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Missing mayor, record rates rises, and Tauranga's election: What's going on with councils?
  • Shocked Pikachu JPEG

    No one votes to fund sewer maintenance until it's their own back yard knee-deep in waste water.

    Tauranga is just lucky enough to have enough population and enough self interested representation to be the leader in the dysfunctional council race to the bottom.

  • Help me figure out if i downloaded something shady, please
  • In future, assume everything is a hostile payload until scanned.

    Microsoft provides free VM images of various versions for developers too test with, use one of them, install whatever scanning told you want, then install your suspicious payload.

    Rinse repeat.

  • What life hack is so simple yet so effective, you're shocked more people don't know about it?
  • This works even with abstractions.

    Attaching an unrelated concept to another will help remember it.

    I do it all the time by telling someone that I need to remember something... And clarify that I don't need a reminder, I just needed to tell someone.

  • 7-day fare cap for Auckland public transport
  • From Sunday 21 July enjoy unlimited travel by bus, train and inner-harbour ferries for no more than $50 a week. Terms apply.

    Neat. Though I think I skate in just under the threshold... and I bet Fuller's Ferries are excluded. I was wrong:

    The fare cap applies to bus, train and inner-harbour ferry services. Inner-harbour ferry services include Devonport, Bayswater, Birkenhead and Te Onewa Northcote Point.

  • Government workers are giving themselves a payrise by cashing up annual leave

    I take issue with the article's assertion that it's a "sneaky payrise" as if it's somehow dishonest.

    I've done this before after accumulating several years worth of leave due to a previous employer having strange ideas about project management and the mythical man-month.

    I suppose I was kind of pressured into it, but I also liked having a pseudo-bonus that year.

    16 Retail spending slump nearly surpassing '80s sharemarket crash

    The current spending plunge is the worst in decades, data shows.

    Retail spending slump nearly surpassing '80s sharemarket crash

    Oh, is that the sound of a free market correction?

    Is NZ oversupplied for retail? No, it's the consumers who are wrong.


    What in the actual fuck.

    How cartoonishly evil does our government have to get?

    This, along with Luxon's "I don't care..." about bootcamps from this morning, is just plain evil.

    Perhaps, just roll with me here, we don't need another $10b of roads and could be happy with $9.9b of roads, so we could instead feed our most desperately poor and struggling citizens?

    This is Captain Planet level evil.


    Employment dispute costing TVNZ nearly $6000 a day a ‘total cluster’, says union

    This is a bit of a personal rant, so please read it with that bias in mind.

    There's a weird culture of management arrogance at TVNZ. It's persisted over the last two and a bit decades of personal experience with the company, despite restructures and staff turnover.

    It seems to manifest in two ways:

    • distrust of staff, as in management not trusting their reports at the bottom of the hierarchy
    • cognitive dissonance between what is and what should be

    Consultation with staff for restructuring has never been genuine: the plans are always already made and the "consulting" is actually just "telling".

    Planning for the future has always been an ivory tower exercise by management, apparently because management have the "overview" but then don't place any value on the worker's knowledge of the actual work. Staff know there's plenty of penny-wise pound-foolish bullshit work done "but it's the TVNZ way so keep doing it".

    In this case there's one of two root causes:

    • ineptitude: no one thought that they'd better check employment contracts for relevant clauses they'd negotiated
    • malevolence: they did but chose to ignore them
    11 Alcohol causing 20 times the harm of meth, police float tighter regulation

    Police estimate the harm from alcohol to be about $7.8 billion a year.

    Alcohol causing 20 times the harm of meth, police float tighter regulation


    • Alcohol $7.8b
    • All illicits: $1.8b
    • Meth: $0.365b

    I wanted a figure for cannabis and found this from 2020:

    > PDF

    • All illicits: $1.9b
    • Meth: $0.824b
    • Cannabis: $0.911

    I notice that the per kilograms measure for harm is also useful to account for volume of usage, but think that per 'dose' would be better.

    • Meth: $1.1m per kg with 743kg consumption
    • Cannabis: $0.35m per kg with 58000kg consumption

    These figures include 'associative crime' as harm. So it apparent counts the cost of buying it as harm, it also counts the tax loss of that expenditure, so IMHO it skews unfavourabley to higher expenditure. But put that aside.

    These figures show that all illicit drugs combined are less harmful to society than alcohol, and tautologically the harm is inflated by illegality.

    58 Building wall not enough to stop sea level rising, research says

    New research suggests even building a giant wall in the sea would not be enough to stop sea level rise stemming from two crucial Antarctic glaciers.

    Building wall not enough to stop sea level rising, research says

    This is exactly why I made sure when buying my house/section that it was more than 5m higher than sea level and inland from the coast. Not that that will mitigate the societal collapse following the glaciers'.

    The world might be able to geoengineer saving one maybe two glaciers. But not all of them, not Greenland's icesheet and not the entire Antarctic icesheet.


    Families ‘hung out to dry’ by new restrictions on disability support

    So, our government's "crack down on beneficiaries" also includes disabled children.

    Apparently disabled people are, what? Leaches sucking the life out of the economy or something?

    How long until disabled people have to "work" for their support? Or perhaps we should just put them on a train and take them to a "work camp"?

    18 TVNZ announces half-year loss as media companies struggle

    The announcement comes just two days after Newshub’s owners said its news operations on TV3 will end in June.

    TVNZ announces half-year loss as media companies struggle

    A quarter of a century ago TVNZ knew that "digital", or rather the Internet, was the way of the future. I know, I was there.

    It created for those that remember it.

    A decade ago, it was still a "broadcaster" with an adjunct "digital" presence with TVNZ Ondemand.

    Only on the last few years has it started to truly operate "digital" (internet) first, I'm afraid that it might be too late and we see another newshub-scale catastrophe in the next few years.

    7 Councils say they can't afford to fix cyclone damaged roads

    Hawke's Bay and East Coast councils say they can't afford to fix the cyclone-damaged roading networks in their regions.

    Councils say they can't afford to fix cyclone damaged roads

    > Councils in cyclone-hit regions staring down a decade-long roading recovery say they simply cannot afford it.

    Emphasis mine.

    The duration of the remedial works is the problem more than the cost.

    If it takes a decade to recover from an event that is likely to reoccurr more frequently then it's a losing game.

    It's a shame that local and central government in NZ just can't/won't maintain infrastructure.

    4 National to spend at least $30m to reverse speed limit changes if elected

    Simeon Brown says "economic impacts" need to "count" alongside safety.

    National to spend at least $30m to reverse speed limit changes if elected

    Alternative headline: National to spend $30m to sacrifice some of your lives so our trip is slightly faster.

    > The changes have been endorsed by transport researchers and street safety advocates as effective measures to help reduce the number of Kiwis killed and injured on the roads.

    That's all there is to it.