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What’s pvp? An sti?
  • If this post is the worst take you've ever seen, I can only assume that this is your first day on the internet. Welcome! I hope you find something that you like. And try to be nice to people.

  • CrowdStrike downtime apparently caused by update that replaced a file with 42kb of zeroes
  • In this thread we're talking about the recent problem with CrowdStrike on Windows that brought down various services around the world. So I don't know who's bubble you think you're bursting by talking about something else.

  • What fresh hell is this?
  • The way I see it, the companies value our privacy in the sense that they want to take it - to extract that value.

    We value your privacy. So if you don't value it, then give to away to someone who does. In fact, just lets us take it anyway regardless.

  • Firefox added ad tracking and has already turned it on without asking you
  • When writing my previous post I had started writing a list of suggested strategies; but I changed my mind about posting that. I'm not a member of Mozilla. I don't know what particular challenges they face, and my expertise are not in not-for-profit fundraising. So although I do have ideas, I don't really want to get into a trap of trying to defend my half-arse ideas against people picking them apart. It's beside the point. The point is just that it is achievable, as evidenced by other organisations achieving it.

    I will say though that they could at least just mention on the Firefox 'successful update' page that Firefox is supported by donations, and give a link. A lot of people really like Firefox; and I think that if Firefox asked for donations, they would get more donations.

  • Just kind of makes sense no?
  • Yeah, plastering parking lots over prime agricultural land was definitely a mistake. And it's hard to wind that back. We just need to make sure new infrastructure and planning reduces car dependency rather than further entrenching it.

  • Microsoft is not done yet: more ads spotted in latest Windows 11 build - gHacks Tech News
  • A one-off time 'investment' of switching to Linux will save you from all future cases of searching for how to wrestle with the latest Windows crapware. If you switch, you'll be in time-debt for a few months, and after that you'll be ahead - and you'll stay ahead indefinitely. You'll also have the piece of mind that you are not being spied on and monetised by your OS.

  • Why is my Twitter feed full of right-wing content when I don't consume political content?
  • No only that, but people think about the products, and talk about them with others as a result of the ads. So even if an ad doesn't lead to a direct purchase (or even a click), it still leads to an advantage over competing products and ideas.

    Heck, we sometimes even see ads posted and talked about here on lemmy - because people sometimes think they are interesting, or annoying, or controversial, or whatever other reason. In any case, the idea gets spread around - which is the goal of the advertise.

  • Get in the Hilux
  • That definitely is not what I was saying. What I'm saying is that mocking and taunting people does not help social cohesion. It can cause reluctance and spite. We just don't need that.

  • Get in the Hilux
  • It's good that you are getting support. I do think your jokes here are a bit in bad taste though. It isn't likely to make anyone feel good about supporting others, or about being supported.

  • Why spend money on ChatGPT?
  • I saw someone post this a few days ago, and someone else quickly pointed out that it is incorrect. This time I'll point out it is incorrect.

    In base-pi, pi would be represented as 10. The place value of the right-most digit would be pi^0, and the next digit is pi^1.

  • r/linuxmemes in a nutshell
  • Holy smokes. Surely no one on lemmy would announce that they still use x! That place is a disaster!

    [edit] oh. I get it now. They just meant they don't think Wayland is ready yet. Sorry.

  • The role of attrition against mainstream platforms (Discussion)
  • I don't think its viable to post on Facebook (or whatever). with the goal of getting people to stop using Facebook. People on the site will quickly disregard whatever arguments put forward, because it is very hard to maintain credibility while you are on the site that you are arguing against. And if you do make an effort to maintain your credibility there, then you can end up having the reverse effect - in the sense that you are now a valuable contributor to the platform, and people will like and respect your contributions while staying on the platform.

    Criticism one platform is more likely to be taken on-board if posted on a different platform though. For example, a lot of people on Reddit argue against Facebook - and I reckon it probably has an effect the people who read it. But obviously it isn't the ideal target audience. You really want to arguing against Facebook to people who are actually on Facebook!

    I can't really think of a good way to get people to stop using particular social media en mass. (I'd written a couple of paragraphs about general strategies for changing people's minds; but I don't think it was helpful enough to bother reading.) I suppose the best option would be government regulation to undermine the targeted advertisement revenue streams. If these platforms were forbidden from collecting and using personal data for advertising, then the incentive for content-churn would be reduced. Without the money, the corruption would no long be self-sustaining. So political action to support strong privacy laws is probably the best way. Aside from that, probably the best way is to degrade the quality of the platforms. Don't contribute any content to them. Don't give them any kind of credibility by linking to them (for any reason, even negative attention). If you feel like being chaotic, I suppose you could create spam bots to just make the place worse, but that's probably not worth the effort. Actual spam-bots are common enough anyway.

  • Maddy makes heaps of stuff in GDQ Madeline Stephanie Thorson (@[email protected])

    Here's a short thread for SGDQ2024 runs of games I worked on! Times are in PST and will probably shift. Full schedule is here

    I just think it's cool to when indie developers are an active part of the gaming community.


    Requesting folder encryption recommendations

    I'm vaguely interested in having a few different encrypted folders on my computer, with different passwords on each. I don't have any particular strong requirements. It's more of a velleity; mostly just to try it so that I know more about it.

    That said, when I search for encryption options, I see a lot of different advice from different times. I'm seeings stuff about EncFS, eCryptFS, CryFS; and others... and I find it a bit confusing because to me all those names look basically the same; and it's not easy for me to tell whether or not the info I'm reading is out of date.

    So figure I'd just ask here for recommendations. The way I imagine it, I want some encrypted data on my computer with as little indication of what it is as possible; and but with a command and a password I can then access it like a normal drive or folder; copying stuff in or out, or editing things. And when I'm done, I unmount it (or whatever) and now its inaccessible and opaque again.

    I'm under the impression that there are a bunch of different tools that will do what I've got in mind. But I'm interested in recommendations (since most of the recommendations I've seen on the internet seem to be from years ago, and for maybe slightly different use-cases).