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2 killed, 8 wounded in mass shooting outside Arkansas grocery store
  • You are poorly educated and citing generic stats with out understanding what you were just told.

    This is a way to win people over.

    Cool Americans will over buy guns, true. We are talking here peoples conduct with weapons.

    Goal posts moved while-u-wait.

  • 2 killed, 8 wounded in mass shooting outside Arkansas grocery store
  • You may have to wait 'til Tuesday* for the next TV-publicized mass shooting, but it wasn't twelve hours before the next actual mass-shooting event occured:

    • 1 death and 7 surviving victims of a shooter on 2523 W Broadway, Louisville KY USA 40211, with no arrest shown

    Note that the mass shooting in Arkansas is almost a Mass Killing, as a 3rd victim has now died.

    In general, there are on average more than one mass shooting every day in America, and often a high number in a day. On the 15th of June, barely a week ago, there were SIX mass shootings - Cincinatti, Southfield MI, Rochester MI, Detroit, RoundRock, Tuskegee - and 4 of the 51 total victims died. SIX MASS SHOOTINGS reported by newsmedia IN A DAY, but the record I think is 8.

    Anyway, I just came to say you may not need to wait four days for the next one, that 4 hours is usually plenty. 'Murica.

  • Kyle Rittenhouse's family plead for money as they face eviction
  • you let someone whack you on the head full swing with a skateboard

    So, like, a club. A mace. A melee weapon against a semi-auto 5.56 broomstick with enough rounds to kill 30 people in as many seconds (with aiming) before requiring a reload.

    Phew. Lucky he was there to be the timely victim; otherwise, who would that guy NOT SHOOT and the skateboard guy NOT HIT? It could've been anyone not injured at all from those people.

  • Kyle Rittenhouse's family plead for money as they face eviction
  • Agreed.

    We know that we are not the only family struggling to rebuild after that fateful night

    And look at the struggles his sister is going through. Profound tone-deafness is a real wipepo problem, a syndrome second only to affluenza in terms of collateral damage and suffering.

    She needs help! Hit up your friends; especially the strong ones who like pizza and beer. Dig deep for those truck keys and clear the calendars for next weekend so you can help ... move.

  • US signals that it has expanded policy to allow Ukraine to counterstrike into Russia
  • wicked as it can be, never really messed with our internal affairs.

    When you realize Ukraine is the reason Russia hasn't come for other countries, it'll make more sense.

    I get that you're apparently in a nation you classify as developing. The same label can be applied to America in 1200ad or Ukraine/Gaza in 2025 -- in all cases, no ability to prevent colonizers from taking the land if they choose.

    Unchecked, we're all at risk. Just, developing countries are at risk of facing a war even more outbalanced than the belligerent invasion of Ukraine or Gaza.

  • Israel ready for ‘all-out war’ in Lebanon
  • Hasn’t Hezbollah been targeting Israel for decades?

    It's just cute how much you left out, there, as if that's the only thing that's been going on.

    "You see they hit us then we hit them. Then we hit them and they hit us, man. It's like a war, ya know what I'm sayin'" -- Ice-T

  • Dell said return to the office or else—nearly half of workers chose “or else”
  • I peaced out at 2. Manager was a bit of a prick, and the office was bright, hot, cramped, loud, and had no visual or audio privacy.

    No fucking thanks.

    Found a job thanks to my peers and it's a little more pay and 100% remote as per the union contract. Wheeee. Work anywhere in the country.

  • Dell said return to the office or else—nearly half of workers chose “or else”
  • This would be a handy way to get rid of half your staff, but the people you chase away are usually the ones you want to keep. As per the Dead-Sea Effect, the ones who will leave are the ones who generally are more able to, who will be your most employable people, and thus your most talented. Usually.

    Making work suck, and letting the best half of the staff bail, seems like stupid and a game show.

  • Air Canada customers kicked off plane for refusing vomit-covered seat

    Pay-wall link:

    Air Canada has apologized to customers who were allegedly escorted off a plane for refusing to sit in a chair covered with vomit for the duration of their over four-hour flight.

    The airline issued a statement after a viral Facebook post claimed two as-yet unidentified female flyers were told there was nothing to be done about the visible vomit on their soiled seats.

    Oh! AirCanada!


    Ah, RedHat (rpmdb failure)

    We've been using Yum (and now its "differenter name is betterer" dnf) for what, 20 years?

    error: rpmdb: BDB0113 Thread/process 13664/139968089683776 failed: BDB1507 Thread died in Berkeley DB library error: db5 error(-30973) from dbenv->failchk: BDB0087 DB_RUNRECOVERY: Fatal error, run database recovery error: cannot open Packages index using db5 - (-30973) error: cannot open Packages database in /var/lib/rpm

    You think we'll ever get someone with a clue to fix this? Will RedHat going all IBM about source code help?


    Screen width and web dev

    Okay, so what's with Gitlab and ServiceNow getting so fat on whitespace that they no longer fit in half a 1920x1200 screen properly?

    What's the standard width that actual professional webdevs are building toward? Is there a standard, or like app dependendencies are they back to pre-y2k "moar moar nom nom" methodologies?


    Where's the "Did MSFT sharepoint just go down again today" posting space?

    Look. It happens a few times a week, where reps in 3 time-zones will be fucked by an interruption to azure services like o341 or sharepoint (we don't do VMs in azure; not secure enough).

    I'm used to shadenfreuding Reddit over that, or at least finding it's not just our company firewall and VPN taking the Proverbial.

    Is there a sub I can join to get the topical junk like that? I'm too indolent - like a fox! - to go to twitter (or ideally mastodon) for a more suitable location; but will I find it there if I do? Can it be here too?


    #174 Fedora Linux With The Project Leader | Matthew Miller, in which RedHat stabbing the GPL in the back may or may not affect Fedora

    I didn't find this yet, but please downvote to hell itself and drop a link to the proper prior post in comments if you find it.

    In here, eventually, are some comments from the Fedora project leader about how RHEL trying to kill open access to source and packaging source code is potentially going to affect Fedora, RedHat's ginger adopted stepchild which it usually overlooks.

    I must say there's a LOT to wait through and one of them has a mic with a bad level at times, and I didn't sit all the way through. Tell me if I've been scammed, but I thought this may have value and I'm hoping to hear confirmation of that too.

    Enjoy? Or flame me. Happy Friday.