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The double sexism of ChatGPT’s flirty “Her” voice
  • What, does it talk like that grey bluetooth speaker often featured on Dankpods?

  • Steam Deck game library now 29% larger than that of Nintendo Switch
  • You know those cheap Disney ripoff movies? Like Finding Nemo comes out and then anyone with a copy of Blender and a few hundred bucks to spend on distribution starts selling "The Little Lost Fish?" The video game equivalent of that is called shovelware.

  • After almost 28 years, Super Mario 64 has been beaten without using the A button
  • Was it GameChamp3000? That's their MO; beating BotW without climbing, beating Sonic without pushing right, etc.

  • toxic help forum
  • I don't think Inkscape has GIMP syndrome; it's my understanding that Inkscape is just missing some features that make it a non-starter rather than a deliberately shit UI.

    FreeCAD has GIMP syndrome which hopefully will soon be remedied.

  • 2024: The Year Linux Dethrones Windows on the Desktop – Are You Ready?
  • I once ran a poll on Reddit asking why people switched to Linux. More people responded it was because Microsoft launched a new hated version of Windows than Microsoft discontinued an old beloved version. ie more people switched because Win 8 came out than Win 7 died.

  • Samsung forces repair stores to destroy customer smartphones, iFixit ends cooperation
  • I was an LG customer for years but let's not pretend they wouldn't be like this or worse if they were still in the game.

  • toxic help forum
  • I refer to that "the devs like it shitty" thing you get out of moderately old FOSS software "GIMP syndrome" because GIMP has it the loudest. A legitimately capable piece of software that you're an idiot for using because good UX is considered a bug by the developers. Best to just let it die in obscurity and create something new from scratch than attempt to fork it.

  • toxic help forum
  • You can also use cat to append some video file formats together, but honestly use ffmpeg.

  • What are some eras of gaming that you've stopped feeling nostalgic for?
  • I'm pretty sure I couldn't with Sony because I don't think I could name a single first-party game from Sony.

    Microsoft is a tricky one because of how many studios they've bought, and I'm not sure how many platforms the PC counts as (at least three: DOS, the DOS-based Windows era and the Windows NT era.

    I cannot for the Steam Deck because I'm not sure Valve has made a total of 25 games.

    I'm not as familiar with Sega as I am Nintendo but they were and still are a developer in addition to the platform owner.

    Atari is not impossible; it's probably possible to come up with a list of 25 first party titles that were considered great that were published for the 2600 or for their 8-bit computers.

    If I'm going to give it a go, I think I'd go for Nintendo on either the NES or SNES, though for the SNES I think I would have to ask if I'm allowed to count titles made by Rare and I bet someone would clap back if I included Super Mario All Stars.

  • What was the worst time you had at a fun event (party, vacation, etc.)?
  • I was at ERAU, me and a few of my roommates decided to go out and do what college kids might do in Daytona Beach on a November evening off, and my appendix burst.

  • Behold: the Jimono
  • ironically a weeb would never wear that.

  • What are some eras of gaming that you've stopped feeling nostalgic for?
  • I think I could name 20 legitimately great games that came out for the N64...and that is about it.

    You know the NES and SNES minis they released that were basically ARM-powered emulator boxes in nostalgic shells with actually pretty good replica controllers? There was a lot of discussion around what games should have been included that weren't. Like, "Here's 25 MORE games that should have been on it." and a lot of them were third party titles from Squaresoft, Enix, Quintet, Capcom etc. that people think of as iconic to the platform but Nintendo couldn't wangle the rights for.

    Those same discussions often drifted to a hypothetical N64 mini and what list of 25 games it should include and a lot of people struggled to finish that list. Especially if you rule out a lot of the third party publishers and basically go with Nintendo and Rare, which I would add Diddy Kong Racing, Banjo-Tooie, Majora's Mask and Star Fox 64 to your list there and that's basically it. You'd have to start putting things like Pilot Wings 64 on it. No Extreme-G, no 1080 Snowboarding, no Cruisin' USA, and you'd never get the license for Shadows of the Empire or...whichever Mortal Kombat the system got.

    I did once hear a theory as to why the N64 is publicly beloved in a way the Playstation isn't, it's because the kids who had an N64 all basically had the same library of games, we can ALL hum the song in Dire Dire Docks or Kokiri Forest. There was a huge library for the Playstation so the kids who had that system don't all have the same memories.

  • Cultural differences
  • That's a question worth a google search but I have no idea how to phrase it.

  • Minimalism
  • Okay, from the picture it looked like the plate was missing or it had a landlord special paint job or something.

    I'm designing a dining room cupboard/hutch and looking around the internet for pictures to draw from I started noticing details about them, like how I can give you a checklist of things that will be on them in pictures on the internet, and if there is an outlet visible in the shot it will somehow be negligently built/maintained.

