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[Question] what exactly is hard about adopting IPv6??

I mean on a technical level. Are the devices that make up the infrastructure of the internet hardwired with IPv4? Is the firmware on these devices impossible to upgrade remotely?

If it's just a matter of software or firmware then adoption should only take like a year but clearly that isn't the case. So what specifically is stopping us?


Can someone help me find an obscure ass song?

I heard it a few years ago on SoundCloud but now I can't find it. I remember some details:

  1. It's mostly "Bad Thoughts" by bbno$
  2. It starts with the opening lyrics from ADDICTED from Hazbin Hotel
  3. George Carlin's "rat shit bat shit" chant makes an appearance every once in awhile
  4. There were some other sound bits that I don't have a clear memory of but I remember thinking they were unique

I know that these are like the craziest search params in the world but I'm so confident that this thing exists and is not an amalgamation of forgotten memories that resurfaced in fragments. It would be really cool if I could hear it again.


Suggest me a secure chat platform for my family
  • I mean if it's just a private server for just the people he knows then I don't get why this would be a concern, but if it is to mitigate family drama then rocket chat definitely has end-to-end encryption

  • Suggest me a secure chat platform for my family
  • Rocket chat is like slack but FOSS.. haven't tried it myself but it could be something

  • If I Use Windows, I Delete My Channel
  • We'll know if he ever finds some funny way to say he's using Windows.. that or he's genuine and it's a click bait title, didn't watch it ¯⁠\⁠_⁠(⁠ツ⁠)⁠_⁠/⁠¯

  • Life is hard
  • Age or experience? Because both are funny

  • Is there a file browser with fzf like capabilities

    I feel like I'd use my file browser if it was easier to get around. ctrp-p like zoxide/fzf would be game changing.

    Edit: sry tbh I wasn't clear.. I was asking for a GUI file browser, sry ranger covers my tui needs


    No electron

    Never buy .xyz
  • How expensive can "reputable" be. I got for like ¯⁠\⁠(⁠°⁠_⁠o⁠)⁠/⁠¯ $20/year?? Who cares

  • Lemmy, how do you deal with heartbreak?
  • Tryna deal with it right now, going back to the bar where I met my ex

    Will update in like 2 hrs

    Edit: litterally forgot. Didn't see him, it was lame anyways

  • Fraudsters of Lemmy, how would you commit fraud if governments embrace cryptography
  • Guys



    Cryptography doesn't replace people... Some bureaucrat will probably manually generate keys for new people... If you make new keys you're probably gonna go get them signed maybe even in person.

    It's just supposed to replace the garbage ass id systems we have today with something more utilitarian

  • Fraudsters of Lemmy, how would you commit fraud if governments embrace cryptography
  • We'd need a purpose made gpg like system for this level of complexity so I have no doubt that there would be a way to have parents cryptographically prove they're their children's parents. It's just a matter of design

  • Fraudsters of Lemmy, how would you commit fraud if governments embrace cryptography
  • I'm the tiktok that guy talked about how he just explained away why he needed an SSN to the bureaucrat. I just thought that better technology would prevent this.

  • Fraudsters of Lemmy, how would you commit fraud if governments embrace cryptography
  • True,

    There are many ways to do this, for example a person can sign a new key with their old key when their old key is due to expire, we have many rotating government IDs.

    As for the human element, social security cards and driving licenses get lost/stolen/worn out too, crypto keys have the potential to be just as durable as existing solutions.

  • Fraudsters of Lemmy, how would you commit fraud if governments embrace cryptography
  • Any and all public record keeping would be done on a block chain. For example it's not a secret who owns a given house, you can look up property and tax records. Smart contracts on a block chain work just as well as paper contracts if they're given the same respect by the courts.

  • Fraudsters of Lemmy, how would you commit fraud if governments embrace cryptography

    I saw this tiktok where this guy was talking about how he'd get his hands on real social security numbers.. this was a clip from a whole story he told about some criminal shit, I was too distracted by my thoughts on how to fix the exploits he used.

    Block chains and cryptographic signatures would solve basically every one of his exploits. But regardless of the myriad of reasons as to why we won't adopt cryptography into American laws and bureaucracy, imagine if we did do everything involving government and policy in a cryptographically secure environment.

    Imagine if everyone who is born gets assigned a gpg secret key signed by the government and that is your government ID for everything from opening a bank account to paying your taxes to claiming benefits. IMPO I think this is a perfect solution (iif you ignore the human element).

    So my question is why wouldn't it be perfect, and what kind of exploits could bad actors use in a cryptographic bureaucracy?

