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  • I am using 2.99.18 (non release, unstable build). Non destructive editing has landed. You can make adjustments through the usual menus and then enable/disable the adjustment under layer effects.

  • The Many Mistakes Of Mozilla - DistroTube
  • The speaker makes a lot of points with no evidence to back them up where he should have some. That's alright if you want a conversation about browsers at the virtual bar table, but clearly not a great video essay. Some of his points

    • An incident in 2017 where Firefox installed a plugin called Mr. Robot without the user's consent
    • Firefox's default privacy settings are bad
    • Donations to Mozilla don't go towards software development
    • The chromium engine has better performance
    • Use Brave (repeated about 100 times)
  • toxic help forum
  • Is anything I quoted untrue?

    You basically quoted thin air: "more features [...] for a wide range of advanced editing tasks". You probably know more than what's written there, but from my perspective I haven't learned one concrete feature that PS offers over Affinity. It's typical SEO spam, which rewards swaths of text with little to zero information density.

  • toxic help forum
  • This is probably also pretty easy with some CLI tool.

    This is one of the few image tasks I do on the CLI xD

    Stack two images horizontally (left and right)

    convert a.jpg b.jpg +append horizontal.jpg

    Stack two images vertically (top and bottom)

    convert a.jpg b.jpg -append vertical.jpg

    Images are not the same dimensions? Use gravity to align them at the center and make the unused space transparent

    convert a.jpg b.jpg -background transparent -gravity center +append horizontal.png

  • toxic help forum
  • I’ve tried learning GIMP, and it sucks. I’m not saying GIMP sucks, but you have to be crazy to not see that it’s hard to learn.

    I use GIMP for memes and here's my two favorite tips

    • Hit the forward slash key / to open a command palette and jump to any action

    • To remove backgrounds, use a layer mask. select around the object and paint a white/black section on the layer mask. Here comes the trick: use a Gaussian filter on the layer mask to create a transition from black to white and the crop job looks a lot less choppy.

    My anti-tip

    • Adding text and shapes sucks and I never found a way to make it better. Export your image and finish the job in Krita, Pinta, Photopea, ...
  • i am changing my online persona today~ :3

    what ever happened to the teen on skype writing :3 and uwu and ilu everywhere? ;-; maybe i wasn't happier then but at least i was looking forward to things :^) it's b-better than being misewable right? :c

    GreenWing - Eatin' It (2024)

    GreenWing is a Heavy Indie band that features singalong hooks & driving rhythms -

    Featured in the magazine North Sask Music Zine

    Help me identify this song?

    It's not Rick Roll, I promise.

    I heard this song on CHYZ FM - the student radio of Université Laval, Laval, Québec, Canada. I recorded a sample and attached it to this post. I tried searching for the lyrics as well as feeding the song into Shazam to no avail. I listened to the top ten English songs on the radio station's website, it's not one of them.

    I messaged the radio station on Facebook and am waiting for a reply.

    I don't even understand most of the lyrics acoustically, but here's my best attempt:

    I'll let you meditate on this


    (?) the switch, my mind could just shut off (x2)

    And with a word from you the pain would go away

    (?) my mind will shut off

    Belgian cyclist manages to stop runaway horse mid race

    Translated and adapted from the video description:

    The 1st stage of the Arden Challenge - a Belgian cycling race held in the province of Luxembourg, in Wallonia - could have gone very wrong. 10 kilometers from the finish line, a runaway horse interfered in the race and started chasing the cyclists. Its presence clearly disturbed the cyclists, who fortunately did not fall. The animal was then stopped admirably by the young Belgian rider Lars Daniels (Antwerp Cycling Team Kontich), who, given the situation, intervened immediately.

    My mom uses Linux, btw

    I installed Debian + KDE on my mom’s laptop. She hasn’t had a complaint since. How tech-savvy is she, you ask? I’m sitting with her right now, so out of politeness she put on headphones to watch her favorite soap opera. Mind you, the headphones weren’t plugged into the laptop. She was sitting there, headphones on her head, sound coming through the speakers, watching her soaps like this is how it’s meant to be done.



    Video file (677KB):

    Kündigungsfrist in der Probezeit, Gesetz vs. Arbeitsvertrag

    > BGB § 622 (3) Während einer vereinbarten Probezeit, längstens für die Dauer von sechs Monaten, kann das Arbeitsverhältnis mit einer Frist von zwei Wochen gekündigt werden.

    Laut Gesetz beträgt die KF in der Probezeit 2 Wochen. Im Arbeitsvertrag ist aber 4 Wochen zum Monatsende vereinbart.

    Der Arbeitnehmer möchte nun nach 2 Wochen gehen. Was ist zulässig?

    depression_now! alyth
    Thank you to the stranger who smiled at me today

    Thank you dear stranger. A smile can make more of an impact than you might think. I'll try to preserve this fleeting half-second as long as I can. Next time I see someone looking sad, I'll try to smile for them too.

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