw totally failing to grab a coral and horribly snapping it in half.


    Halo infinite is the best free to play fps multiplayer game that runs well on the steam deck

    You can play halo infinite VERY competitively with joysticks and gyro too, it feels made for steamdeck controls especially with the heavy focus on (absolutely amazing) vehicle combat.

    A month ago or so it was crashing really regularly on me, but now it seems to be working fine. I can easily get a steady ~50fps with the graphics all the way down. Yeah, the graphics don't look amazing on low and there are weird graphical artifacts sometimes but it is far from ugly and the core halo gameplay is just so well balanced at the moment that who cares how it looks when it plays like that.

    (yeah it used to suck, it doesn't anymore)


    How is foxhole in 2023?

    I have always been tempted by this game and I was thinking about getting it recently but it seems like the logistics changes make a lot of the game inaccessible to solo players not connected with a clan. This seems like a really subjective feeling though that different types of players might feel very differently on.

    What is your experience?


    DayZ runs extremely well on the Steam Deck for some insane reason

    I don't get it but for some reason the 3d open world multiplayer shooter with vehicles and long view distances that runs the best on the steam deck (other than a very graphically simple game like battlebit) is DayZ. I obviously haven't tried every game out there though...

    On the V++ deathmatch server (using steamdeck screen not higher resolution monitor) I can be in the middle of a firefight with 20+ people nearby and get a stable 50fps. For DayZ that is basically the most challenging it gets for game performance, in the normal game having 20+ people nearby has to be an extremely rare situation I imagine. Yeah you have to turn the graphics down but you really don't have to sacrifice view distance and the game looks fine on lower graphics. (Gun scopes are very important for playing on a low resolution screen like this though, dont bother playing on servers where gun scopes are extremely rare).

    Unfortunately the game does crash randomly every once in awhile, I can't figure out why yet but I am playing on heavily modded servers and honestly the performance is SO MUCH better than any other open world multiplayer shooter like this that I don't really feel like I can even complain much.

    Interestingly the engine DayZ was made off of, Arma 3, runs much worse. I guess you can get Arma 3 to play ok offline (it looks like crap after you turn everything down though) but in multiplayer forget it.

    Give it a try! Yeah yeah... mouse and keyboard players are gods of aim blah blah blah, you can compete fine with joysticks + gyro if you take the time to get acclimated to it. Go play a deathmatch server an mess around until you feel comfortable.