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I'd rather be sleeping.

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Kids and their computers these days.
  • if you are addicted to cat and dog you have a nano chip on your body

    so thats what's causing it

  • Splitgate 2 Re-announced With a Much Bigger Team and Bigger Dreams
  • Why does this always happen? "We really struck gold here. Let's completely change it, and make it like everything else."

  • Those of you who don't vote, why?
  • I'll preface this by saying that I am Canadian, not American, and I do always vote. I will find a way to make a choice and vote in our next election, but lately have been understanding why someone might not:

    Everyone who has even a remote chance of winning has at least one position that I find entirely unacceptable. Like, I cannot in good faith vote for this person because this issue is an absolute deal-breaker for me. If I'm throwing my vote away by writing someone in, why even leave the house?

  • Mood
  • Can't leave the house without spending $100, no "third places," new games are all just MTX delivery services

  • Anon tries to be witty
  • Mad about 4chan shit on a 4chan community

  • Anon goes to the gym for the first time
  • Before your edit I 100% thought you were saying deadlifts are for losers lol

  • Anon goes to the gym for the first time
  • There's a variation where you keep your legs straight to help you get more bootylicious, but generally no.

  • Man sues Apple for accidentally exposing his infidelity
  • Divorce is sin, side chicks are fine. Got it.

  • I summon shid in your pant
  • Itchy brones

  • Mum disgusted after having to 'shield son's eyes' in Tesco after 'exposure'
  • To generate profit. Like everything else they sell.

  • You're lucky I'm here
  • For using your personal days?

  • More true words have never been spoken
  • I'm absolutely not an anthropologist, but if we evolved in small <100 person communities, often settling near water, I'd imagine keeping everyone relatively stank-free wouldn't have been impossible.

  • I absolutely love milkshakes. I just wish they loved me more.
  • These just seem to delay the inevitable for me, with wicked cramping in the meantime.

  • Radical acceptance
  • The more I learn about your country the less I like it.

  • Online Content Is Disappearing
  • And all the "Thanks! Took two minutes to fix after seeing your post" comments just to rub it in.

  • its ok
  • Girls were invented by plumbers to sell more bathrooms

  • Guys, think this is legit?

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    > Guys, think this is legit?


    Great Blue Heron nests

    How many herons can you see?


    A hummingbird stopped by while I was shooting a sparrow

    A very cool moment. I don't know much about hummingbirds, but my best guess is Anna's? Near Vancouver, BC.


    Steller's Jay (More pics from today in post)

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    > ! > > !


    Steller's Jay (More pics from today in post)




    I feel like I'm missing out by not distro-hopping

    I've been dailying the same Mint install since I gave up on Windows a few years ago. When I was choosing a distro, a lot of people were saying that I should start with Mint and "move on to something else" once I got comfortable with the OS.

    I'm comfortable now, but I don't really see any reason to move on. What would the benefits be of jumping to something else? Mint has great documentation and an active community that has answers to any questions I've ever had, and I'm reluctant to ditch that. On the other hand, when I scroll through forums, Distro Hopping seems to be such a big part of the "Linux experience."

    What am I missing?


    My co-pilot, Bentley

    Also answers to Beaner, Wiener, Fart Dealer, Garbage Eater, Garbage Girl, Meatloaf, Black Forest Ham and, occasionally, Boner.


    Why does my dog sneeze in my face?

    Every day when I get home from work, I get down on the floor to greet our bulldog, and she sneezes directly into my face. I want to be clear that this is not the typical playful half-sneezes that some dogs do, although she does do that with other people. This is an intense, wet, genuine sneeze.

    I have tried ignoring her when I get home, thinking that maybe she just needs to calm down a bit, but she will follow me around the house and start whining if I don't acknowledge her. It makes me too sad. I have to give in.

    I have a pretty dirty job so I usually hop right in the shower when I get home anyway. A bit of canine spittle really isn't that big of a deal, in the grand scheme of things. I'm really just curious about whats going on. Is she allergic to me?



    Useful Links


    I miss the old Kanye. Looking for recs.

    I don't want to get into a whole argument about him here, so I'll just say that I'm having a harder time separating the art from the artist and am taking it as an opportunity to expand my horizons.

    I love that his music feels larger than life. Genuinely interesting beats with way more creativity than 90% of the other stuff I hear. The big echoing choir vocals get me every single time. Honestly, I miss listening to him more as a producer than a rapper.

    Who else can I check out that might scratch that itch?


    You are helping support the fediverse, right?


    Corsairs of Umbar pre-purchase trailer!


    Looking for a simple video editor

    All I need is something to trim time off the ends of a video and knock it from 1080p down to 720p.


    River Hobbits now available! Introducing the River Hobbit!

    To unlock River Hobbits, please login to a character and open the Account - Classes &amp; Races - section of the store and select the bundle that is right for you!

    Introducing the River Hobbit!

    Looks like the bundles are priced at 8995LP, 2995LP, and 1595LP.

    I do really like the Superior cosmetic outfits, but I don't know if I 9000LP-like them. What are your thoughts?


    We found a mantis while camping tonight!

    Southwestern BC, Canada. We think he's a European mantis.


    One of our assassin snails is being a weirdo

    He climbs to the top of the glass, spreads himself out, and floats around upside-down on the surface. A tetra bumped him, and he curled up and sank to the bottom, so he definitely wasn't stuck up there. The second he hit the substrate he went right back to the glass and did it again.

    Why? Whats his deal? We have a handful of assassins and none of the other ones are doing this. He only does it when the light is on.

    !Pic from above.


    A ramshorn's final moments


    Farmers' Fair starts tomorrow! Here's some of the cosmetics that will be available.

    I especially like the cape/cloak.


    How do people sleep on planes?

    I can fall asleep almost anywhere. I routinely fall asleep in the break room at work. Once, I was helping a friend fix his car, and I fell asleep on his garage floor when he went inside to get water.

    But in a hot metal tube tearing through the sky, with my neck all kinked? Get out of here, man.


    Hungry? Thirsty? Horny?

    Thought you guys might like my lucky lighter and favourite playing cards.