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13 Massachusett municipalities and 1 university use ShotSpotter. Critics wonder: Is it worth it?
  • On the radio this morning, they claimed an accuracy of 30%, which they made seem low, but I thought it was surprisingly high. Regardless of the actual number, fire alarm activations have presumably similar accuracy rates, but nobody blinks an eye at those.

  • Linux and DOOM (1993)
  • Doom was popular because it was a brand new type of game that was also very fun. The various ports, official and unofficial, were probably not a significant contributor. I can't find numbers, but most home PCs at the time probably ran MS-DOS or Windows 95.

  • Every damn day
  • It denies everyone the article, it's not searchable, and it's inaccessible for people using things like screen readers. People who screenshot text deserve a special place in hell.

  • Deadliest predators invade popular tourist spot weeks before summer
  • This is fearmongering. Sharks are generally not dangerous to humans. You're 75 times more likely to be killed by lightning than a shark. The biggest reasons for shark bites are because they mistake you for an otter or seal, or they were trying to mouth you to figure out what you were.

    Also, the deadliest predator is the African wild dog.

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