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Proton Mail provided user data that led to an arrest in Spain
  • I mean, Proton was the necessary link. Not even like I fault them, people should realize email or any other 2-sided activity has 2 (or in this case, 3(+?)points of weakness.

    Dunno, just hate the way we lie without even lying nowadays. Mot sorry that Rubes get rubed

  • Boeing 737 skidded off runway in Senegal airport, injuring 10 people
  • I don't mind them having permanent scrutiny to get them and keep them on a better path. They needed government supervision but neither party could handle that so now they can be supervised by the media, tabloids, and the great unwashed public

  • Defense moves for mistrial over Daniels' testimony
  • Blanche was actually a pretty respected prosecutor turned defense attorney, its surprising he took the case unless he wanted to get out of law and this was his swansong before transitioning to some sweet talkinghead gig or other well-paid right-wing political operative role

  • Feature Request - Remember previous post for reverse-back functionality

    It'd be cool to have an option where after you read an article and navigated back to the subreddit view, you could swipe forward and go back to the article you just swiped back from.

    The need to do this for me is far greater than I am willing to admit beyond the implicit and inescapable inference this post demands lol

    Shitty Ask Lemmy cheese_greater
    What elements are in cum?
    [serious] How do I get coconut cream to spread out evenly and stay that way when adding water to make coconut milk

    Something, something, emulsifier?

    Edit: it seems as if all you need to do is mix with hot or boiling water and that will help integrate everything. Still not sure if lecithin/xantham gum is required if this works

    Shitty Ask Lemmy cheese_greater
    If humans were programmed instinctually and flexible enough to comfortably do it, how would we "reprogram" ourselves to not lick clean our own butts like cats

    Something something behavioral extinction

    Shitty Ask Lemmy cheese_greater
    Series: what does alcohol smell like?

    This is part of a series on the smells of various substances—In the nose, if you catch my grift ;)

    Why do antipsychotics (which mediate dopamine) benefit bipolars like they do for schizophrenics, what sorcery is this?

    Something, something, attenuates hypomania? Does it more stop the hypomania, how does that help with the depression cycle?

    (I don't have these conditions or take any meds like personally, simply curious)

    What mechanism causes it to hurt or creates the discomfort when you have a full bladder and need to pee?

    I've never seen this aspect dealt with in any of the articles I've read about the urinary system

    What a good iOS app to use a ChatGPT or related LLM thats like the AI equivalent of a VPN

    Something that lets you pay but doesn't log the inputs like a blank slate.

    I don't mind paying or maybe there's an offline implementation (doesnt have to be cutting edge)

    Just looking for text/messaging style app that implements an LLM, preferably not tuned if that limits its inferential abillity

    Basically think I'm looking for a talking Wikipedia haha

    Shitty Ask Lemmy cheese_greater
    Series: What does lsd smell like?
    Why would your best friend or someoneyou mutually considered a good friend suddenly ghost you?

    Is there a way to figure out if they blocked youon Signal if you can still technically message them?

    Edit: he seems to have blocked me or hasn't used Signal since a single emphatically non-controversial/non-hurtful comment so he either blocked me or hasn't opened Signal for >month. He's not responding to anything else either so he's either depressed or blocked+done with me.

    Edit: I'll know when it comes birthday time. I'm not a Bridezilla about birthdays but it would be unusual for him to not wish me one. He's never not done so. I'll have my answer when that happens 🙏 (namaste) If he wants to be a dick about it and leave me in the dark totally those days are fortunatley numbered :/

    Edit: we're white and very (North)-American.

    Shitty Ask Lemmy cheese_greater
    Can you turn pickels into pickelchips by baking them?
    Shitty Ask Lemmy cheese_greater
    What would it take to make you trust GoogleVPN and not accuse it of being an oxymoron?
    Shitty Ask Lemmy cheese_greater
    Have you ever cum like a wrecking ball?
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