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Mother's Day Double Feature: Mommy Dearest followed by Divine Secrets Of The Ya-Ya Sisterhood

2 great movies about bad moms. One from the child’s perspective, the other from the mom’s perspective.

Katt Williams has lost his way
Rick and Morty danc4498
Just a reminder of how season 6 ended

Welcome to my darkness. I spent my life hunting this guy, Morty. This is the closest I've ever been to Rick Prime. It's impossible. He.. He's an incredibly crafty piece of shit. Hunting him destroyed me, Morty, but now we're gonna do it together. You and me. It's going to take over your life Morty! Rick and Morty season 7: Hunting My Nemesis. Maybe trying to stay healthy while doing it? Juggling plates? Not every episode, Morty. It could be all happening in the background. Who knows? No.. Noone will, except us. It.. It's the most painfull shit I've ever had to deal with, but I'm bringing you into it because you asked for it, Morty! You and me Morty!

Is lemmy working on better default sort options than “hot” and “active”?

I’m not really sure where to ask this question. Maybe there’s a lemmy dev community where these kind of discussions already happen.

I feel like the default front page in Lemmy is still severely lacking when compared to Reddit’s r/all algorithm. I find hot and top hourly to be nearly identical. The top 6 hour is closer, but still not as good as what the Reddit default front page is.

Drunk Thoughts danc4498
I just want to say I think the Lemmy community is awesome!
Suggestion: Show community above preview

Not sure if this is where suggestions go, but I'll put it he anyway.

I think the community name should be shown above the preview image of the post. Seeing the community name is important for the context of whatever the post is. I'd like to see the name before seeing the actual post.

Is there an update on 18.1?

I feel like with the 3rd party apps shutting down tomorrow, Lemmy could be flooded with new users. It would be a shame if their first experience here is with that front page bug.

Finger wars
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