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The bank didn't understand sovcit.
  • I don't know what it is either, and I think I'm happier for it

  • Are the juror's identities out there? I don't actually know.

  • Is lemmy now what reddit used to be 10+ years ago?
  • I can look at the earliest posts and comments on my account from 10 years ago and cringe at my past self. I'll definitely be able to do the same with this account in the future haha

  • [DISC] Tengoku Daimakyou - Vol. 11 Ch. 64 - Funayama Tooru 3 - MangaDex
  • Haha I was wondering what you were pretty sure about with that last sentence there.

    I'm not familiar with Book of the New Sun, but can hiruko actually absorb memories? I was pretty sure that was just something the innkeeper was telling herself to feel better about her son being eaten by Taka, and the only reason it took so long to kill her was because she kept feeding it guests. I'm not sure I understand the hiruko being both the cause and effect though, what do you mean? I was thinking the timeline has been pretty linear so far.

    After thinking about it more, my best guess on Robin's motivation is that he wants to somehow use the hiruko's regenerative abilities to bring his sister back, and that's the end goal of his experiments. The guy from back on the ship with the rotting hiruko part mentioned a rumor about how attaching a piece of one to yourself would make you immortal and that there's a doctor at the Immortal Order who will do the surgery. That rumor probably didn't originate from Dr. Usami since his work was on prosthetics, but Robin also spent time with the Immortal Order, and we've seen what his experiments were...

  • Can I refuse MS Authenticator?
  • Might be interpreting your comment wrong, but it is compatible with competitors. You don't need to use Authenticator as your 2FA for a personal Microsoft account, and you can use Authenticator in place of any other TOTP app. It's OP's IT department that have chosen to disable the option to use other apps.

  • boats and leashes
  • I didn't realize this was Bedrock exclusive feature. I guess I've never tried to move lots of villagers en masse on Java before.

  • [DISC] Tengoku Daimakyou - Vol. 11 Ch. 64 - Funayama Tooru 3 - MangaDex
  • The statue is definitely supposed to be recognizable, but we haven't seen her in quite a while now so I don't blame you! Mikura Manaka is the person who tasked Kiruko with protecting Maru on his medicine delivery quest from the start of the series.


    She is also the director after the transplant operation that put her brain in Nata's body.

    My confusion comes from what the monument to her is meant to imply though. With it being presented like that on the last page of the chapter, it looks like it should be a big revelation, but I don't see it. Feels like it has to be more than just "she helped take care of the children here for a while".

    I missed that this place was New Heaven though... It's a stretch, but what if the children here are a new generation of Hiruko? Mikura must have been doing research somehow if she was able to develop a cure.

  • [DISC] Tengoku Daimakyou - Vol. 11 Ch. 64 - Funayama Tooru 3 - MangaDex
  • This chapter's done a good job answering a lot of the outstanding Robin questions I had, but the big one is still there. What's the goal of his experiments?

    Also, what is the implication of the monument in the square? That she had something to do with the orphanage after they fled Asakusa?

  • Linux is still not ready to replace Windows
  • It's not necessarily about asking questions or providing the right detail to someone who knows more than you though. After asking for help with the problems I'm experiencing, the answer turned out to be that the NVIDIA driver support for my hardware configuration just isnt there yet. It's not Linux's fault, but unless I spend hundreds to switch my GPU brand or start unlugging monitors, I'm stuck with Windows until Explicit Sync hits the stable release.

  • you wa shock
  • Jojo is what Lemmy has been missing all this time imo

  • NVIDIA 555 Beta Linux Graphics Driver Released with Explicit Sync Support
  • Oh yeah for sure, it works great when I set my monitors to the same refresh rate, but I'd prefer to not have to do that because it's a pretty big difference between them. My secondary monitor is 165hz, but my primary monitor is 360hz, and trying to run them at their native refresh rates at the same time in X11 doesn't work at all. I'd have to set the 360hz monitor down to 165hz to match my secondary monitor before things become usable.

  • Apple Patent Hints At Foldable iPhone With Self-healing Screen
  • The self healing part is for scratches on the inner screen. Since the inner screen can't be made of glass, it's prone to scratches.

  • iPhones And Androids Can Now Warn You of 'Secret Trackers'
  • I'm guessing they mean using it as an anti-theft device. If a thief steals an item with a tracker in it, they'll be notified of the tracker's presence by their phone and remove it. Of course, these trackers aren't anti-theft devices and you probably shouldn't use them to try confronting a thief on your own anyway...

  • NVIDIA 555 Beta Linux Graphics Driver Released with Explicit Sync Support
  • I can't use my two monitors on X11 because they're different refresh rates unfortunately. I'd have to either lower the refresh rate of my main monitor to match my secondary monitor (ew) or disable my secondary monitor completely. I get the flickering in Wayland also sadly.

  • NVIDIA 555 Beta Linux Graphics Driver Released with Explicit Sync Support
  • I've not been having a pleasant experience with it, but X11 has its own share of issues as well. They have different issues though, my problems in Wayland are not identical to the problems i have with X11. PopOS under Wayland has been the most usable so far, but I'm hoping that when this update hits the stable branch it'll finally make Bazzite practical as my main OS.

  • NVIDIA 555 Beta Linux Graphics Driver Released with Explicit Sync Support
  • How can I update to this beta driver in Bazzite?