    What was your latest improvement to your Linux setup?
  • Learned how to use zoxide. Makes my terminal so much friendlier

  • Apple refuses to call Apple Intelligence 'AI'
  • Suppose they learned from calling siri an Ai

  • Are business cards still a thing?
  • I put a QR code on my smart watch with a 🔗 nk to my website

  • Me fighting with my e-bike
  • It warms my cold dead heart to see a proper web1.0 website

  • Venus Fly Traps
  • I know carnivores plants are plants, but I never really thought of a venus flytrap's flower.

  • Multicolumn Cards 2.0
  • I'd like better multicolumn support in general.. I like using my android tablet but the UI components are huge

  • Looking for emotional support: I lost all my WhatsApp chats
  • Now consider that you remember it. You don't need to check, you remember the things that made that memory funny.

    I'm only 25 and it feels like so many of the things I have are just memories. It feels like my life is slowly coming to a close and I don't know if the future is even there.

    And you know what the worst part is? I don't really remember much anyways.

    My 20 year old cat died and all I can do is remember him and look at pictures. I don't want to have to remember things just to keep them.. I'm just not reliable enough.

  • datahoarder danhab99

    Looking for emotional support: I lost all my WhatsApp chats

    I was so confident that WhatsApp was backing itself up to Google ever since I got my new pixel but I just wasn't. Then yesterday I factory reset my phone to fix something else and I lost it all. Years worth of chats from so many times in my past just aren't there, all my texts with my mom and my family, group chats with old friends... I can't even look at the app anymore, I'll never use Whatsapp as much as I used to. I just don't feel right with this change. There's no way to get those chats back and now it doesn't feel like there's any point backing up WhatsApp now! I really wanna cry like this is so unfair!! And all I had to do was check Whatsapp before I did a factory reset.. the TINIEST THING I could have done and prevented this and I didn't fucking do it!!!!!!!

    How do I get past this?

    Describe an episode in the worst possible way
  • Mark sold you vr goggles, now an ai can torture you without drawing blood

  • Did anyone know that Domino's Pizza patented their order tracking system? US10262281B1 - Method and system for centralized order status tracking in a decentralized ordering system - Google Patents

    A decentralized ordering system allows a customer to track order status from a centralized order status system by providing a single, easily remembered identifier (such as a telephone number) without having to log in and without having to specify which local system is handling the customer's order. ...

    I know about software patents but what's the point when somebody can achieve the exact same functionality from the user's perspective using totally different code. Just seems like a waste on a patent lawyer.


    How are highliners operated?

    I've watched all the YouTube videos and tiktoks about the spice and the guild navigators.. basically they're what exists instead of decision making computers.

    But what do they actually do to operate the ship? Like they looked and saw some shit and now they have to do something about it.

    Does the navigator have buttons and levers to configure the drive? Do they just speak words to some sort of helmsman about how to steer? Do they write out instructions? Is there some sort of telepathy or telekinesis the navigator does with the hardware?

    Whenever I Google it I just find articles and videos about spice. What about SOP?


    CLI bookmarking utility GitHub - danhab99/cli-bookmarks: a cli utility for bookmarking directories

    a cli utility for bookmarking directories. Contribute to danhab99/cli-bookmarks development by creating an account on GitHub.

    GitHub - danhab99/cli-bookmarks: a cli utility for bookmarking directories

    I tried looking for a really old file but it seems like I've lost alot of things.

    I was gonna share this report I wrote for school with a friend. I remember throughout college I kept my school files organized on Drive, but when I went to look for it nothing seemed right. The rule is that I have a folder for every class I had organized by semester and year and alot of them are gone. Classes I know I took I have no record of anything I did there.

    It's kind of a bummer. I found some record of me writing this report, I wrote it in December 2020.. Has there been some files loss in Google Drive that I didn't know about? It's kind of a bummer that I can't look at these old things I did but, I'm just hoping for the best.


    Terraform without "prop drilling"

    I have a massive terraform state I maintain for work. After learning about reusing resources using modules I adopted the same rule for terraform I have for other PLs "only call functions in the main func". Meaning I'm only allowed to declare modules that reference resources at the top level.

    My problem is that I have modules calling modules all over the place, the average length of any of my resources is 8 names. I have values I want to share across multiple different kinds of modules that do different things. Currently I have a top level module called "constants" with output blocks to store every constant I need. It works to an extent.

    The thing is that I had a similar problem when web developing in React. Prop drilling is a coding style in React where a component receives a prop just for the purpose of passing the prop to a child component, the receiving component doesn't actually need that prop for itself. React solves this by the context api which lets one component pass a value to any child component of any depth. How can we have something similar in Terraform? Even though every resource I have is defined once in code, it declares the same resources hundreds of times with different appropriate values.

    I wish I could pass things like the dockerSecret to a kubernetes deployment 6 modules deep in such a way that that dependant component of a module waits for the docker secret to be created while other resources that don't depend on it can be scheduled to be created later. Prop drilling doesn't work all that well and it forces you to copy alot of code. Maybe modules aren't the best way to reuse resources.

