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Game Over, Musk: Consoles Uninstall X to Avoid PR Dumpster Fire
  • And they announced fediverse integration, right?

  • Biden administration moves to ban medical debt from credit reports
  • My point wasn’t that credit scores work just fine now. My point was: for a lot of people, the world didn't work just fine before credit scores.

  • Biden administration moves to ban medical debt from credit reports
  • … except for minorities in the United States.

  • Pathetic.
  • … we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively, there is no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves

  • [MacRumors] iOS 18 Can Record and Transcribe Your Phone Calls
  • After answering a call or placing a call, you can enable recording. All call participants are notified that the call is being recorded, so there are no surprises and everyone is aware of the recording from the start. As the call is recorded, the iPhone is also able to provide a transcript.

  • Video call app - cross-platform & Siri/Voiceover friendly
  • Threema is very similar to Signal but doesn’t require a phone number. It does cost $/£/€ 5 though (but it’s one-time, and makes it less likely you’re true product).

    Not sure about all the features you mentioned.

  • First detection of negative ions on the Moon
  • The first ESA instrument to land on the Moon has detected the presence of negative ions on the lunar surface produced through interactions with the solar wind.

    The European team working with the Negative Ions at the Lunar Surface (NILS) instrument confirmed the success of this scientific mission that flew to the far side of the Moon aboard the Chang’e-6 spacecraft.

    The discovery of a new component of plasma at the surface of the Moon opens a new window for space physics and for human and robotic missions in an era of renewed lunar exploration.

  • [Special] Steven Wright (1985) - (53:54)
  • Everybody dies instantly. You’re alive. You’re alive. You’re alive. You’re alive. You’re dead.

  • What issues motivate voters who support neither Biden nor Trump?
  • Well that seems misguided. If both candidates will let the genocide happen, but one will also fuck everything else up, it seems like an easy choice.

  • Without saying your age, comment down your favorite film(s) that released the year you turned 18.
  • Wow, I really wasn’t watching movies that year. Any of the ones I really like I didn’t see until about a decade later.

  • Tulip Creative Computer: ESP32-Based Board for Music and Coding Projects
  • $58.90

    The Tulip Creative Computer is a board based on the ESP32-S3 with a 1024x600 7” touchscreen display, stereo audio line out, MIDI in and out, I2C Mabee/Grove jack, and USB connection for a computer keyboard.

  • Artists are fleeing Instagram to keep their work out of Meta’s AI
  • Visual artists are resharing messages and templates on their accounts in protest, with many saying they are moving to Cara, a portfolio app for artists that bans AI posts and training. They are upset because a Meta executive stated in May that the company considers public Instagram posts part of its training data. A few weeks later, it pinged users in Europe, stating that their posts would be used to train AI starting June 26. There is no way to opt out, though some places such as the European Union allow people to dispute when Meta uses their personal data.

    Too bad they didn’t pick to migrate to.

  • Anyone thinking about Gamification?
  • This book is great for gamification of the classroom:

    Michael Matera Explore Like a Pirate: Gamification and Game-Inspired Course Design to Engage, Enrich and Elevate Your Learners

  • Fresno homeowner starts fire trying to kill spider

    > “We get it, we don’t like spiders either, but it’s never a good idea to use a blow torch or any other flammable device for pest control,” firefighters said in a social media post.


    This label informs you it is easy to peal, and it was.

    I peeled it off, and there is no reside on the item, nor did was there any damage to the label.

    I had to stick it back down on each side to get the photo, but it pealed right back off in perfect condition again.

    If this can be done, why aren’t all labels like this?

    Vanity license plates Zachariah


    Texas Cheese


    “We Don’t Mind” by Michael Franti & Spearhead

    We don't mind\ See we've been doin' it all the time\ But if you want us to you sacrifice\ You will not get it without a price\ We don't mind\ See we've been doin' it all the time\ But if you want us to you sacrifice\ You gotta give something back to life

    You think I'm vulnerable to your pressure tactics\ Because I shed a tear, 'cause I shed a tear\ You think I'm vulnerable to your violence\ Just 'cause I'm sittin' here\ But my babies came into this world\ Without a single fear, say they has no fear\ 'cause the seven generations before me\ They all fought to get us here

    You can't just come in here like that no more\ And snatch up our childhood\ You just can't walk on up\ And replace it yo, with your Hollywood\ But I see now\ How all of the words I say you'll take and misconstrue\ And I'm prepared now\ To suffer the penalties for speakin' the truth\ And I speak the truth when I say

    People if you hear me now I wantcha to say\ Naa, na-naa, na-naa, nah\ People if you hear me now I wantcha to say\ Naa, na-naa, na-naa, nah


    Mad Sorcerer Dworkin Barimen

    From the Tarot D’Ambre deck sold in the ’80s.


    Sting • Russians • The Dream of the Blue Turtles • 1985

    In Europe and America There's a growing feeling of hysteria Conditioned to respond to all the threats In the rhetorical speeches of the Soviets

    Mr. Khrushchev said, “We will bury you” I don't subscribe to this point of view It would be such an ignorant thing to do If the Russians love their children too

    How can I save my little boy From Oppenheimer's deadly toy? There is no monopoly in common sense On either side of the political fence

    We share the same biology Regardless of ideology Believe me when I say to you I hope the Russians love their children too

    There is no historical precedent To put the words in the mouth of the President There's no such thing as a winnable war It's a lie we don't believe anymore

    Mr. Reagan says, “We will protect you” I don't subscribe to this point of view Believe me when I say to you I hope the Russians love their children too

    We share the same biology Regardless of ideology What might save us, me and you Is if the Russians love their children too


    Can't paste URL for login

    When I copy the URL for an instance to paste it, it includes the protocol. But Voyager says it’s not a valid instance. Take off the https:// and it works fine. Seems like Voyager should handle this better.


    What do you think of posts that are only a link?

    Should all posts include a thought, opinion, or summary from the OP? Is a post title usually enough?

    If you appreciate posts that just a link to a video, news article, blog post, or website with no post text by the OP, why do you like them?


    Same SD card for SteamOS and Windows-To-Go?

    I used to set up Windows-To-Go for a few games that won't work in SteamOS. It seems to be working fine, but now I wonder if this would work…

    I currently have a 1 terabyte SD card that I'm using for SteamOS. I know Linux partitions can be shrunk, so I'd like to shrink it down to half the size. Then I'd clone the partition(s) from the Windows-To-Go SD card to the now-empty space on the 1 terabyte SD card.

    I think I''ll need to clone the Windows partition(s) to the beginning of the drive. So when I make the empty space by shrinking the Linux partition, I'll create the empty space at the beginning of the drive.

    I'll be using GParted and Clonezilla since I'm used to them.

    I have two questions:

    • Will Windows care that the second half of the SD card has a LInux partition? I don't want/need it to see or read/write to the Linux partition.
    • Will SteamOS still see the Linux partition automatically as if nothing's changed and just ignore the new Windows partition(s)?