  • Microsoft's AI will be inside Minecraft, and other Xbox, PC games: new Copilot features will search your inventories, offer tips and guides
  • The article seems to be implying that for some reason, but Copilot doesn't actually do anything to control the game either. In the demo, it was just telling the player whether or not they had the material to craft a sword based on what it could see when the player opened their inventory or a chest. It also gave a recommendation on how to get wood to make a sword with, but it can't take control of the game and auto-gather or auto-build or really do anything at all like those advanced cheat clients do. It's more like having a conversation with someone who's watching you play from over your shoulder than any actual cheats.

    I think this article did a bad job of explaining what they showed off in the presentation.

  • I haven't succeeded in weeks
  • As the sequel to a spinoff of a sequel to the movie animators were sent to work on as a punishment, Puss in Boots 2 is a cinematic miracle.

  • Released: NVIDIA 555.42.02 Linux Beta Brings Wayland Explicit Sync, GSP Firmware
  • Is this the update that will let me use two monitors with different refresh rates at the same time under wayland?

  • I'm giving Linux gaming a shot, but I've run into a couple display issues

    I'm dual booting Pop\_OS and Windows 11 for now while l try things out. I went with Pop\_OS for the NVIDIA drivers, since I have a NVIDIA card. Installation went smoothly, but setup is where things started to get a little weird.

    I have 2 monitors, a main 360hz monitor and a secondary 165hz monitor. I seem to be able to have them both working at the same time in Windows 11 without issue, but in Pop\_OS, setting the refresh rate to 360hz on the first monitor causes both displays to stop working properly. The 360hz monitor will stop displaying picture all-together, and the 165hz monitor will start flickering wildly. Turning off the second monitor brings the 360hz's image back, but then I'm down a monitor. Also, if I set the refresh rate to anything lower than 360hz, they'll both work. I'd like to still be able to use it at the native refresh rate, but I can't seem to find any other solutions or anyone else who seems to have had this same issue.

    My second (slightly less annoying) issue is that I can't seem to use HDR in games. Is this normal, or is there something I can do to bring back support?

    Also, if Pop\_OS isn't the way to go, please let me know! I tried Nobara first, but immediately had issues with the displays locking up and flickering before I even got it installed.


    Is it at all possible to use Android Auto in a car that only supports Apple CarPlay?

    I might be completely misunderstanding the way Android Auto/CarPlay function. They're both essentially just screen projections from your phone to the in-car display, right?

    Since my car only supports CarPlay, is there any way for me to "trick" it into thinking I have an iPhone plugged in and get it to allow my phone to display the Android Auto interface on the screen instead?


    Cover screen touch not working?

    I've been having an issue with my Fold 4 recently where the cover screen will randomly stop recognizing touch input. The display still works fine, no flickering or odd artifacts, just the touch won't work.

    It comes and goes. Sometimes it will work fine for weeks without issue, other times it will stop working for days on end, or even be in and out multiple times in a day. It seems to be software related and not hardware. Clearing the cache used to be a reliable fix, but at some point it stopped being a solution and now it's totally random whether it will help or not.

    Restarting the phone or booting into Safe Mode has no effect. It always persists between restarts if the cache isn't cleared. To make things stranger, if I activate the rear camera selfie mode in the camera app, I am able to use the front touch screen in the camera app even when it isn't working otherwise. If I try to return to the launcher on the cover screen from the selfie camera with the phone still unfolded (so the internal display doesn't activate), touch input stops working again as soon as the camera app is closed.

    I am completely stumped here. If it was an issue with an app that I installed, things should work fine in Safe Mode. If it was a hardware problem, I assume it wouldn't suddenly start working when using the cover screen for taking rear camera selfies and stop again immediately after leaving the camera. I can only guess that there's something wrong with a preinstalled app or whatever software Samsung wrote to control the multiple displays.

    I'll take any suggestions at all if anyone has them...

    Update for anyone else who might see this: I took the phone to BestBuy to get it repaired, but when they checked the IMEI, they told me it still had a few weeks of warranty left on it. So, after sending the phone off to Samsung for warranty repair, they just replaced it with a new one.


    Is anybody else still waiting for their Elegoo Neptune 4 Pro to ship?

    I made a post about this a couple weeks ago as well, but my order for the 4 Pro still hasn't shipped and I haven't seen any email updates from Elegoo either. I placed my order back on August 6th with shipping from the US warehouse for delivery in August. There's still a bit of time left in the month, but if it hasn't shipped yet, it doesn't seem very likely it will arrive by then.

    I searched around and found a relevant comment by their support account on Reddit. They said they would send out an email on Thursday to let people know when to expect August orders to ship, but that email was never sent as far as I can tell. I suppose I'm glad it's not a problem with my order specifically and Elegoo is aware something is wrong, but I'm starting to get concerned about the lack of any updates all month. Anybody else here in the same boat waiting for it to ship?


    Entering the 3rd week of real estate software provider Rapattoni's supposed ransomware attack Real estate markets scramble following cyberattack on listings provider

    No estimate when crucial MLS listings provided by Rapattoni will be restored.

    Real estate markets scramble following cyberattack on listings provider

    I've linked an article from a week ago here, but the content is still relevant as the attack is ongoing.

    I don't work in tech, but I do bookkeeping for real estate associations. On the morning of Wednesday, August 9th, I found myself unable to log into Rapattoni MLS, and ever since then it's been almost complete silence from them. It's been almost 2 whole weeks without access now and over a week since the company last put out a statement.