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A typical ADHD tale...
  • Yeah I'm just going to assume this is a joke.

    If you forget all this shit, then why would you be able to remember it for the sake of the story?

    Diagnosed ADHD BTW. I get it. Just doubt this one.

  • World timezones proposal
  • As I mentioned, we need to rely on technology to manage these things to be efficient, as even something like altitude changes the "sunrise time" - so booking appointments and meetings would be too hard.

    It's a fantasy for the most past, we would never see its implementation in our lifetime.

  • World timezones proposal
  • The first argument is silly. You could simply search "Sunrise time Melbourne".

    The second argument is also silly. Some people do work jobs overnight, and they don't say they work 19:00-24:00 + 0:00-2:00

    They simply say "I'm working Friday from 19 till 2"

    Third argument is the same as the first. Look up "sunrise time Melbourne".

    Besides, a single format timezone works best when the people who use it are prepared to let technology dictate floating values.

    Sunrise time is always changing, and our bodies have evolved to wake with the sun, not with some arbitrary number.

    That's why I use Suntimes to wake up.

    I set my alarm to "sunrise minus one" and I always wake up one hour before sunrise.

    I work from home, so work always starts for me "sunrise plus one".

    I set my alarm to tell me to sleep at "sunrise minus 10" and I get 8.5 hours sleep which is fine for me.

  • Samyang: Denmark recalls Korean ramen for being too spicy
  • I love me some Buldak. I buy the sauce in a bottle from the Korean grocery store near me.

    Whenever I have a cold, and my sinuses get clogged, I have a bowel of ramen and I can breathe better than I'm healthy.

  • Will GTA 6 live up to the hype?
  • Shrek 2 is both the most ambitious and most diappoining movie I've ever seen.

    Never in my life has a movie moved me, like the best bowel movement. in the most disgusting bathroom, of the most luxurious dumpster fire, of my finest hour, on the worst day of my life.

  • I want daylight savings time to end. Who do I whinge to?

    I fucking hate DST. It's like dog diarrhoea splashed over a fat girls tiddies.

    I know a lot of people hate it, surely it's time for this moronic practice to end.

    So who do I email about this? Is it my MP?


    Banned shows and approved shows (for young children)

    Also, why?

    Banned shows:

    • Paw Patrol - Seems soulless, I haven't watched much, but there seems something very wrong about it. Intuitively, I feel like my kid shouldn't watch it (though, I can could be convinced I'm wrong, if I am)
    • Cocomelon - objectively soulless - don't try to convince me that this show is anything but toddler crack.


    • Sesame Street
    • Bluey

    Both of the above shows seem to me like they are made with care and have the best interests to teaching children good morals and language skills.


    Who is responsible for requesting/issuing cell phone coverage upgrades?

    The city I live in, Port Macquarie, has awful cell phone reception basically everywhere (I'm on the Vodafone network).

    Is this something I can bring up with the local council, or elected representative?

    I can't believe I live in a city of 50,000 people and I'm unable to receive phone calls from my house.


    I never got the lightcone 'Before the Tutorial Mission Starts'

    Does HoYo ever repeat these kind of events, or is it unlikely that I'll ever get this lightcone?


    Is it worth switching to BTRFS for the average user?

    I'm having trouble understanding all the benefits of BTRFS and how they'll apply to me.

    Copy on Write and auto-compression seem like they will free up a bit of space.

    What other practical benefits will I see from using BTRFS? Are there any noticeable performance benefits?

    I use my computer to dual-boot. I don't need snapshots because I have a custom script for a fresh install. I use my PC for gaming and work. I've got an NVMe, two SSD's and one HDD.

    Thanks in advance!


    YSK: Paths have different base aggro

    Place your tank on one side of your team, and your squishies opposite, to mitigate AoE damage


    YSK: Paths have different base aggro

    Place your tanks and your squishies on opposite ends to avoid AoE


    Suggestion: custom buttons

    Right now we've got share, bookmark, upvote and down vote.

    But I share and bookmark less than I block communities (curating my feed), and hide posts (so I can refresh without scrolling past the same stuff).

    The latter two are in the extras menu. It would be great if I could swap these buttons.

    Thanks for all your work! This is my favourite Lemmy app!


    I kinda wish related communities shared a common instance

    One of the most annoying parts about That Place, and also Lemmy, is curating your feed by blocking communities you have no interest in seeing.

    I am not a sports person, so I need to block each sports team manually when I see it, and also each individual sport. It would be so much better if I could just block an instance called "Lemmy.sports".

    I'm glad Lemmy.nsfw is the default porn instance, I think we need to see more of this.

    I know it's too late to change at this point, but I think a feature to catagorise different communities would be nice, so I could block "sports" if I wanted to.

    Alternatively, maybe down the line see a feature to import a community to a new instance without users having to migrate manually.