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  • From what I understand that are not redoing any of the audio or motion capture. So they are just making the exact same game with better graphics. I don't really get the point of it, I think the HD version I have on PS3 and vita look great as is .

  • Steve with GN Considering Linux
  • Hopefully the next Linux challenge goes well for them . From what I remember Linus somehow broke his fresh Linux install by just install steam lol . Can't wait to see Elijah switch to Linux

  • Best friends !

    My new adopted 1year old cat with my senior 12 year old cat !


    Meet miles ! My new cat that was recently rescued!

    This poor boy was always left outside but his previous owners leading him to get attacked by multiple cats . A friend of mine found him and he eventually ended up being place up for adoption after getting healed up . Now he is in his new forever home !


    I made homemade buns !

    This is the first time I managed to make buns that didn't have the density of biscuits! Made chicken burgers to celebrate!


    Lasagna form scratch including homemade pasta!

    Consisting of layers of meat sauce, mozzarella cheese , bechamel sauce and pasta . I made everything myself.


    I made homemade pasta and rosé sauce

    Pasta made by hand and rosé sauce made from scratch with peppers and sausage.


    Sharks of the corn (2021)


    Cant login on PS5

    I just installed apex legends and as soon as I start it up it tells me to reset my password, after resetting my password it just gives me the same error. I did play once on PC when it first came out and wanted to try it on PS5 . Has anyone figured out how to fix this ?


    Having trouble deciding what game to play next . which one of these games should i try

    Alot of the time I'll be playing will be in-between calls at work so being able to pause any time is important. The only one I've played is god of war but I never finished it .