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Percentages - Pearls Before Swine
  • Sorry, yes I was slightly unclear in my response. (I've moved the paragraph to make it clearer)

    The House of Lords in the UK is a mix of hereditary and life time peers nominated by the govt.

    The House of Lords has limited powers (I think can veto or suggest amendments to a bill only once before the house of commons can force it through) and it is a archaic institution that we have kept, I guess it adds an extra check or balance to the elected representatives.

  • Positron V3.2 as First Printer?
  • Agreed, imho calibration is the biggest issue. Also print times - generally I wouldn't leave a print job running (e.g. in hotel room whilst I'm out sightseeing) without being near or at least monitoring it. And finally the smell of some filaments can bother some people.

    On the otherhand it looks really neat, the size is great and I think it'd be a good solution to your requirements. Just don't be surprised if you end up making a permanent space for it in order to avoid too much recalibration everytime you set it up 😂

    And addressing your other concern, I think part of the original reprap ideal was that a 3D printer could print parts to build another printer, and parts to modify and improve itself. I've got a i3 clone and parts are usually generic and off the shelf - you might be able to check what parts it uses?

  • Percentages - Pearls Before Swine
  • Thanks for the explanation.

    Well gosh, I've had to go and read up on it too 😀

    Looks like we both have the same 3 branches, but I was wrong in thinking the house of commons and lords were 2 of those branches.

    In a perhaps slightly simplistic overview:

    • Legislative - debates and decides the laws.

    • Executive - executes or implements these laws in policy decisions (assigning funds to public bodies etc, setting mission statements)

    • Judicial - interprets the implementation of laws when needed (e.g. edge cases)

    Executive, Legislature and Judiciary. In the UK, the executive comprises the Crown and the Government, including the Prime Minister and Cabinet ministers. The legislature; Parliament, comprises the Crown, the House of Commons and the House of Lords.

    Also seems like the UK independence of legislature and executive branch is up to debate -

  • Percentages - Pearls Before Swine
  • I'm British, but it's hard not to be aware of American stuff due to Reddit / Lemmy, movies, books, games, etc.

    Are the 3 branches of govt.:

    House of representatives, Senate, and judiciary?

    We have house of commons, house of lords, and judiciary. First is elected, second is a mix of hereditary and nominated by govt I believe. Third is appointed by govt I guess.

    Edit: looks like I got the branches wrong, see next reply.

  • Libertarians be like
  • I'm not condoning this, but one argument I've heard is that it's easier to pick a different corporation (i.e. don't buy from them) than it is to change your government (every 4 years ish) and it's only the political party, not the civil service / employees (or whatever it's called in the USA) that change.

    Of course monopolies, huge barriers to entry for new companies, etc, weaken this argument.

    As a final note; I think the combination of unions, govt., and private enterprise is the best we can hope for under the existing system.

  • Gravid vätte
  • Although, I think safety matches are ones that will only strike on the rough side of the box, rather than a wall or chin stubble.

    But I rather like the idea that they have matches that don't burn all the way down.

  • Four universities in Taiwan to close due to dip in enrolment
  • About 728 students from the four universities have been reassigned to other school ... the impact on private schools will be greater, considering the lack of students and the preference for public schools.

    It's 4 rather small private universities. Doesn't seem like any great loss to me.

  • Ubisoft's customer values Ubisoft Exec Says Gamers Need to Get 'Comfortable' Not Owning Their Games for Subscriptions to Take Off - IGN

    An executive at Assassin’s Creed maker Ubisoft has said gamers will need to get “comfortable” not owning their games before video game subscriptions truly take off.

    Ubisoft Exec Says Gamers Need to Get 'Comfortable' Not Owning Their Games for Subscriptions to Take Off - IGN

    >Ubisoft Exec Says Gamers Need to Get ‘Comfortable’ Not Owning Their Games for Subscriptions to Take Off

    Ubishit's showing what's most important to them as a company (Suprise suprise it's not about making games)

    Shareholders want those regular subscription fees rolling in.

    Compoface d00ery

    Wales Online