  • Minimalism
  • Just have to ask, what's up with that outlet?

  • Conservative cell carrier Patriot Mobile hit by data breach
  • You know how the Nazis wanted to publish The Lord of the Rings in Germany but had to write Tolkien first to ask if he was jewish? Or that they're nuclear weapons program was slow because they had to make sure it was white guys who did the science?

    It's that mentality.

    The funnier thing is, there aren't any "Patriot Mobile" cell towers or data centers, basically they're a racism-themed Cricket Mobile or TracFone, where they rent bandwidth from one of the big three (AT&T, Verizon or T-Mobile these days if I understand correctly) but they're their own retail/customer service setup.

  • Cultural differences
  • It's entirely possible they still do, but I can confirm in the early 90's they sold T-shirts that said "I got crabs from Dirty Dicks."

    Yep. Venereal parasite-themed seafood restaurants are what makes America special.

  • I tabled again

    A simple shaker style table in white oak, finished with spar urethane and kitty approved.

    The breadboard ends on the panels were an education on this one; on the top they aren't strictly necessary, but I felt they were needed on the lower panel so that the movement of that captive panel wouldn't rack the legs. Found out I prefer making the tongues with a router rather than the dado set on the table saw.

    Using a shop tablet that definitely exists

    This is the follow-up to my previous post about a Linux tablet for my workshop. based on the suggestion by @[email protected] , I went with a Lenovo Duet 3i, apparently also known as an 82AT and/or 10IGL5. Sprung for the Pentium version with 8GB of RAM. It has arrived, and I've got it set up to start using.

    The Hardware Itself

    For a shovelware-grade machine, it's not bad at all. I'm sure they were sold in big box stores as the budget tier barely capable of running Windows 10, which is why there's so many of them for sale in barely used condition.

    2 USB-C ports came in handy for charging and installing Linux from a thumb drive. The screen is surprisingly good for a machine of this price point, and it runs cooler than my cat.

    The Linux Experience

    SHOCKINGLY good. Linux Mint loaded right up, though I wouldn't recommend it on this machine. Cinnamon is not intended for tiny touch screens.

    Fedora KDE Spin ran quite nicely, but I ended up installing Fedora Gnome. I generally hate Gnome but for a machine that will run FreeCAD, a PDF reader and a web browser, maybe a calculator, it'll work.

    So far, I haven't found anything that doesn't work. It suspends and wakes from suspend, keyboard works, backlight controls work, both cameras work, auto-rotation works, keyboard works in attached and bluetooth modes, Wi-Fi works...

    I think I just saw that graphical glitch @[email protected] mentioned for the first time, I looked over at it and the top panel was near the bottom of the screen. Moving the mouse around seems to fix it, though yeah if that behavior continues or worsens I'm probably going to try either X11 or...something.

    Overall I'd call it "quick but not fast." UI feels responsive, but...put it this way I watched Neofetch run. Any disk operation at all is a bit slow.

    Gnome is...Gnome. I would hate to live in Gnome on my main machine. I think it'll do here; it's mostly navigable by touch screen.

    FreeCAD works amazingly well and is surprisingly usable on a touch screen, though to do anything serious you do need to be able to right click and use the Ctrl key. I think it'll do what I'm after. Going to start building a shelf either today or in the next couple days, will report back how it works in service.

    Looking for a shop computer/tablet that probably doesn't exist

    Let's see if I can keep this relatively short:

    I'm a woodworker, I do my design work in FreeCAD and then I print out my drawings on paper to carry out to the shop with me. It would be nicer if I had a shop-proof device to run FreeCAD in the shop with me because over the past year I found myself saying the following things in the shop a lot:

    • "Wait, let's go in and look at the 3D model."
    • "Ah dang I forgot to note this particular dimension on the drawing, let me go fix that."
    • "I'll measure this part up then go in and do some drawing."

    So what does "shop proof" mean exactly?

    1. Wood shop be dusty. Last year I hauled 250 gallons of sawdust to the dump. To me this means that a physical keyboard needs to be able to function if it's been packed with dust and/or needs to be vacuum cleaner proof. I also think cooling fans are probably a bad idea; a passively cooled device is probably preferable.

    2. Not many outlets in the shop, so it needs a good battery life. I actually don't need a tremendous amount of performance, I've used a Raspberry Pi 3 for the kind of CAD work I do.

    3. FreeCAD does not ship an APK so Android is no bueno, it's gotta be GNU/Linux.

    4. It needs decent usable Wi-Fi because I envision using Syncthing to keep my woodworking projects folder synced between my desktop and this device. It doesn't necessarily need to get signal out in the shop (my phone barely does; I lose signal if I stand behind the drill press) but it does have to connect to my Wi-Fi when I carry it into the house.

