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Ya feel me?
  • It actually popped the one tire twice... I think lol. I heard a loud bang/pop and pulled over, kicked the tire and pressed on it a few times and it didn't move at all so drove a little bit more down the road (less than 20 mph) and it popped again. Though maybe the first bang was the spring snapping... Definitely deflated the second time though. Then the mechanic showed up and put a spare on (I didn't have a donut, I just assumed it was in my wheel space in the trunk, also apparently don't have a jack soooo whoops). Drove it down the road a little anddddd pop goes the new old wheel rofl.

  • Ya feel me?
  • Almost didn't hear my tire pop 30 min ago because of music. Should have turned it louder instead of stopping because now I have to deal with it

    Edit: in case anyone was wondering... Strut snapped and popped three tires trying to get to a shop. Called a tow to tow ten min down the road for 100$ :^) love that for me

  • Pixel 8 burn in

    I've got burn in from Spotify being left up 10-30 min twice a day during most week days... I've read the pixel phone help doc with no solution available... I was wondering if I could do something to fix it myself or do I need to contact Google?

    Next week marks 5 months without sodas or caffeine
  • Hell yeah! Haven't had any caffeine in 12 years. I have a pic somewhere of my dr pepper/monster/chic fila cup collection from a single semester of college (I'll try in a few hours and see if I can find the pics found it lol all of those drawers were full btw & pic number two). Shit was kinda wild.

  • Play RuneLite as "Old School RuneScape" on Steam Deck

    Sorry if this is the wrong place for this I just figured maybe someone has experience with launching a non-steam game as a steam game through launch options.

    I'm trying to play RuneLite through Old School RuneScape (number go up make feel goooood). My issue is that it loads for a second or two then closes...

    What I've done:

    • Went into desktop mode and downloaded RuneLite.AppImage from
    • Marked RuneLite.AppImage as an executable
    • Launched RuneLite and set setting according to Reddit user squeezeme_juiceme here (probably not relevant)
    • Closed RuneLite to save settings (also probably not relevant, just recanting my process)
    • Set my launch options as /home/deck/Downloads/RuneLite.AppImage ; killall -9 RuneLite.AppImage # %console%
    • cried because it's not working

    cant login on desktop

    Every time I try to login on desktop it takes me back to the home page and says I've logged in (in the bottom left corner) but I'm not and can try logging in again