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Internet forums are disappearing because now it's all Reddit and Discord. And that's worrying.
  • I've said this before, the thing I hate about reddit and discord is that you only get exposed to "current" threads or "top" threads. On old forums everything was just there and if someone commented on it, it came back to the top and re-ignited conversations.

    I was a big user of the command and conquer forums and I definitely miss the community of it. But that may just be the scale of Internet then compared to now. Back then you saw the same users every day and we ended up chatting on msn and working on projects together. I couldn't tell you any users on my instance or elsewhere other than the admins of my instance.

  • Sorry Darin, not a grass
  • I'm not saying it's right, I'm just saying the situation. It is very stupid. We should be encouraging these kinds of eco-friendly personal transport methods and they should absolutely have total priority over cars

  • Some questions about building a PC for graphic design
  • You are going to need to ask her specifically what software she uses and find out if it can run on Linux. If it can't then she is not going to use the computer. Graphic design is not a profession where you can just easily switch software and trying to convince someone else they should do that is going to be even less likely.

  • Why does nobody maintain PPAs anymore?

    When I first started using Linux 15 years ago (Ubuntu) , if there was some software you wanted that wasn't in the distro's repos you can probably bet that there was a PPA you could add to your system in order to get it.

    Seems that nowadays this is basically dead. Some people provide appimage, snap or flatpak but these don't integrate well into the system at all and don't integrate with the system updater.

    I use Spek for audio analysis and yesterday it told me I didn't have permission to read a file, I a directory that I owned, that I definitely have permission to read. Took me ages to realise it was because Spek was a snap.

    I get that these new package formats provide all the dependencies an app needs, but PPAs felt more centralised and integrated in terms of system updates and the system itself. Have they just fallen out of favour?


    Radical New Discovery Could Double The Speed of Existing Computers - simultaneous and heterogeneous multithreading

    Does anyone know more about this? Sounds like distributing tasks to other processors that are not really designed for the job? Articles are making it out to be a miracle and not sure whether to believe it

    5 Physicists create new form of antenna for radio waves

    University of Otago physicists have used a small glass bulb containing an atomic vapor to demonstrate a new form of antenna for radio waves. The bulb was "wired up" with laser beams and could therefore be placed far from any receiver electronics.

    Physicists create new form of antenna for radio waves

    Ardour 8.1 released - Linux DAW for audio and music production Ardour 8.1 is released

    Hot on the heels of 8.0, we are happy to bring you a mostly-hotfixes 8.1 release. There’s a couple of tasty new features also. The full notes for 8.0 and 8.1 are in the usual place, with the new stuff & fixes for 8.1 also listed below. Download as usual. MIDI port names for the Novati...

    Ardour 8.1 is released
    7 The CEO of Dropbox has a 90/10 rule for remote work

    "If you trust people and treat them like adults, they'll behave like adults," Dropbox CEO Drew Houston told Fortune.

    The CEO of Dropbox has a 90/10 rule for remote work

    It's up to EA :(

    However I definitely want to play dinosaurs


    Modos Paper Monitor - has anybody used one? any good? The Modos Paper Monitor | Modos

    At Modos, our mission is to help you live a healthy life by creating technology that respects your time, attention, and well-being. Today, we'd like to introduce the Modos Paper Monitor: an open-hardware standalone portable monitor made for reading and writing, especially for people who need to star...

    The Modos Paper Monitor | Modos
    7 Rishi Sunak delays petrol car ban in major shift on green policies

    The prime minister claims the changes will support "hard-pressed families" but opponents accuse him of "selling out".

    Rishi Sunak delays petrol car ban in major shift on green policies
    Song I Love And Want To Share christophski

    Alicia Myers - I Want To Thank You (1981) Piped

    An alternative privacy-friendly YouTube frontend which is efficient by design.


    Not sure what it is about this song but it really gets me. A sort of slightly melancholic ecstasy.

    Command & Conquer christophski

    What was your favourite mod?

    I was very into the nodding scene back in mid 2000s - what was your favourite mod?

    I remember AR2 being great and NCM Revolution, both had great original graphics.


    Nextcloud alternatives

    So far my experience with Nextcloud has been that it is a pain in the arse to install, and once it's installed is slow as anything. Literally couldn't run it on my pi 3b, now got it up and running pretty nicely on a NUC but it's still not great. Have caching set up.

    I have the notes app installed on my android phone and I can never used rich text editing because it gives timeout error.

    This shouldn't be this complicated. All I want is to de-Google my documents and notes, and self-host my kanban. I don't really need the rest though it's nice to have the options.

    Do people use alternatives? Am I doing something completely wrong? I set it up using nginx which I know is not supported, but the alternative using Docker AIO didn't allow me to use custom port easily.

    Architecture christophski

    British Museum Great Court Ceiling

    The Great Court is the largest covered public square in Europe. The ceiling is made up of 3312 panels, every panel is a unique shape.

    interestingasfuck christophski

    Sharks are older than trees Ten interesting facts about sharks - Australian National Maritime Museum

    Don't let Jaws ruin your perception of sharks! Through their evolution, sharks have shaped our oceans into the rich habitats we know today. As apex predators (animals that are at the top of the food chain), sharks play an important role in the ecosystem and help keep the ocean and fish populations h...

    Ten interesting facts about sharks - Australian National Maritime Museum

    I heard this on The Infinite Monkey Cage yesterday and had to look it up and share.

    Linux Audio christophski

    Mixxx 2.3.6 DJ software released - if you are interested in DJing, give it a go!

    I've used Mixxx extensively in clubs and live events, feel free to ask any questions


    What's the most exciting development happening in your field of work/study at the moment?

    What's something happening in your field of work or study that you think could really change things in the future?

    37 Would We Recognize Extraterrestrial Technology If We Saw It?

    There’s a common critique in science fiction series like Star Trek about the extraterrestrial species not looking ‘alien’ enough, as well as about their technology being strangely…

    Would We Recognize Extraterrestrial Technology If We Saw It?

    Sorry, not directly stargate related but thought you lot might find it interesting


    Dying Breed: a new C&C style RTS from MicroProse - native Linux from launch MicroProse now publishing Dying Breed a retro RTS like Command & Conquer

    Announced today, Dying Breed from Sarnayer that blends together the classic style and gameplay in the original Command & Conquer but with Zombies is now being published by MicroProse.

    MicroProse now publishing Dying Breed a retro RTS like Command & Conquer
    Linux Audio christophski

    What's your setup?

    What is your software/hardware set up?

    I'm currently running Ubuntu, but the way things are going with snap et Al I'm looking to move to something else soon.

    My software setup has barely changed in a long time. Ardour is the core of all my production, I use qjackctl for handling Jack, Hydrogen for drums and then occasionally throw in a bit of Renoise or Bitwig for extra synth/sampler needs. I like to keep it simple and this really works for me.

    What do you use?