    I think this means I'm looking for an ARM tablet that can competently run Linux. Is there such a thing?


    Thanks to everyone who commented, I think I do have a plan of action: I'm gonna buy a used Lenovo!

    To answer the question I posed, no it doesn't seem that a Linux ARM tablet is really a thing yet. Commercial offerings that run Android or Windows on ARM are often so locked down that switching OS isn't a thing, the few attempts at a purpose built ARM tablet for Linux like the PineTab just are not ready for prime time.

    In the x86 world, it basically came down to 10 year old Toughbook tablets or 4 year old low-end 2-in-1s, and I think the latter won out just because of mileage and condition. A lot of the toughbooks out there will have 10 year old batteries in them, and they've been treated like a Toughbook for some or all of that time. The few Lenovo's I've looked at are barely used, probably because of how Windows "runs" on them.

    I'll eventually check back in with progress on this front. Would it be better to add to this thread or create another?

    Are conveyor lifts worse in Update 8?

    I mean, I know Update 8 ruined everything it touched and some things it didn't, but...I seem to remember being able to connect conveyor lifts directly between machines and splitters. I also seem to remember being able to reverse the direction of conveyor lifts while placing them. Neither of those seem to work anymore.

    I think I'm giving up until they've got the SMART mod working in 1.0. Playing this game without the SMART mod feels like playing in a sandbox, but every ten minutes you have to stop and count all the sand.

    End tables are finally finished.

    I guess I got the finish to look okay on the pine legs and such. Looks great on the oak tops and shelves. Sat down to draw these on Nov 1 and they're finally next to my couch.


    As far as I can tell, pine can't be finished.

    I've found my finishing problem: I'm building things out of pine.

    Traditional stain, gel stain, urethane, tung oil, danish oil...on oak, cherry or maple many of these look fine. No matter what I put on pine, it comes out looking like a septic prolapse.

    Do I actually need to do anything to go from GeForce to Radeon?

    My GTX-1080 is getting a little long in the tooth, I'm thinking of going all AMD on my Linux Mint gaming rig here, there anything I need to do or install or uninstall to switch to an AMD card from an Nvidia one?

    I've never done this before on a Linux system; I've got my Intel/Radeon laptop, and my Ryzen/GeForce desktop and that's most of my Linux experience.

    There are emotions I don't know how to express without my glasses on.

    I emote with my glasses a lot. Slowly pulling them off in amazement, sarcastically looking over the top of the rims, etc. How do people who can actually see handle it?

    Which do you prefer: Handheld router, or router table?

    Until fairly recently I owned just one router. I bought it, immediately installed it in the table it came with, and it has come out of the router table exactly once since then to cut a couple slots. I have since bought one of those little "trim routers" but I still do the bulk of my routing work in the table.

    I'm curious, how do the rest of you prefer to work? Do you mostly use your router handheld or in a table?

    Recommend finishing products to me that aren't Minwax

    Minwax has ruined enough of my projects. I'm looking for recommendations for wood finishing products, particularly stains and wiping varnishes, that actually work, are readily available on the East coast of the United States, and are not manufactured by Sherwin-Williams.

    Journal keepers of Lemmy: Do you go back and re-read old entries?

    It's one of those things I've never talked about with other people, the most I've really been exposed to journal keeping in pop culture is Doug Funny. People don't talk about their personal journals.

    Ever since I was a teenager I've sometimes felt compelled to write about major events, and over the years this has become the habit of keeping a journal that I write in almost every day, and sometimes I go back and read old entries. "What was I doing this time last year?" I also sometimes keep notes or such intentionally for future reference.

    So, if you keep a journal, do you go back and read it? Why?

    Maple, Cherry and Walnut cutting board

    I made a thing today! First time making a cutting board. Came out pretty nice I think.

    Pictures posted to Lemmy: Does exif data survive?

    I have occasionally posted like, cat photos to social media trusting that identifying metadata is removed, since the mouth breathers that design things like smart phones put social security numbers and goddamn GPS data in every picture that's taken. Does Lemmy strip that data out, or am I gonna have to blank that myself?

    Trains sometimes collide leaving the station

    So I've got a manifold of train stations--one line comes in, branches into like six parallel train stations, and then they rejoin into one line. Each station has a block signal at each end, so the one-into-many section and the many-into-one section are blocks.

    Sometimes, when there's enough traffic that more than train is finished unloading and ready to take off, when the many-to-one block frees up, two trains will enter the block simultaneously and collide.

    Anyone know what to do about that?

    4 Carowinds’ roller coaster ride closed after crack discovered in support pillar

    A visitor to the amusement park noticed the crack and alerted park officials.

    Fury 325 at Carowinds is down for repair.

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