    I feel like HCL doesn't have syntax that would support such a thing idomatically. Maybe something like decorator syntax or a special type of block where you write a proper data, resource, or module block?

    What do you guys think?


    Why does it feel like there are no more new apps?

    Has anyone noticed that we haven't really heard of a new app in awhile? I feel like the last time I heard about an app on the news or on Reddit(in the past) in a long time. The last big one I heard of was the Threads app.

    Where are the apps? I haven't downloaded a new app since I got Boost for Lemmy.


    Does technology actually add value to the world?

    I had a long and intresting conversation with my therapist just now. I'm not comfortable sharing exactly what we were talking about but I can rephrase it: basically I was complaining that tech companies don't want to innovate.

    I've been trying to bring new technologies to my boss because I thought it would give him a better opportunity to realize value from the products I'm creating/maintaining for him. That's what I understand is my purpose in the workforce. I'm a programmer not a salesman I can't go out to the market and get him the money so he can pay me with something, I can only make things put things in his hands for him (or hire someone to) to go out and collect the money we deserve (deserve within the limits of market demands and the nature of the product, not the labor invested). But he doesn't want them... well he does when he needs them but I miss way more times than I hit which is making my professional feelings feel less valuable. And if I'm not valuable enough then I can't work doing what I love.

    When I started working I went in with a plan to upgrade and modernize everything I touch. I still believe that to be the case, or like... my "purpose"(as an employee not a person). But every company I've worked for so far has been running old ass shit. Springboot apps, create-react-apps, codebases in c and c++, no kubernetes, little to no cloud. And it feels like everything that tech companies want me to do is maintain and expand old existing codebases. And I understand why, I know that its expensive to rewrite entire code bases just for a 20% efficiency boost and to make it easier to add upgrades every once in awhile. But noone is taking advantage of innovative technology anymore and that's what's concerning me.

    In my therapist's opinion he thinks we as a soceity are not taking 100% advantage of technology we have. I can't go into too many details bc our conversations are private but at the end I agreed with him. I'm seeing it now in my working day but he convinced me that it's everywhere. Are people actually benefitting from technology enough such that nobody actually needs to work to maintain a long and healthy life?

    Lets say that no, technology is underutilized in our soceity. Does that mean that if we use technology more we'd have enough value in the economy to pay everyone a UBI? Could we phase out the human workforce to some extent? Or do we actually need more workers to do work to make the value, in which case we can't realistically do UBI because people need to get paid competitivily to do the work.

    Lets say that yes, we are taking all advantages of technology. If so than there should be enough value to pay a UBI. But we don't have a UBI, so why? If the value exists than where is it? I don't believe its being funnelled into the pockets of some shadowy deep-state private 4th branch of government. If it was than there'd be something to take, is there? Are we sure that its enough?

    Basically I don't know if technology generates value.

    Think about it like this

    > If its cheaper to use technology to grow an acre of corn than to use people, is that subsequent output of corn more valuable or less valuable because of the technology. And if you believe that scaling up corn production to make the corn just as valuable as if we didn't have technology then you agree that the corn is now less valuable. If self-checkout machines are replacing cashiers, does that mean that the cashiering work being done by the machine is more valuable to soceity or less?

    This is basically end stage capitalism. We need to recognize if the work we do for soceity (whether you derive personal fulfillment or not) is actually adding to soceity or not. I'd rather not give up my job as a programmer just so I can do something more valuable, but I might have to if that's the case. And I feel like most people in the world are thinking like that too. Is soceity trying to hang on to the past, or do we just not understand the future?

    Sorry for the wall of text. I feel like this might be to philosophical for this community but I couldn't find a better place to post this. If you know of a better community for this discussion to take place then I'll consider moving this post based on the comments already posted. Thank you for reading this and I'd love to answer any question you'd have about my opinions/feelings.


    Does anyone have a first party source for the current copy of Hamas's charter?

    I feel stupid for asking this because I should just google it right? But I can't find an official website by Hamas and the only sources I can find for their charter is on the websites of American law colleges.

    Example searches: Searching .edu sites, Searching .gov sites.

    Wikipedia has sources but they're also American colleges and this absolutely cursed looking link you shoud actually put into your browser, like I don't feel safe clicking it so I got a VPC to do it, link is broken:

    I'm just supprised something this recognizable is hard? to find.

    P.S. sry if this isn't the right place to post

    Edit: searched google in arabic because OBVIOUSLY (why didn't I think of that). Couldn't get better results.


    I kinda wish there was a better way to do if err != nil in go GitHub - danhab99/idk: A collection of go funcs

    A collection of go funcs. Contribute to danhab99/idk development by creating an account on GitHub.

    GitHub - danhab99/idk: A collection of go funcs

    Did I break a taboo by doing this?